Top 10 PS5 Games To Have In Your Collection

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-05-09 06:00:05

Unfortunately, PS5 availability is still limited, even though the console was released toward the end of 2020. Furthermore, some games won't ever be available on the platform. However, those lucky to have it can already choose between hundreds of titles, not counting backward compatible ones. As many games aren't affordable, you must make intelligent choices. Of course, some of our top ten list titles are available on other platforms, such as Xbox Series X or PC. Yet, they are the best-enjoyed on the excellent PS5 controller. Finally, we won't mention any PS4 games, including those that received upgrades. That's because they are still last-gen titles, not showcasing the true potential of the PS5 hardware. Furthermore, we have a list of free PS5 games, as none are included here.

10. Returnal

Dying is a part of the experience in Returnal
What it is: A third-person shooter with a twist
PS5 exclusive: Console exclusive (also available on PC)
Similar great games on PS5: Hades
DualSense support: Excellent
PS5 video game info

As a title developed for a single system, Returnal could use all its resources. The new platform inspired the developers Housemarque to try something different with gameplay, putting you in a time loop situation. In essence, you'll get back into a remixed version of the world, with a partially changed structure and enemies every time you die. While there are some puzzle elements, Returnal is still a challenging shooter where you'll experience tons of different weapons. They'll become more effective as you use them, and you'll feel the difference on DualSense.

In addition, adaptive triggers function like pressure-sensitive buttons in early Metal Gear Solid games. This means that when you push them slightly, you'll activate focused aiming, but going all the way enters alt-firing mode. Haptic feedback helps you immerse further as you sense the world around you, like when it rains. It's not all cosmetic, as you'll feel the unique pulse, letting you know that your weapon has fully recharged. There's so much more, but we'll let you discover it as you enjoy 4K resolution, 60 fps, and partial ray tracing. If only the environments were a bit brighter to showcase graphics further.

9. Gran Turismo 7

All the basic info about the game!
What it is: Gran Turismo 7
PS5 exclusive: No (Also on PC)
Similar great games on PS5: None
DualSense support: Excellent
PS5 video game info

It took Polyphony Digital almost a decade to develop the official sequel to Gran Turismo 6! In the meantime, we got Gran Turismo Sport, which was geared toward online gaming. Yet, while Gran Turismo 7, as one of the PS5 exclusives, is inspired by it, it's still a unique experience. The single-player content is the most significant improvement, as GT7 brings back campaign mode. Yet, this time, it revolves around GT Café, where you'll receive new missions. However, not everyone is a fan of this novelty concept.

While winning the races is still a priority, you'll need to pass license tests. Additionally, in mission mode, you'll experience unique challenges. Finally, you can tune your vehicles to the smallest detail while a used car dealership returns. The online mode is slightly enhanced over Gran Turismo Sport, but the automatic penalty system still needs work. While GTS suffered a launch disaster, GT7 is already solid. Furthermore, the developer keeps adding new content for free, including brilliant PSVR 2 support. Sharp graphics and excellent DualSense support are the cherries on top.

8. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

It's not a u huge upgrade over PS4 edition, but Ghost of Tsushima is still looking brilliant on PS5
What it is: An excellent combination of action and stealth gameplay
PS5 exclusive: No (Also on PS4)
Similar great games on PS5: Elden Ring, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
DualSense support: Excellent
PS5 video game info

So, are you more into samurais or ninjas? In Ghost of Tsushima, you can be both! Based on the historical Mongol invasion of Japan, the game tells a story about the last samurai on Tsushima island. Knowing that he'll die if he fights honorably, he decides to do anything to save his people and the country. In the age of casual gaming, the Ghost of Tsushima is a pleasant surprise, as every enemy can quickly kill you.

Consequently, you'll have to know when it's better to stay in the shadows and take out your enemies one by one. Still, there's an easy mode for those with less time and patience to fully conquer the gameplay. This Director's Cut adds more content to the game, so you can visit and explore Iki Island. Furthermore, the PS5 edition offers 3D audio, DualSense integration, higher resolution, and much quicker loading. Even though this is still a PS4 remaster rather than an original PS5 game, you can't miss it.

7. Resident Evil 4 (remake)

A massive improvement over the original game
What it is: An action survival horror game
PS5 exclusive: No (Available on PS4, Xbox Series, PC) 
Similar great games on PS5: Remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3
DualSense support: Very good
PS5 video game info

While we expected that Capcom would remake Resident Evil 4, many wondered if it was really necessary. Yet, the developers did their best to prove this was the right decision. Naturally, the graphics are gorgeous, so expect a massive leap over the original. Furthermore, the impressive engine creates an eerie atmosphere, combined with the excellent level design. While this is the most visible change, there are many other substantial and positive modifications.

The control system is upgraded, making Leon a better killing machine. Therefore, he can now sneak behind enemies and eliminate them silently with his knife. Furthermore, he can kick them once they are stunned and parry their attacks. Yet, the monsters are also more intelligent now, so you'll never feel overpowered. This is still an action game, unlike earlier games in the franchise, but there are still puzzles to solve. However, many of them are optional but provide excellent rewards. We also love that you don't have to care about friendly AI health. With further changes to bosses and levels, this feels like a new experience, even if you played the original. Thus, we recommend the Resident Evil 4 remake to everyone, as it's an excellent introduction to the series.

6. Elden Ring

Fight the right opponents to make your experience less frustrating
What it is: Another excellent, but very challenging third-person action game from FromSoftware
PS5 exclusive: No (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC)
Similar great games on PS5: Dark Souls remake, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
DualSense support: Average
PS5 video game info

Souls-like games remain incredibly popular, despite the frustration they cause. Yet, while they are challenging, there are almost no cheap deaths. Therefore, you'll enjoy improving yourself, and beating a boss brings such satisfaction! While Elden Ring follows the same path, it benefits from the story and the world by "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin. There's so much to explore, and you'll enjoy every minute!

Traditionally, you are in complete control over your character. Therefore, you can choose between plenty of weapons and magic attacks, defining your play style. Crafting also plays a significant role, so you'll always know where to find the required resources. While the Elden Ring won't hold your hand, you will never feel lost. If you love FromSoftware titles, this might be your favorite!        

5. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Miles Morales is stunning in fidelity mode
What it is: A spinoff of Marvel's Spider-Man with some gameplay differences
PS5 exclusive: Console exclusive (Available on PC) 
Similar great games on PS5: Marvel's Spider-Man
DualSense support: Excellent
PS5 video game info

While Marvel's Spider-Man is terrific, Miles Morales takes things to another level! As Peter Parker is out of town, a young man must take care of the business. However, while the gameplay is similar, the main character feels unique. This is because of his special abilities and more nimble physique. Still, as everyone can see that he's not the original Spidey, your task is to help him earn New Yorkers' respect. Since this isn't a full-priced game, it's not surprising that the main story is pretty short.

Even though you can play Miles Morales on PS4, the technical advantages of the PS5 version are tremendous. The system's power enables 4K resolution combined with ray tracing, resulting in almost photorealistic graphics at the time. Oh, and the loading times? You won't even notice them! Finally, even if this wasn't PlayStation exclusive, the PS5 version would be our choice because of how it uses DualSense. For example, subtle haptic feedback acts like a Spider-Sense, letting you know from which direction the attack is coming. Also, you'll feel the tension as you swing around the city, which significantly helps the immersion.

4. Demon's Souls (2020)

Demon's Souls is a massive upgrade of the original
What it is: Incredibly challenging third-person action game
PS5 exclusive: Yes
Similar great games on PS5: Elden Ring, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
DualSense support: Excellent
PS5 video game info

Demon Souls was one of the best PlayStation 3 exclusives, setting the standard for Dark Souls and Bloodborne series. Keeping up with the tradition, Demon's Souls remake is a PS5-only launch title, and it will likely stay that way for a while. The developer Bluepoint Games made the smart move by modifying gameplay, but only to make it more in line with the later Souls games. Still, this remains a challenging experience, as there are no difficulty levels. While the series lovers will enjoy that, if you are a beginner, know that you'll die many times before you start figuring things out.

Despite being a launch game, Demon's Souls still looks gorgeous on gaming TV. The title manages 4K@60 fps while making small sacrifices, but you can enjoy even better graphics at 30 fps. The only thing missing is ray tracing. While the DualSense usage is limited, it has a gameplay value since it will help you parry enemy attacks. Oh, and when you cast a spell, you'll feel it! 

3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

It's hard to believe that this is real-time gameplay but it is!
What it is: A third-person platformer shooter
PS5 exclusive: Yes
Similar great games on PS5: Crash Bandicoot 4
DualSense support: Excellent
PS5 video game info

If you've never played Ratchet & Clank, now is the perfect time to change that! This is a futuristic action platformer/third-person shooter series, and Rift Apart keeps up with the tradition. Rivet, Ratchet's female counterpart, is one of the most significant additions, both heroic and funny. The spectacular narrative associated with Pixar's animated hits and varied gameplay makes the game so enjoyable. The main characters have a massive defensive and offensive arsenal, giving you many options. The effect is even more pronounced thanks to detailed haptic feedback and the sound from the DualSense controller.

Rift Apart is a PS5-exclusive title that wouldn't be possible on PS4. Here we're talking about something other than the graphics, even though they are stunning, with ray tracing support at 60 fps. It's all about how the game uses its super quick SSD, as you can switch between parallel dimensions without breaking the immersion. While you'll probably complete the campaign in 20 hours, there is an additional challenge mode to enhance your weapons further and test your skills. It doesn't matter if this is your favorite genre - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the best showcase for the PS5.

2. Horizon Forbidden West

Gorgeous and fun, Horizon Forbidden West is a must
What it is: An epic open-world single-player action 
PS5 exclusive: No (Available on PS4)
Similar great games on PS5: The Witcher 3
DualSense support: Very good
PS5 video game info

While Horizon Forbidden West is also on PS4, the PS5 edition is an obvious choice. Despite being the most beautiful ps5 game, it provides a 4K@60 fps experience and fast loading times. Luckily, this isn't only a technical showpiece, as every other element is on a similar level. Yet, if you played the original, you'll notice that the developers haven't made radical changes.

Instead, there are plenty of subtle improvements making the gameplay better. Forbidden West is one of the best single-player experiences, telling a hard-hitting story that won't leave you indifferent. There's much to do here, yet you won't feel overwhelmed and lost. While you can enjoy this title without playing the previous one, we strongly recommend you experience the original!

1. God of War Ragnarök

More brutal challenges await you
What it is: A brutal action game with some RPG elements
PS5 exclusive: No (Available on PS4)
Similar great games on PS5: Assassin's Creed Valhalla
DualSense support: Excellent
PS5 video game info

Surprisingly, the God of War reboot didn't receive a PS5 re-release. Yet, that was smart since the team could focus on building a proper sequel for the platform. This title is already closing the Norse mythology chapter, but it does it in style! The stakes are higher this time since Kratos angered the gods who initiated the Ragnarök. Yet, our favorite bearded hero isn't afraid of anyone and still has his son Atreus beside him. Nevertheless, the boy is older now, helping his father more than ever.

As with every great sequel, Ragnarök improves the original without making any mistakes. While the combat remains familiar, it's undoubtedly enhanced. The weapons are now more diverse and even serve as tools to resolve simple puzzles. Yet, the epic boss fights remain the highlight, pushing you to the limit. While this is an open-world title, it's still pretty linear, so don't expect much exploration. Regardless, experience optional missions, as they are fun and will help you with upgrades. Despite being a cross-generation title, God of War: Ragnarök still looks thrilling, so you'll enjoy what it offers. While it's basically more of the same with some meaningful upgrades, this game is one of the reasons to buy PS5.

While not all of these top-rated PS5 games worth buying are for everyone, they perfectly represent the power of PS5 hardware, including its DualSense controller. Plus, you can earn money if you are good at some of them. However, much more importantly, they are all fun experiences, often implementing mechanics impossible on the previous console generation. We'll keep updating this list as new software keeps coming, including GTA 6!

What are some of your favorite PS5 titles? How vital is the DualSense controller to you? Leave us a comment below!

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Chains Says:

I've just finished Spider-Man, but I need a long break before trying Miles Morales. It looks too similar to me, as they basically share the same map.

March 20 at 05:25:03 PM

Seth WA Says:

I haven't played RPGs in years, but Tales of Arise looks very promising

June 20 at 02:50:38 PM

Mark398 Says:

Ratchet and Clank is my favorite, although I haven't played it for months, and now I feel lost, like I have to re-learn the game.

June 20 at 10:00:09 AM

Nando Says:

I still prefer Demon's Souls to Elden Ring, but maybe that's just my nostalgia speaking. I love Ratchet and Clank, Ghost of Tsushima and Astro's Playroom. I spent a lot of time playing GT7, but it's kind of disappointing.

June 10 at 10:07:21 AM

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