Top 10 Best Official FIFA World Cup Songs and Anthems, Ranked

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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When we discuss the most watched events of the year, you must prepare everything to make it great. Of course, the FIFA World Cup is really something that shakes up the whole world. This massive event for association football fans deserves an anthem, together with side tracks that complete the whole impression. Which anthem is your favorite? Check out our top ten motivational melodies that made the World Cup even more exciting!

10. "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes (2018, Russia)

It's a stadium anthem from the first day of its release

The best way to kick off the list is something you surely know. It's one of those tunes that might not sound familiar when you read the title, but when you turn it up… Yes, that rhythm rings the bell! "Seven Nation Army" is impossible to forget, and even if you haven't heard it for years or a decade, you'll still know it by heart!

What you may find weird is that this rock tune was used for the Russian World Cup in 2018, although released way earlier, back in 2008. However, this song was frequently heard whenever there was some significant match playing, time after time. It goes hand in hand with soccer all the time, so it wasn't a wonder that the song reached the World Cup!

9. "Love Generation" by Bob Sinclar and Gary Pine (2006, Germany)

Happiness comes naturally here!

Wait, Germany's FIFA World Cup had some fantastic songs when we looked up the list! "Love Generation" has nothing to do with famous names, songs made for the cup intentionally, and other "artificial" stuff. It's simply a great song that became a massive hit across Europe, and it was chosen because of that!

Moreover, this track is living proof that people like not only motivational but also highly upbeat songs. "Love Generation" and its whistle and optimistic lyrics always manage to put the most incredible smile on your face, so it became a hit without any promotion. We need more songs with this vibe!

8. "Greatest Day" by Take That (2014, Brazil)

It's good they used this song for the World Cup

Take That is the band with one of the most iconic movie soundtracks, "Rule the World," recorded for "Stardust." Luckily, they kept the standards for the World Cup track the same! "Greatest Day" wasn't recorded for football, but England chose it for their 2014 anthem at the World Cup in Brazil!

Even though the song had nothing to do with the sport, the lyrics can mean many things. The lyric, "Let's make a new start, the future is ours to find," and the song's atmosphere feels like an anthem indeed. Hey, everyone would have the most incredible day if their country won the World Cup!

7. "The Cup of Life" by Ricky Martin (1998, France)

Ricky could never make a bad anthem

Ricky Martin was right – life is a competition, and the World Cup is a game of life for its players. And for fans, too – the expectations are always high, and everyone hopes for the best. But you need to fight and be strong to win because everyone wants the trophy, and the battle is brutal. Thus, Martin portrayed the World Cup so well!

Ricky's songs have always been electrifying and motivational, making you get up and dance. After all, he's the one who made "Livin' La Vida Loca," the synonym for dance hits! And the opening line is such a Ricky Martin way to kick off a song – "Life is pure passion." Everyone should see life that way!

6. "We Are One" by Pitbull (2014, Brazil)

Are you nostalgic when you hear Pitbull hits?

Is there a cooler way to kick off one of the best FIFA World Cups than to send a message that unites people and makes you proud to be who you indeed are? "We Are One" is motivational in every way, inviting you to feel welcome and appreciated, and to raise your flag. If the world looked like this music video, it would be the safest place to live!

Moreover, the golden age of Pitbull was indeed the early 2010s, so this was one of the greatest hits he delivered. No one had a chance to steal the top spot on the charts when he's been releasing his collaborations. If you ever forget how important it is to unite with your community, this hit will remind you!

5. "The Time of Our Lives" by Il Divo and Toni Braxton (2006, Germany)

When you hire a legendary artist for your anthem, that's what you get

The title says it all, and it's true – the World Cup is always the time of your life if you're a football fan. Even people who don't usually watch it start paying attention during that time. Il Divo and Toni Braxton are the combo you'd never think would work, but this song is an ultimate masterpiece!

Moreover, the 2006 World Cup anthem has a quality that few songs possess. The pure beauty of this emotion flows so naturally here! However, we would never expect less from Toni Braxton, who made "Un-Break My Heart," the ultimate love ballad. Germany really got one of the best main anthems!

4. "Colors" by Jason Derulo (2018, Russia)

"Hands up for your colors!" is the best way to invite someone to raise their flag!

If we were asked which World Cup anthem is the most underestimated, it's obviously Jason Derulo's bop "Colors." Even now, many people don't know that it was created for the World Cup! It wasn't the 2018 song that was played everywhere, but it's the official Coca-Cola World Cup anthem, and this was well-deserved, too!

Furthermore, Coca-Cola didn't construct this campaign about itself. It's about flags, national pride, and unity again as the central motif. Jason Derulo also played this song on his 2018 tour, bringing to the stage the flag of the country he's visiting. We wouldn't underestimate this hitmaker's power to make a great anthem!

3. "Wavin' Flag" by K'Naan (2010, South Africa)

Exactly how you imagine an anthem!

When you think of the World Cup anthems, the first thing that comes to your mind is Shakira, but the second is most likely this song. Maybe you don't even know that "Wavin Flag" is this anthem's title, but when you hear that rhythm, you'll get up and know all the words. This is the ultimate anthem and one of the reasons why 2010 had the best songs.

The song was initially made for Somalia and the freedom of their people, but it worked out perfectly for the otherwise unattractive 2010 World Cup. No other song would work this well (except "Waka Waka," of course!), so it's not a wonder that Coca-Cola chose this for their promotional anthem. Coca-Cola always makes the right decisions!

2. "La La La" by Shakira (2014, Brazil)

An adrenaline-pumping song even after all these years

Dear Shakira, please make every World Cup yours – it's not the same without you. Shakira was made to record anthems, and it's good that she remixed her hit single "La La La" to adapt it to the World Cup in Brazil. This was the ultimate rebirth of Shakira, as it was the first one from her tenth, self-titled album.

Even though this wasn't the official anthem of the World Cup the way "Waka Waka" was, it's clear that Shakira didn't lower the quality. She gave it all again, and while we won't underestimate "We Are One," "La La La" is even more addictive and invites you to win every match ever. It's so motivational!

1. "Waka Waka" by Shakira (2010, South Africa)

This one can't get old!

Let us be predictable and choose the biggest hit for the number one spot because it deserves all the praise. Shakira is the queen of World Cup anthems now and forever, and it will be a severe challenge to surpass her. It's not like anyone will try to do that, anyway! "Waka Waka" is one of the reasons why the 2010 World Cup will never be forgotten.

With billions of views, "Waka Waka" is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube. Furthermore, it achieved way more than an average World Cup anthem could and would. And every soccer player should listen to Shakira singing "Today's your day, I feel it" before kicking off their game. Nothing can motivate you the way this tune does!

Of course, the World Cup has the whole team deciding which song is worth representing this massive event, so the melodies would always be good. And they have no right to be dull – they are there to motivate the audience and the players too. The decisions regarding the anthems are usually excellent, as you can see on this top ten list!

What's your favorite FIFA World Cup anthem? Are the official anthems usually better than the side tracks? Let us know your opinion!

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