Top 10 Songs on Ava Max Debut Album That Prove She's the Next Pop Sensation

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-14 18:00:07

New artists can show up in the music industry at any moment. Some of them like Ariana Grande have a quick breakthrough, while others release their greatest hits after years on the scene. It's very hard to be authentic enough to get a considerable promo and actually stand out. To get a breakthrough means to have all the stars aligned, and that's what happened with Ava Max and her single "Sweet but Psycho." "Sweet but Psycho" is definitely outstanding, but this girl has much more in store. If you still haven't checked out her album "Heaven & Hell," as one of the best in 2020, we'll present you the top ten tracks that you shouldn't miss at any cost!

10. "Call Me Tonight" 

It's not the best of "Heaven," but it's a highlight

We're kicking off this list with something slightly different because Ava Max feels more "frightening" in her other, bolder songs. However, this one has a unique flow, which will catch you from the first listen. It's probably pretty relatable for Max since she's been invited to many fancy parties and award shows in the previous years, even performing on the MTV stage.

Max is a fan of plays on words, so in the chorus, she doesn't actually say to "call her tonight," but to call her "Tonight" if he doesn't know her name. People get this kind of invitation at any club, but it seems like glossy Versace parties also use this concept!

9. "Tattoo"

It's hard to forget this album – it's sticking like a tattoo

Since Charlie Puth collaborated with her on this track as well, it couldn't go bad! This one is very uplifting, and its disco sounds will cheer you up at the very end of "Side A: Heaven." Moreover, tattoos are nowadays a way to represent permanent decisions, so Ava makes her lover believe she's indelible.

Tattoos can be heaven or a nightmare, too, if someone regrets doing them shortly after. However, Ava Max promises that having her tattooed on your heart won't disappoint you. Write her name in cursive already and check all her songs we recommend!

8. "Belladonna"

This song has the boldest vibe on the album, as it's almost like a horror story soundtrack

Who would be bold enough to approach Max after a track like this? Well, it's a compliment because her gloomy disposition is one of the reasons why she blew up on the charts. "I'll pull you in like the waves in the sea" almost makes you picture a storm coming up.  

The lyric video contains the picture of a burning city, so it gives off this "fiery" personality even more! Furthermore, "belladonna" could actually mean two things. It's either a "pretty lady" or the "deadly nightshade," just like Lana Del Rey mentions it in her song "Ultraviolence." Max is kind of both!

7. "Naked"

This is the first time Ava opened her heart about insecurities

The music video for "Naked" is old-school and minimalistic, not needing anything but Max dancing in front of the screen. Her signature blonde hair switches with burning orange locks, and she looks the most vulnerable in this video.

Moreover, she's pretty emotional in this dance track itself. If you listen carefully, you'll see she just craves trust and someone who will want to see her feelings "naked." It's easy to take off your clothes, but Max hopes she can be herself and let someone in for real. This story gained all the positive critics!

6. "Kings & Queens"

This song might be Ava's greatest hit since "Sweet but Psycho"

Women empowerment is a recurring theme in many segments of today's pop culture, so Ava touched upon it as well. This track is included in "Side A: Heaven," and it's rather positive, embodying a woman's strength with all of her struggles.

In this case, "Queens are free to go wherever they like" is a metaphor for chess, but it's perfectly applied to everyday life as well. You're a queen, girl, so don't let yourself be under the control of anyone or anything. You're not weak without a sword!

5. "Take You to Hell"

You'd be afraid to mess up with Max after hearing this tune

If "Salt" is the best song off "Side B: Hell," this one is a breathtaking runner-up. If "Side A: Heaven" has only an instrumental, short interlude, "Hell" got a whole manifesto of Max's aesthetic. It's all fun and games, only until you start messing around!

We don't know if Ava relates to Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman," but this track sounds dangerous. It's much more intimidating than "Sweet but Psycho." If you're looking for better Ava Max tracks than her radio hits, check out this one immediately!

4. "Torn"

This song is a crossover between heaven and hell, the two album concepts

The music video for "Torn" appeared in the late summer of 2019, and it was an exciting prequel to what we're about to hear from Max as an artist. Furthermore, the video was inspired by a comic book concept, including many special effects and heroic motifs.

The lyric "I'm torn in between heaven and hell" is quite the crucial moment on the album because it preceded how its structure would look. "Torn" doesn't belong to hell, but it's not heavenly as well, and that's how many relationships look like in reality. Moreover, the album is sonically cohesive like what her friends from Little Mix did on their project, but it also sticks to this "love-hate" theory that's authentic for Max.

3. "OMG What's Happening"

Ava catches fire and takes a joyride in this music video

Ava is crazy in love if we should trust her "OMG What's Happening" lyrics. So, she's not only sweet and psycho but also obsessive and indecisive about what to do about her feelings! This delirious ride through her mind is accompanied by an incredibly catchy vibe, so you won't stop dancing to it!

If this album has any growers, this one doesn't fit that concept because it'll make it to your top 3 from the very first listen. It has the same quality vibe as "Torn" and even similar lyrical content. Still, they're different enough to religiously enjoy both.

2. "Salt"

Max is wild and reckless in her "Side B: Hell" songs

Without any prior promotion, this song became a hit on its own, and there's definitely a good reason for it. Ava oozes confidence with this track, making it the best one of the "Side B: Hell" part. It's a disco paradise and a feel-good anthem for any woman.

"I got my thigh highs on, feel like Wonder Woman, that's when you want all in, but I'm not your woman," clearly shows that Max knows how to say no. However, we're beyond happy she said yes when fans demanded "Salt" to make a cut on "Heaven & Hell."

1. Born to the Night

Max sampled Peter Schilling's "Major Tom (Coming Home)" for this track

Lady Gaga would be proud of this track as it feels like a sequel to her "Marry the Night," an anthem about the night owls. However, don't think Ava Max copied this concept. She made it her own, with a cinematic kind of lyrics. They're capable of making a music video with Ava jumping on rooftops, falling from the sky like a shooting star, with her leather boo-oots coming out!

"The night is my mother, the sky is my brother, and I'm her daughter, the star-crossed lover" in the song's bridge draws her mindset. It makes her intriguing nature shine more than any other track off her debut. Once you hear this one, you'll never let it go, and you'll hope Max will release more music like this.

Obviously, some of the songs from "Heaven & Hell" aren't included in this top ten list. Actually, you should check all of them, because this album has almost no skips! Nevertheless, these 10 will become your favorite songs overnight, so thank us later.

Which one from our list is your favorite? Do you prefer Side A, "Heaven," or Side B, "Hell?"

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