Top 10 Authentic Ariana Grande Fashion Moments Making Her a Unique Icon

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-25 06:00:06

Yes, Ariana Grande is a superstar because of her outstanding vocal technique and catchy tunes. Furthemore, she is very successful in fragrance industry. However, a true superstar is someone who also looks undeniably chic, glamorous, and authentic! Grande is 100% unique in her appearance and style, making her even more famous. If you're looking for inspiration among A-list celebs, take a look at these ten unique pieces that make Grande's style so addictive!

10. Cropped Tops and Bralettes

Most of her outfits here have a cropped top or bralette!

Grande's style is way more than ordinary clothes, but bralettes are such a thing that reminds us of her. She takes a selfie in a bralette whenever possible, and many of these fashionable tops look fantastic while remaining affordable! A bralette is also helpful for red carpet looks if you ask Grande. We bet you've seen fancy bralettes on her even when other girls wore maxi dresses!

She wears bralettes often, but cropped tops are also one of her most authentic pieces. Let's say Ari is pretty flexible regarding pants and skirts, but with tops, you can mostly see her in a similar pattern! Of course, Grande works out and has an ideal body shape for cropped tops, so we're sure she won't ditch them anytime soon!

9. Oversized Clothes

Almost every outfit from her street style has something oversized

Ariana Grande rocked oversized sweater dresses in the streets way before Billie Eilish made baggy clothes cool again. Grande's style is practically the obsession with sweater dresses and hoodies that are so long and baggy that they can also be a dress. Her jackets are also too large for her tiny figure. That's how you'll see her on the streets all the time!

The tiny Grande looks cute when her clothes are way bigger than her, and many girls would gladly steal this style. It clearly hides all your imperfections, and everything is more than comfortable and warm. The oversized trend clearly signifies that new generations prioritize comfort above all, and we love to see that!

8. Her Princess Style at Red Carpets

Cinderella got nothing on Ari when she rocks maxi dresses!

Just take a moment to realize how flexible this legend is – we just discussed her baggy clothes style, and now we have princess dresses on the list! Grande knows how to keep it casual, but when she's about to glow, she'll outshine everyone around her. Her maxi dresses at award shows have been a hot topic for years!

Some of the most notable princess' looks Grande did so far are those from the 2018 Met Gala, 2016 Time 100 Gala, and 2020 Grammy Awards. She's a queen, and she knows it, so all those maxi dresses with tulle and gloves take her princess look to another level. It's in her attitude even more than in the actual dresses!

7. Flirty Dresses, Too!

There's nothing she's afraid to try!

Is there any style she can't rock? Maxi dresses are something she's remembered for when we discuss her most iconic red carpet looks. However, she also managed to look flirty and carefree in tight mini-dresses so many times! Grande was never too shy to show off her beauty, but she especially rocked this style in the "Dangerous Woman" era.

Just like every girl wants it, Grande desired to be daring and sexy for her date nights with Dalton Gomez, and you could see many of her mirror selfies in gorgeous short dresses. She likes to pull the classic little black dresses on various occasions, even when she's criticized when the dress is a bit too short!

6. Glitter, Graphic and Metallic Makeup 

She put a lot of work into this

Grande is experimental with makeup as much as with clothes, if not more. She'll gladly pull an eyeshadow you've never seen on any celebrity before and make it her brand. After all, she has a beauty brand called "r.e.m. beauty," which promotes unique, futuristic design and new trends in makeup!

To make it even more intriguing, Grande often uses bold shapes and graphic moments around her eyes when attending various occasions. We've seen her pull a white outline around her eye area, flower lashes with little pieces of petals, and many more ornaments. You'd probably never try them, but you should – makeup trends are there to inspire!

5. Lavender and Pastel Clothes

The "Focus" music video screams pastel!

Even though she tried it all, pastel colors are still Ariana Grande's thing above all the other colors and shades. Lavender has been well-known as her favorite color throughout the years, and we've seen her combine it with so many looks. Her "Focus" era was blessed with soft, pastel outfits and even light hair!

Years after "Focus," Grande proved she was still so into lavender that she colored her hair again, this time light purple. She did it "just for fun," but it's still one of her most authentic looks. Her lavender dresses throughout the years are also a great shoutout to her favorite color – which suits her very well!

4. Long, White Nails

Simple but beautiful!

Grande's manicure is always on point, and you can clearly notice she likes long, well-polished nails. Even though lavender is her signature color, she also pulls white like a pro, especially regarding nails. White nails never were as big as when Grande started promoting them on her tours and on the red carpet!

Of course, Ari proved how easily you can combine white nails with any look, which is the power of this manicure. If you have an important occasion in the near future or want to be subtle with your nails yet make them look stunning, just go for white nail polish and watch the magic it creates. Ariana knows that very well!

3. Over-the-Knee Boots

It's all about the long, long boots!

The well-deserved top three positions belong to over-the-knee boots, the trend now becoming even bigger. If you don't remember, Grande made this a craze in the middle of the 10s since we could see her in these long, long boots whenever she stepped into the spotlight! 

Whether it's street style or a tour outfit, you'll see Ari rocking boots so long that they almost cover her whole legs. She's short and cute, so it's not a challenging task, but these boots are pretty long anyway! They usually also have a high heel, but if you'd rather be a bit more subtle, you'll also find many flat boots that are as long as Grande's. 

2. Her Sky-High Heels

Of course, this happens when you wear such shoes!

Did we mention Grande's long boots usually have high heels as well? Did we joke about her height? Well, all those things are the reasons for the next sequel – the fact that she adores high heels so much that she almost sleeps in them. It's a rare occasion to see Ari in flat shoes, and her height illusion already works so well because she looks tall in many pictures!

Since she can afford unique pieces, you'll see a variety of shapes and colors on Grande's tiny legs. Her collection of heels is inspiring and intriguing, and she doesn't even mind tripping and falling if it provides her height. We guess you don't wear heels this often, but if you do, let Grande inspire you next time you're shopping!

1. Her Ultimate Hairstyle

If you want to steal her style, maybe all you need is this hair tutorial!

We didn't even type "her ponytail" since it's already apparent which hairstyle is certified by Ariana Grande! Nothing will ever be so authentic about her as her long, long ponytail, always on point and well-polished. Even her music sometimes doesn't define her as much as this gorgeous hairstyle that she'll never ditch!

Luckily, you could see Ari let her hair down on various occasions, too, and hair like that also fits her well. However, her signature ponytail is something to admire, and we guess she'll keep returning to it again. If every superstar is recognizable for something, Grande will forever be that girl with the ponytail!

Luckily, all these little things that make Grande a fashion icon are pretty simple, and if you like her style, you can steal most of the tricks without spending too much. Even if something is expensive, it doesn't guarantee the quality or how it would fit you. Let Ariana inspire you for some of your special occasions or your everyday look!

Do you like "stealing" a famous artist's fashion style? Is Ariana Grande fashionable, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Instagram/Ariana Grande



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