Top 10 One-Hit Wonders That We'll Never Forget

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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One-hit wonders are a phenomenon that happens more often nowadays. What occurs is that you hear a song on the radio that is an absolute smash, but you have no idea who the author is. As time passes, this musician doesn't live up to their own fame, never managing to make another banger that reaches the top. However, these hits are massive; they stay on the charts for ages and are actually worth the attention! We definitely won't forget many of them, and these top ten were made by musicians almost anonymous and underrated even today!

10. Icona Pop

The "I don't care!" screams of this smash create the perfect rebel vibe

The grand opening of the 10s highlighted the rebel vibe and wild energy, with one of the unstoppable hits being "I Love It" by Icona Pop. Just like Icona Pop's name says, this song is poppy and iconic, unforgettable and unapologetic, as this new era wanted to be. "You're on a different road, I'm in the Milky Way" states the authenticity young people wanted to display!

Icona Pop marks another Swedish electro-pop duo that made it to the worldwide charts. Unfortunately, they stayed authentic for the one and only "I Love It" and faded to anonymity afterward, even though they continuously make bangers.

9. Of Monsters And Men

Just like the band's title says, this song has that "monster" energy

You know those hits that you adore to hear on every corner, but then you have the most challenging time finding them on the Internet? "Little Talks," the one and only smash hit from Of Monsters And Men, is precisely that! "Little Talks" are barely once mentioned in the song, so you'd spend ages googling the lyrics to find the music!

No other song by the Icelandic band ever managed to land on the charts, and "Little Talks" is a synonym for nostalgia. Even though everybody sings along to the part "Don't listen to a word I say…" the video doesn't have many views. In the comments, everyone joked that it would have at least a billion if it was easier to find it!

8. Daniel Powter

The ballad found its way to the whole world since it's very down-to-earth and relatable

We're not sure if this is a compliment or not... Still, Daniel Powter is considered the biggest one-hit wonder of the 2000s. His smash "Bad Day" is a very relatable ballad, and since it's so easy to feel the song, it's no wonder that it became a hit. However, Daniel literally disappeared afterward!

It shouldn't sound funny, but the singer had more than one "bad day" since his career brought him to alcohol and cocaine addiction, as he felt lonely and isolated. He's in a much better place today and still making music, but hits aren't coming.

7. Sinéad O'Connor

This has to be one of the most vulnerable "goodbye" ballads

One-hit wonders sometimes don't even have their own song! Sinéad O'Connor is a perfect example since her smash hit covers Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" with a brand new arrangement. Luckily for O'Connor, this unique vibe brought her fame.

Despite having one of the most triumphant covers up to date, O'Connor hit the charts only with this hit. Throughout the years, she changed her name to Magda Davitt and then to Shuhada Sadaqat. However, you can find her music under the birth name that she's still used in the music industry before her tragic death.

6. Vanessa Carlton

Who says the piano can't be dynamic and create a wild rhythm like this?

Who knows if you'd remember her by name, but when we say "the girl with that music video with a walking piano," you'll probably picture that clip in your head! "A Thousand Miles" music video became a huge meme material in the 10s as the song used to occupy the charts throughout the whole 00s!

Vanessa simply disappeared after the success of this dynamic ballad with an insane piano riff. Nevertheless, she released some albums afterward and kept her music career going! Yet, she'll be remembered primarily by her piano.

5. Gotye

The powerful message, an intriguing music video, and smashing vocals made this a big hit

As soon as we mention "Somebody That I Used to Know," you can't stop yourself from screaming the lyrics (well, literally screaming the chorus). You just know what screams we are talking about! This power ballad stayed on the charts for ages, and its authors, Gotye and Kimbra, earned multiple Grammys for it!

However, neither Gotye nor Kimbra made a hit again, not even close to "Somebody That I Used to Know." They are considered one-hit wonders, even though Kimbra still makes music. Jokingly saying, Gotye is now just somebody that we used to know!

4. Ylvis

How funny would an ode to the fox get? It's even funnier than you thought!

If we told you this name, you wouldn't know who this is... However, not recognizing their smash "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" and not bopping to it would be a crime! Ylvis is actually a Norwegian comedy duo, and their anthem dedicated to foxes and their (unknown) sounds traveled the whole world!

The duo joked how "The Fox" was created to fail and how they had no idea that it would be this big. Nevertheless, the hit found its way to the charts, and the funny music video quickly went viral! Right now, this insane disco parody is considered one of the catchiest songs of the early 10s!

3. Passenger

Passenger bared his heart and touched the whole universe – but only once

Who says only the catchy tunes stay on the charts? Many powerful ballads made history throughout the years, just like Passenger's unforgettable, heartbreaking anthem "Let Her Go." It's hard not to cry when you hear this song for the first time… After all, we've all let someone go even though we wanted them to stay forever.

Despite all that, Passenger didn't find his way to the charts ever again. We're not saying he doesn't make new music; he does, but "Let Her Go" is his only worldwide chart-topper. Perhaps the nostalgia you get while listening to "Let Her Go" is enough to remember this guy forever!

2. Lou Bega

Some one-hit wonders have made the biggest hits of the century

You might be in shock when you realize that the author of the beloved song "Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)" is actually a one-hit wonder, but yes, he doesn't have any other hits. Despite the potential this wildly addictive song shows, Lou Bega maintained his fame only thanks to "Mambo," which helped him sell three million copies of the album!

Since the song is considered legendary and is pretty much alive and present for more than 20 years now, Bega didn't have to struggle for money. He earned a whopping million dollars, so we suppose he isn't desperate that he didn't gain another hit on the charts!

1. Los del Rio

Not many people know this song is actually about the girl that cheats on her boyfriend

Wait, does anyone make any celebration without dancing to non-English hit "Macarena" (and actually knowing the choreography perfectly)? "Macarena" works like a happy hormone in our minds, and you can't help but dance to it religiously. However, the massive hit's authors are today nothing but "Macarena's" writers and composers.

When you know the meaning and how "unfaithful" and carefree Macarena is, you love the song even more, which makes it even funnier! Furthermore, the song has two versions, with Bayside Boys Remix being basically the biggest one-hit wonder smash of the century.

The one-hit wonder phenomenon seems kind of weird at first. However, when you think twice, this scenario is real: You get one chance to hit the charts, and then you disappear entirely. We really hope these people don't get offended because they are in our top ten list – better one smash than none!

Who's your favorite one-hit wonder? Do you think that some of them deserve a solid comeback to the charts?

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Joe Cool Says:

Compare 2 U is still around

Someone that I used to know is still around and is a good lounge song.

July 27 at 06:10:42 PM

Dylan98 Says:

Sinead could have had a brilliant career if her mind wasn't so troubled.

June 28 at 01:08:00 PM

Joe Cool Says:

Tragic life. Lots of pain beneath the surface.

July 27 at 06:12:08 PM

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