Top 10 Things About Stunning Maldives That You Need To Know Before You Go

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2021-11-25 14:39:23

The Maldives, paradise on Earth! Beautiful atolls with crystal clear water. Stunning white sand beaches and all that surrounded with impressive coral reefs full of vibrant sea life just waiting for you. This is an ideal place just to rest, relax, and to enjoy the silence. There are a few things that are useful to know before you travel to your dream vacation.

10. Arrival at the Maldives

You won't feel lost at Male airport

Arriving at Male airport and finding your transfer is so easy. This is a small airport, and there are desks with resort names where you need to go to. Just look around and go to the counter with your resort name.

Amicable people will show you your way to the seaplane, plane, or speed boat to take you to your resort. After a short ride, you'll arrive at your dream destination.

9. All-Inclusive Type of Service

All-inclusive offer will save you money

If you are on a budget, research all-inclusive offers. At first glimpse, it could seem to be a bit expensive, but trust us, all-inclusive on the island is a way to go. This is because you don't have a choice. You are at a resort on an isolated island, so everything you need to eat or drink you have to buy at the hotel's restaurant.

So either way, you will have to spend your money in one place, so it is better to pay upfront and not bother with the prices on the spot. And also, packages are much cheaper than paying on the spot or booking directly on the hotel's website. So explore the internet or visit your favorite travel agent.

8. Different Types of Transfers

Seaplane transfer should be your top choice

Never, and we mean, never, book a hotel without a transfer. It is almost obligatory because this is the only way to the island. If not booked upfront, it will be a big hassle to arrange it later or when you arrive. And one more thing, seaplane transfers are absolutely fantastic.

You can see all the beauty of the Maldives from above. Nonetheless, keep in mind they do not operate the whole day or during the night, so check it before your arrival to avoid spending the night on the main island.

7. Souvenirs

It's better to buy souvenirs from the shop

Although corals and sea life are gorgeous, do not keep them as souvenirs, even if you've found them on the beach. Think about preserving sea life if it comes to your mind to dive out some corals from the sea. If everybody took one piece of the corals as a souvenir, soon there would not be corals.

Bringing corals home as souvenirs is prohibited by law, and the code is very strict. Just stick with taking photos as a souvenir, or simply buy some in a souvenir shop, and you'll be fine.

6. Accommodation Types

Choose beach bungalows if you can

If you chose beach bungalows, pay a bit higher for those in a lagoon, as it will be worth every penny! The beach is much more beautiful there, and the water is calmer, as it's sheltered from the waves.

If you can afford it, book at least one night at the water bungalows or villas. They are usually located in the lagoon, offering privacy and easy access to the water from your own private deck. Water villas often have a glass floor piece so you can watch the fishes from your living room. It is a truly unique experience to sleep in such a place!

5. Diving and Snorkeling

Dive deep for some wonderful experiences

If you like snorkeling or you are a scuba diver, all resorts have these options. Still, choose those islands with a house reef close to the shore. This way, you can enjoy exploring sea life once you make a decision. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the hotel to arrange such trips. Of course, you can go with hotel staff on diving trips if you wish to explore further.

The Maldives has a rich and unique sea life. Every diver knows that the best places to descent are the ones around the coral reefs. They are perfect, as every atoll has its own piece of coral reef.

4. No-No's

You need to respect the rules, so skip alcohol

Although drinking in resorts is allowed to tourists, don't bring alcoholic beverages into the country as this is prohibited. However, don't worry, as after you arrive at the resort you'll be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages. It's not a problem to drink while in the hotel, but don't smuggle it into the country.

Also, don't bring pork, pornographic material, or tobacco products (without health warning) and any religious books. The Maldives is a Muslim country, and they have a strict law. Also, don't ever point a finger!

3. Weather, or Should We Say Rain

Showers are common, but they shouldn't spoil your fun

A tropical paradise, hot summer days, lots of humidity, so expect a bit of rain. This is normal, so don't expect it to rain all day. These are short summer showers, and after 5-15 minutes, the sky will clear, while the temperature won’t fall. Due to the climate changes, the showers can be a bit longer. Also, the rainy season is from May to October.

Again, it’s not pouring all day long, but it is more likely that it will rain during these months. This can be minimized by booking the northern atolls if you travel from December till April, and southern atolls if you wish to go from April till October. That’s because the north atolls have the highest rainfall from May till November. The southern atolls have the highest rainfall from November until March.

2. Things to Do

There are so many sea activities you can enjoy

OK, as mentioned before, the Maldives is a tropical paradise, but don't be misled. Five to ten nights in this paradise is all you need. Staying more than 10 days could be a bit boring. You can also be a bit active on your dream vacation, go snorkeling, scuba diving, kitesurfing or kiteboarding, water skiing, fishing, and parasailing.

If you have a chance - take a sunset cruise, it’s a remarkable experience. Also, most of the resorts have a fitness center, tennis or badminton court, etc. Just check your preferences before booking. Or you can go on a trip to Hanifaru Bay and watch manta rays and whale sharks. This is the part of Baa Atoll Unesco World Biosphere Reserve.

1. Privacy

You can isolate yourself and forget about everything

If you wish for more privacy, chose villas with a private pool. They use much more space, so your neighbor will not be so close, and you will have a lot more privacy. Also, explore smaller islands, with a villa or bungalow type of accommodation. This means fewer people on the island and a lot more space and privacy. After all, this is a romantic and peaceful getaway.

Some of the resorts don't have TVs in the room, so you can shut down from the world and rest. They are in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so it is not unusual to have a poor internet connection. But this place is not about TV and Wi-Fi. This is a paradise on Earth. Just imagine a coral reef at your fingertips as you drink something refreshing. The cool breeze and a perfect sunny day on a white sandy beach. Clear and calm waters, full of sea life.

The Maldives are a favorite honeymoon destination, and in most hotels, it is possible to arrange a beach wedding. But you have to make arrangements before your arrival. Most resorts have wedding planners who will take care of every little thing to make it perfect. Or you can enjoy with your children and family. Just make sure that the resorts have additional activities for the young ones. Hope you'll find our tips and tricks helpful for planning a dream vacation in the Maldives!

Have you ever visited the Maldives? We would like to hear about your experience or thoughts regarding your trip to the Maldives. Please feel free to tell us in the comment section.

Photo: Pixabay,, YouTube

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