Top 10 Traveling With Children Tips

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-03-05 06:00:07

Traveling with kids can be exhausting, especially with teenagers. As a young parent, you must know that your child will have different interests as they grow up. However, there are a few tips for age-appropriate destinations and what is generally suitable for children. We must stress that you know your young ones the best, so these top ten tips are general advice. So let's explore how you can easily travel with your children even after they become adults.

10. Infants – Younger Than One Year

Bassinets make your flight with an infant very cozy

As a parent of a newborn, you might consider skipping the vacation or traveling close to home. There are always doubts about how the baby will react to environmental changes. Yet, infants are adaptable, so there's no need to skip the desired holiday. Just check if the hotel has an in-house doctor, as it will ease your mind.

Therefore, we recommend some long-haul flights, as you can put your baby to sleep in the bassinet. However, low-cost companies don't offer this option. So, book some tropical destination, preferably a higher-class hotel. This is because they usually offer a baby food corner.  

9. Toddlers Age 1-3

A mom with her baby
Toddlers will probably be happy just to have sea and the sand (Photo: PublicDomainPictures/

If you plan an airplane travel with a small child aged one to two years, you will still get a discount for an infant. However, your baby might not fit in the bassinet, as there is a weight limit depending on the airline. So we prefer shorter flights as the baby or the child will be in your lap for the whole flight.

Toddlers are usually satisfied with the sand and the sea, so don't take them sightseeing, as that will be exhausting. Moreover, you don't need an aqua park for toddlers, as no toddler will use the slides. Yet, believe it or not, some parents choose the hotels with slides and pay extra.

8. Preschoolers Age 3-5

A preschool girl playing
Preschoolers will be happy to build sandcastles or to play with others (photo: newarta/

Preschoolers like to explore and play, so they don't enjoy sitting in one place. That's why the best option is a beach. They are more likely to participate in some animation provided by the hotel's staff at this age. Therefore, choose the closed resort, where no one but hotel guests has access. Hence, you will feel safer leaving your child to play with others supervised by the animation team.

Three to five years is still too young for amusement parks, sightseeing, or aqua parks. Yet they will be satisfied with some smaller playgrounds and animation or building a sandcastle.

7. Children Age 5-7

Young child during the trip
You need to keep your child occupied during the trip (photo: twinquinn84/

Depending on your child's preferences, you can choose something closer to home or a long-haul trip. At this age, it can be pretty demanding for the child to sit still for ten to twelve hours, and you don't want all the passengers to be angry at you.

However, you can occupy your child with cartoons, drawings, or appropriate video games. At this age, amusement parks will be an exciting option. However, make sure you choose the age and height appropriate for your child.

6. Children Age 7-13

Young girls going down the waterslides
Children above seven years will enjoy waterslides (photo: Letiha/

We came to the fun part - children above seven. We highly recommend hotels with as many possible waterslides, animation, playrooms, etc. Choose a closed resort, preferably with a lot of security, so you can peacefully let your child play while you rest. However, it would be a perfect vacation if you could travel with some friends or family with children, as at this age the more, the merrier it is. 

Moreover, if you don't feel relaxed to let the children loose, you can split the duties when traveling with a group of friends. Yet, kids at this age don't need supervision one on one.

5. Teen Girls Age 13-16

Teen girl shopping
Bribing your teenage daughter with some shopping could be fun (photo: StockSnap/

When puberty hits them, you can't recognize your child anymore. At this age, everything you suggest is boring to them. So choose a destination where you can combine many fun activities. For example, you can go sightseeing but be aware that they will soon lose interest, so don't plan museums and city tours the whole day.

Make sure you give them time to rest and sit in the cafes with a good Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, combine museums with shopping, as the girls at this age mostly like shopping malls. So, let them choose an accessory or something else on their own.

4. Teen Boys Age 13-16

A game of American Football
Bribing your teenage son with some sports tickets could be fun (photo: Free-Photos/

Boys at this age, just like girls, would agree to sightsee, but not all day. Take them to the museum and then to the game because boys at this age show interest in sports. Also, you can take them to some adrenaline amusement park, as they will like it.

However, remember to leave them time to relax in the cafes with good Wi-Fi. They will definitely have to tell their friends how bored they are, but don't worry because it's not cool to tell your friends that you're having a great time with your parents.

3. Still Teenagers 16-19

Young woman jumping on the shore in the sunset
Just give some space to your teenage child (photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969/

Sweet sixteen period can be tricky. After all, they think they are adults, even smarter than you, and have their own will, usually contradicting every suggestion you make. Therefore, knowing your child, you must suggest something they can't refuse. It would be helpful not to take them too seriously and have an understanding of their feelings. Thus, you also have been a teenager once; try to remember it.

Offer them an active vacation, for example, a few days in some resort to have time for themselves. Moreover, don't force them to get up too early to hit the beach, as they probably won't like it. Combine this with some sightseeing and shopping - they will appreciate it.

2. Age 19-21

Eiffel Tower
Make them an offer that they can't refuse (photo: Bonsens-Tono/

In some countries, they are considered adults, so treat them as equals. Show interest in their hobbies and adjust your traveling plans to their needs. They like to party at this age, so advise them to bring a friend. Hence, if they have company, you can book a beach vacation - they will find something to do together.

They will probably show interest in some European metropole, so suggest ParisRome, or similar city breaks they will accept. At this age, sightseeing, museums, and monuments are adequate, but you need to give them space.

1. Over 21

Smiling mom and her grown up daughter
You can still travel with your child even after they are officially adults (photo: TawnyNina/

If you've done your planning over the years correctly, your children won't mind traveling with you, even as adults. After they are officially grown-ups, they will probably be interested in all sorts of traveling. You can even book a spa retreat and spend a few days there, as they will be able to appreciate it.

The one thing you need to know is to treat them as adults and equals. Moreover, let them plan a family vacation as it might be exciting for them. By now, they already have a destination they wish to visit, and if you go there as a family, your bond will be much stronger.

To conclude our top ten list of family travel tips, you must always consider the child's needs. Like toddlers don't need waterslides, babies don't like art galleries. Moreover, you can't expect the teenager to go sightseeing for a week and be excited to spend each day in the museum. So listen to your child's wishes and always plan something they will be thrilled about. This way, they will go along with some activities you wish for them to participate in. Finally, remember, small children will be happy to build sandcastles more than visit an actual castle.

What was the best vacation you have been with your family? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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