Top 10 4th Generation K-Pop Boy Groups, Ranked

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-08-10 11:53:50

The 4th generation brought several innovations to the world of K-pop. In this generation, everyone is talking about ITZY, IVE, STAYC, aespa, and (G)I-DLE – for a good reason! The 4th generation K-pop girl groups have been slaying all these years, but we shouldn't forget the other side of the scene. Many boy k-pop bands that debuted in the new generation are stealing hearts and winning awards for every comeback. Therefore, let's look at the top ten that deserve praise!

10. Cravity

These boys never miss when it comes to different concepts!
Biggest hit so far: "My Turn"
Best b-side track: "Colorful"
Most popular member: Hyeongjun or Minhee
The most underrated member: Woobin

Starship Entertainment keeps sending stars to the world, especially when it comes to girl groups. WJSN is a revolution in their genre, and the newbies, IVE, are topping the charts with a brand-new sound and originality. While the company's central boys, Cravity, are less innovative and fresh than IVE, they're doing something great worth checking out!

Cravity is lucky to have eight incredibly talented all-rounders. Minhee's soft whispers in "Gas Pedal" will make you stan the group and check out more of them. Even though their videos don't have a hundred million views, that rarely shows how worth someone's work is. Cravity will prove you that!

9. A.C.E.

This artistic video will blow your mind
Biggest hit so far: "SAVAGE"
Best b-side track: "Slow Dive"
Most popular member: Jun Hee
The most underrated member: Kang Yu Chan

Kicking off a particular era is challenging – it's easier to be a follower than a leader. A.C.E. is one of the first 4th generation K-pop boy groups, debuting in the middle of 2017, exactly when the 3rd generation ended. The band's unconventional sound from its debut announced a brand new era, and they remain unique!

Moreover, A.C.E. is well-known for collaborating with western artists, such as Grey, Steve Aoki, and DJ HCUE. Therefore, they're well-known outside of Korea! While you might think they have fewer views and popularity among Korean fandoms, that's far from true.


"WONDERLAND" is their magnum opus
Biggest hit so far: "WONDERLAND"
Best b-side track: "Take Me Home"
Most popular member: San
The most underrated member: Yeosang

You might even be surprised that ATEEZ belongs to the 4th generation kpop groups list. All the members are older than 20, and they rose to fame as soon as they debuted in 2018. They didn't wait for a second for fame and recognition, as everyone was already talking about them religiously from the first song. Well deserved, for real!

In terms of boy k pop bands, ATEEZ is one of the first k pop bands proving that you don't have to come from a big three company or BTS' HYBE to gain worldwide recognition. They've been known for hits like "WONDERLAND" for so long that we almost consider them 3rd generation. They have a lot in store for their fans, and we can't wait for more!

7. Oneus

They deserve way more views
Biggest hit so far: "Valkyrie"
Best b-side track: "Plastic Flower"
Most popular member: Seoho
The most underrated member: Keonhee

RBW Entertainment isn't considered a famous company. Yet, they brought MAMAMOO to the spotlight, so they definitely have something huge to offer. For the newer generation, they have an intriguing girl group Purple Kiss, and Oneus is an excellent example of how they can introduce a decent boy band, too!

These boys' aesthetics are so contemporary and attractive that you'd never guess they aren't supermodels from New York City. Their visuals were made for a dark concept, even though they also play their field with cuter ones. It's time that people find out these guys deserve attention!

6. Treasure

Their 2022 comeback was highly anticipated!
Biggest hit so far: "DARARI"
Best b-side track: "Orange"
Most popular member: Haruto
The most underrated member: Jihoon

If you're into K-pop, you know YG Entertainment takes things slowly. Sometimes too slow for an industry moving so rapidly! While JYP and SM already have successful 4th generation K-Pop boy groups owning the charts, YG keeps delaying their debuts and comebacks. However, that was never the case with Treasure.

Of course, YG trainees are extraordinarily professional and well-rounded, but this group came to be through a survival show hosted by the company. Hence, they had a million tests before they got their chance to shine. They're also getting way more comebacks than their fellow group, BLACKPINK, so they keep the fans interested!


They never play it safe, and that's why they slay
Biggest hit so far: "FEVER"
Best b-side track: "Not For Sale"
Most popular member: Ni-Ki
The most underrated member: Jake

Taking over the whole world as an artist under HYBE labels is now real, as BTS did years ago. ENHYPEN was formed in 2020 through a survival show, so you can bet they chose the best of the best for this group. The results are apparent, as these guys have an immense engagement on Twitter, and they're sweeping award shows!

Since they have the opportunity to be promoted under HYBE and work with their producers, their concepts are unique, and their lyrics can make you overthink them. The seven boys are so young that you'd think they aren't ready to compete with their senior colleagues. Still, their performances show off incredible maturity and dedication!

4. The Boyz

The buzz around "Maverick" is a real thing!
Biggest hit so far: "The Stealer"
Best b-side track: "Salty"
Most popular member: Sunwoo
The most underrated member: Moon Hyunseo

Some Korean boy bands have to go through a more complex path to achieve success, yet they always make it if they put in enough effort. The Boyz lost a significant member, Hwall, due to his health issues, so he pursued a solo career afterward. However, this remarkable group that debuted in 2017 keeps going as if it came from a massive company!

The Boyz are especially beloved for their all-rounder title. If you look at the comments, people always highlight how they're all visuals, dancers, and performers in every way. Their lyrics and rap parts are addictive and bring the songs to the next level.

3. SuperM

Jopping" is an essential K-pop tune!
Biggest hit so far: "Jopping"
Best b-side track: "Line' Em Up"
Most popular member: Ten
The most underrated member: Mark

Creating a supergroup consisting of the best idols of your company? SM Entertainment is a pioneer that knows how to put together all the most fabulous faces of their SM Town. Regarding girls, they formed GOT (Girls on Top) the Beat, and for boys, they have SuperM, a group that went even further with success!

What could go wrong in a group that brought Baekhyun, Kai, Lucas, and Taemin together? And the group has even three more outstanding performers! These boys have proved themselves in the previous generation's work, such as EXO and NCT. Still, K-pop is so flexible that it lets the boys perform in both groups simultaneously. We're glad it works like that!

2. Stray Kids

The marvelous track is still Stray Kids' best song ever
Biggest hit so far: "God's Menu"
Best b-side track: "Sorry I Love You"
Most popular member: Felix or Hyunjin
The most underrated member: I.N

JYP Entertainment is a mastermind for girl groups, as they raised TWICE, ITZY, and NMIXX. However, they hit the jackpot with Stray Kids, and the awards and praises keep coming years after the group's debut! Even the boys from the band are so authentic that they're incredibly famous as individuals, which isn't regular for JYP k-pop bands.

There isn't a single boy group that does better on Gaon and other charts regarding sales. When Stray Kids are having a comeback, you know that your local shop won't sleep, as they have to provide as many album copies as possible. Since all those albums sell like hotcakes, it's evident how easily their work finds a way into everyone's heart!


One word describes this group and this comeback – beautiful. Gorgeous!
Biggest hit so far: "Crown"
Best b-side track: "Anti-Romantic"
Most popular member: Choi Yeonjun
The most underrated member: Kai

Let's face it and accept that HYBE would never let themselves have an underwhelming boy group after BTS. The only one among new kpop boy groups that can complement them in terms of originality and quality is TXT, and that's how HYBE keeps the standards high. Having a passionate boy group with deep content is refreshing, and HYBE wants to keep up with that!

So, what's the secret behind TXT's uniqueness? Maybe they contribute the most to the "I'm tired of the girl crush/bad boy concept" since people want to see more nowadays. Repeating the same badass concept is past now, and TXT is the new wave of boys having a magical concept. Magic is in their music videos, their lyrics, and their emotions!

Of course, many companies are now turning to female artists. Still, the industry would only function with both sides keeping the standards high. Hence, we believe you will enjoy some of these Korean boy bands. Who's the best? It depends on personal standards and your taste, so create your tier list!

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Are boy groups your favorite side of K-pop? Is it true that girls dominate the 4th generation kpop groups better than boys? Let us know your opinion!

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_ Says:

guess whos performing as headliner in lollapalooza main event🥰 not skz as far as ik lmao

August 02 at 06:24:51 AM

idkmyname Says:


August 10 at 11:53:50 AM

. Says:

Stop lying💀. We all know that ateez is more known than half of these broke down non talented groups. Tomorrow X Together is bigger than Stray Kids? Stop fucking lying. Let’s add all of this shit up. Look at the instagram followers
TXT: 14.8M
SKZ: 26.1M

July 20 at 08:56:33 AM

Lina Says:

SKZ should definitely be in 1st place, look even at the album sales statistics. I have nothing against TXT, but the boys are clearly not the 1st place. But skz has not released a new album yet, although we can already expect huge sales and a new wave of popularity. I disagree with the article.

May 01 at 06:52:37 AM

K-pop Stan Says:

If the ranking is based off of quality, there is no way ATEEZ would be at the bottom of the list. They have no skip discography, impeccable stage presence and movie quality music videos! You may not like their music but you can’t say it isn’t top notch production.

January 28 at 09:28:09 AM

Sarah Says:

That is exactly what I was thinking. ATEEZ diffidently deserve to be higher up on the list.

February 20 at 12:44:23 AM

Jemmy Says:

I 100% agree with this article, anyone who disagrees just stay mad😜

December 18 at 12:10:19 PM

.. Says:

Stray Kids is bigger than TXT..

July 20 at 08:58:19 AM

Shall Remain Nameless Says:

There is no way this list is based off of quality. This is personal preference.

August 16 at 05:42:37 PM

Yuna Says:

İ think stray kids would be the first because this group deserves better i am definitely against this ranking.

August 13 at 05:27:01 PM

jay <3 Says:

no cuz txt is currently leading 4th gen as of boy groups. skz isn't even close compared to them

January 19 at 08:48:43 PM

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