Top 10 Most Mesmerizing Places On Earth

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-09-19 10:31:32

The world we are living in is truly unique! So, have you ever heard about rock formation that you could only see from space, hardly noticing it while standing on top of it? Or have you ever learned about a river so colorful that it got the nickname Rainbow River? So let's take a look at these and many more stunning and surreal nature creations in our top ten list.

10. Crooked Forest, Poland

Crooked Forest in Poland is one of nature's greatest mysteries

The Crooked Forest is near Gryfino, West Pomerania in Poland, planted back in 1930. This forest consists of 100 pine trees, and the strange part is that all of them are crooked to the north. Moreover, they have a sharp 90-degree bend at the base, and then they grow straight to the sky.

It's still undefined what causes this phenomenon: Heavy snowfall or how the trees were planted? There is no firm proof to back up any of the theories, so it remains a mystery to the present day.

9. Richat Structure, Mauritania

For the best view of Eye of the Sahara, you'll have to go to space

One of the world's mysteries is the Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara. It was discovered by accident back in 1965 when NASA launched the Gemini 4 mission. With its concentric rings, the Eye is visible from the space, as it's hard to spot it from the ground. This deeply eroded dome with a 25-mile diameter is in Mauritania.

Firstly, there was a belief that the meteorite caused it, but there was no evidence suggesting that. However, scientists believe it's a volcanic dome that eroded progressively, leaving circular marks due to different rock formations surrounding it.

8. Lake Retba, Senegal

Stunning pink lake Retba is a primary source of income for the local people

The pink lake in Senegal is a remarkable, simply breathtaking sight! Although there are 29 registered pink lakes in the world, the Retba is unique because its salinity in some parts reaches over 40%. The stunning pink color comes from Dunaliella salina algae, which thrives on sun and salt.

Unlike some others, the lake is safe for swimming, so you can dip into its pink waters as locals do. While the lake is a tourist attraction, the natives use it to extract the salt. Lac Rose, as they call it, offers a unique contrast due to the dunes nearby.

7. Lake Baikal, Russia

When it's frozen, Lake Baikal becomes a unique fairytale landscape

Lake Baikal is stunning, as this is the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. Moreover, it has endemic fauna and flora surrounded by incredible and government-protected areas. However, the lake is unique because it's frozen from late January to early May, leaving remarkable sights. 

Water freezes layer by layer as it reaches 1.6–4.6 feet in thickness. Methane gases created by algae form stunning frozen bubbles in the ice. Moreover, due to the harsh climate and strong winds of the Siberian region, we can find stones or ice chunks on the ice pedestal. All around the lake, trees are covered with ice and snow, creating a fairytale winter scenery.

6. Red Beach, Panjin, China

The magical red color of Panjin Red Beach looks surreal

Don't be misled by the name, as there are no sandy beaches at Panjin Red Beach. Instead, this is one of the largest reed marsh areas settled in the Liaohe River Delta. Wetlands are covered with a seasonal plant, Suaeda salsa, known for its beautiful red colors.

The plant starts growing in spring, gaining its gorgeous red color till autumn. Red Beach presents a large ecosystem, and it's home to 260 bird kinds and around 400 wild animals, including endangered species. This area attracts many visitors during October when the Suaeda gets its most beautiful red shades. Moreover, the area develops eco-tourism to preserve this stunning landscape.

5. Marble Caves of Chile Chico, Chile

Marble Caves and their incredible beauty will sweep you off your feet

Located in Patagonia's heart, on Lake General Carrera, and made from pure marble, these caves are unique. Their formation began more than 6000 years ago, when the glacier slowly melted, filling the lake with water and slowly carving the marble rocks. Due to the erosion process, today the Marble Caves are full of tunnels between the stones.

The colors of the caves look mesmerizing while the azure waters reflect on its walls. Moreover, the hues change with the season and the water level. Even though it's tempting to swim in the Marble Caves, this wouldn't be smart due to the glacier lake's ice-cold waters.

4. Naica Mine, Mexico

Giant Crystal Cave reminds a lot of Superman's cave

Naica Mine is a silver and lead mine known for its high temperatures. However, it became recognized worldwide in 2000 when the miners discovered what is now known as the Giant Crystal Cave. The chamber contains the world's largest, we might say gigantic, milky-white selenite crystals.

These crystals slowly formed during at least 500,000 years due to magma chambers below the cave. As magma heated the water, it oxidized the sulfides, and when the temperatures dropped, it slowly created the crystals. The Cave is hostile with 90 to 99% humidity and temperatures around 136 °F, so it's even tougher to explore than the Temple of Doom.

3. Glowworm Cave, New Zealand

Glowworm Caves are something you must see if you get the chance to visit New Zealand

New Zealand is a remarkable country full of amazing wonders of nature, unbelievable, and almost surreal. One of those incredible nature's wonders is glow worm caves. Glowworms inhabit caves and forests and light in the darkness. So imagine driving in the boat through the cave canals with the ceiling above you radiating incredibly in the dark!

One of the most famous is Waitomo Caves, a three-hour drive away from Auckland. You can zipline through the glowworm gallery, explore underground waterfalls, or take a ride on an underground river, which is truly unique.

2. Stone Forest, Madagascar

Razor-sharp peaks of Stone Forest are unusual and magical

Madagascar is a unique country for many things - one of them is Tsingy de Bemaraha – or stone forest. This mystical forest with razor-sharp edges was a creation of natural forces. Its story begins around 200 million years ago when this was a lagoon forming a limestone bed. After the water withdrew, limestone was exposed to erosion by heavy monsoon rain and strong winds, removing the softer rocks.

So today, we have the unique Stone Forest, gorgeous sharp rock formations a bit hard to explore, as you'll need the right equipment. Moreover, this is a home to many animals, as some of them are endemic species.

1. Caño Cristales River, Colombia

The unique beauty of the Caño Cristales River is merely magical

Colombia is not Pablo Escobar, but a country with many beautiful natural landscapes, as some of them are so stunning that they look unbelievable. One of those remarkable wonders of nature is the Caño Cristales River, also known as the "Liquid Rainbow" or "River of Five Colors."

From July till November, the river gets the fantastic colors of red, blue, yellow, green, and black. The stunning red pigment comes from the endemic Macarenia Clavigera plant. Moreover, the river bed is full of waterfalls, rapids, and circular pits, combined with the clear, colorful waters that make a unique natural beauty. Hence, it's not strange that it's often referred to as the most beautiful river in the world.

Seeing all this on our top ten, we can conclude that the most beautiful landscapes on Earth are a creation of the most incredible artist – nature itself. There are so many fantastic and surreal places in the world that you need to explore!

What was the most mesmerizing place you have ever visited? Please write your answers in the comment section below, as we would like to hear your impressions.

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