Top 10 Gorgeous Female K-pop Idols That Look Like Maknaes

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-09 06:00:07

Beauty shouldn't be judged, but we've never seen a K-pop idol that doesn't look gorgeous, and that's a fact. However, some of them definitely appear younger or older than they are. While most are very young, they are not as young as it seems. There are a lot of youthful unnies in female groups that could efficiently work as "fake" maknaes, so let's see which ladies will look forever young!

10. Chanty (Lapillus)

So young, yet so talented!
Looks like she is: Four or five years younger
Original Lapillus maknae: Haeun
The maknae looks: A bit older than Chanty
The most popular member of the group: Chanty

This group debuted in 2022, and all of the members are so young that you'd be shocked – their maknae, Haeun, was born in 2008. However, the most astonishing fact is their looks (not) according to age. The youngest-looking member isn't the maknae, but the unnie – the oldest member, who is six years older!

Chanty was born in 2002, so she's indeed really young and the oldest unnie by age. Yet, that might confuse you when you get to know the group first. Moreover, she definitely has that dorky aura that a maknae requires. She's also Filipino-Argentinian, which makes her the eccentric member that spices up the group!

9. Sunny (Girls' Generation)

Sunny is way funnier than the maknae, to be honest!
Look like she is: Six years younger
Original Girls' Generation maknae: Seohyun
The maknae looks: Her age and quite serious
The most popular member of the group: Taeyeon

Girls' Generation is the ultimate girl group and the best female project of K-pop. They're still relevant even after all these years, so two of their members deserve special mention. Two members also fit this concept, after all. Furthermore, they predicted the future since we live in a generation where girls dominate K-pop!

They say the sun brings youth, and Sunny would agree since her name resembles dorkiness and positive energy! She isn't the original SNSD maknae, though – it's Seohyun, but only by her age since she can act a bit reserved sometimes. On the contrary, Sunny smiles and laughs brightly, and her jokes are unmatched!

8. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene is cold and stunning but also youthful in her appearance!
Look like she is: Seven years younger
Original Red Velvet maknae: Yeri
The maknae looks: Very young and similar to Irene
The most popular member of the group: Irene

Red Velvet is one of the groups where you might need some time to start recognizing the girls since they look similar. Seulgi's eye shape makes her unique, and Wendy has a different aura than others. Yet, the rest of the girls might require some effort. The one that resembles the maknae the most is also the oldest – it's Irene!

Irene isn't a typical dork that you're used to when you think of fake maknaes. She's a Capricorn and is rather cold in her appearance – there's nothing too funny about Red Velvet's unnie. However, her insane beauty also brings her a youthful vibe. Hence, she sometimes looks younger than Yeri, the actual baby of the group!

7. Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)

Taeyeon is still a youthful queen
Look like she is: Nine or ten years younger
Original Girls' Generation maknae: Seohyun
The maknae looks: Her age and quite serious
The most popular member of the group: Taeyeon

There she is, the second SNSD example of eternal youth, even after all these years. Besides Sunny, Taeyeon can easily be a maknae replacing Seohyun or any younger colleague. However, Taeyeon is one of the oldest active K-pop idols, and she's now a soloist, sometimes joining Girls' Generation for reunions. 

Yes, Taeyeon isn't 25 anymore, but she still looks so young that she could easily join Red Velvet and Aespa! Her beauty is youthful, and she doesn't seem to age at all. Thus, the Girls' Generations maknae, Seohyun, looks older than her. Some idols are meant to write history, and Taeyeon belongs to that list!

6. Chaewon (LE SSERAFIM)

Chaewon is endlessly cute!
Look like she is: Her age or two or three years younger
Original LE SSERAFIM maknae: Eunchae
The maknae looks: Way more mature than 06 liners
The most popular member of the group: Sakura

Yes, Chaewon is the absolute monster on stage, and her presence is fierce and unusual. Still, when she isn't on stage, and when you look at her face, she's actually as cute as a maknae. It's probably because of her playful hairstyle, too, but it's also her eyes that would never tell she's the second oldest member after Sakura!

To make it even more shocking, LE SSERAFIM's maknae, Eunchae, is six years younger than our fake maknae, Chaewon. The difference is so big that they would fit into different groups in another company. However, the newer projects of the 4th generation make the age gaps between members seem normal!


E:U is easily one of the most talented members
Look like she is: Two or three years younger
Original EVERGLOW maknae: Yiren
The maknae looks: Like E:U’s age
The most popular member of the group: Sakura

It's sad how EVERGLOW fans always have to point out these girls deserve way more as one of the best 4th generation k-pop girl groups. Sadly, their future is troubled, but our topic is now their looks according to their age – their foreign member, Yiren, is also the prettiest EVERGLOW member (the notorious visual title). However, let's see if she's also the most youthful one!

So, who's the group's unnie? E:U, the girl that sometimes looks so young you'd mistake her for the maknae. When she's smiling, you see it even better! We could also choose Onda as the fake maknae, but since she was born the same year as Yiren, it's expected that she also looks incredibly young. E:U is a bit shocking, though!

4. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

The two of them love each other endlessly!
Look like she is: Four years younger
Original BLACKPINK maknae: Lisa
The maknae looks: Sometimes savage, which makes her seem two or three years older
The most popular member of the group: Lisa

The global sensation that every fashion brand dreams of, BLACKPINK's Jisoo, is also the group's oldest member. As you probably know (since the group is massively popular and its maknae, too), the youngest is Lisa, the Thai dance machine. However, sometimes it's shocking how young Jisoo looks!

Jisoo is in almost every music video by BLACKPINK the one who looks the youngest, and Lisa is mainly seen as the fierce queen of the group. Since she's a rapper besides Jennie, it's understandable that these two don't act as soft as Jisoo and Rosé. Jisoo is a softie, and her smile brightens up the world – she's responsible and mature while still a cute baby!

3. Dahyun (TWICE)

Her eagle dance is the most childish move ever done in the K-pop industry!
Look like she is: Four years younger
Original TWICE maknae: Tzuyu
The maknae looks: More mature than Dahyun and Nayeon
The most popular member of the group: Tzuyu

If we're counting both young face and youthful soul, Dahyun is this list's queen and the winner. She's got it all to be a maknae in a group, but Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are younger, so she didn't get to own that title. However, TWICE is, as a concept, a very youthful project, so we aren't surprised that their members are all cute!

Of course, both Tzuyu and Dahyun have their own aegyo and amusing charm, but it's safe to say that no one is as funny as Dahyun. She's the SEO of jokes, and her comedian personality adds to her young face. Thus, you'd probably think she's the maknae when you look at girls' pictures for the first time!

2. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar looked younger than ever in this video!
Look like she is: Five years younger
Original MAMAMOO maknae: Hwasa
The maknae looks: Extremely mature and at least five years older
The most popular member of the group: Hwasa

You know that they say MAMAMOO is one of the most mature projects of the 3rd generation in K-pop, and that's true. However, one member can look like a fierce woman while appearing like a cute baby. Solar's duality is insane, and her youthful vibe would fool you into believing she's the maknae.

Moreover, the maknae's look will fool you even more in MAMAMOO – the maknae is Hwasa, who also looks the oldest among the four ladies. She's gorgeous in her own way and strikes with her uniqueness, which is a massive inspiration for the whole industry. Still, anyone looking at the pictures would mistake Solar for the youngest girl!

1. Nayeon (TWICE)

This is the ultimate girly anthem that a maknae would release!
Look like she is: Five or even six years younger
Original TWICE maknae: Tzuyu
The maknae looks: More mature than Dahyun and Nayeon
The most popular member of the group: Tzuyu

Yes, Dahyun looks so young that anyone would believe she was born after Tzuyu. Still, the winner of this list is definitely TWICE's unnie, Nayeon. Dahyun is the maknae line, but can you believe that Nayeon is four years older than Tzuyu? With her cutest bunny teeth and adorable smile, you'd never tell she's the oldest member!

Moreover, Nayeon is the most suitable member for TWICE's cute concepts (and gorgeous album packaging), and she's the ultimate idol that fits JYP Entertainment's vision. She might be God's favorite for her endless youth as well, and it seems like she has so much energy that she'll keep making music for years, even after girls her age retire!

Of course, this doesn't mean that these girls' age doesn't fit them well. It's just the shock you feel when you realize someone looks like a maknae and they're actually the oldest in the group or among the oldest ones. It's always a compliment when someone says you look younger, so all these girls are incredibly stunning!

Who's your favorite fake maknae? Is there anyone else that we should have mentioned? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover Photo: Instagram/Nayeon



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