Top 10 Budapest, Hungary Secret Tips and Tricks

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-30 18:00:08

Seeing BudapestHungary, is an excellent opportunity to enjoy its architecture, and that's the first thing you'll hear about the city. This metropolis is well-known for its gorgeous buildings, basilicas, and even castles! However, all the cities have pros and cons that you mainly discover once you arrive, so you should read our ten tips to get around easier!

10. Going There By Car Is a Stressful Option

This video might help you learn the ropes!

If you asked a Hungarian if driving in Budapest is a challenge, they wouldn't say no – even drivers don't like coming by car because of the insane traffic. As it can get too complicated, we recommend an alternative, mainly because Budapest has excellent public transport!

Moreover, it's not like you can leave your car anywhere when you get out of it – you have to take care of where you're parking it as well! Unfortunately, parking isn't cheap in Budapest, and you might have trouble finding it. To avoid this whole stress, arrive by bus or plane because that's way less trouble!

9. Don't Choose Restaurants Randomly – the Prices Can Be Insanely Different

There are ways to eat cheap in Budapest, for real!

If there's one thing where you really need recommendations, that's the choice of restaurants where you'll eat while in Budapest. If you just sit anywhere because you're tired, there are chances you'll end up paying too much, while an eatery near that place is way cheaper. Prices are pretty random, so search for the cheapest ones in advance!

As a general tip, we recommend you to eat only Hungarian dishes since the local food is way more delicious than you can imagine. You'll enjoy discovering their cuisine, from the traditional beef goulash to sweets like kurtos kalacs. Furthermore, you don't have to pay way too much if you find the right places!

8. Don't Forget Your Bikini at Home, Even if It's Winter

Is Sparty your ideal type of party? You've found the right place!

The first thing you should know about Budapest is the popularity of Budapest thermal baths. Hence, it's surprising that some tourists are uninformed that they should bring their swimsuits! Of course, you can buy one if you forget yours at home, but don't hesitate to try the oldest and the best baths in Budapest!

Furthermore, you can even have the time of your life with other tourists that want to party in hot water. There are "sparties" all over the place, and people say they are as fascinating as they seem! Partying in Budapest is the easiest to find, but you'll probably enjoy the ones in thermal baths the most!

7. Ask Young People for Help – Only They Speak English

Learn some basics – it might help you or make you feel more familiar with the people there!

Don't be surprised if you reach out to a Hungarian citizen and they don't speak English – it's a regular thing for the older folks, so don't ask them for help. However, if you speak another language widely spoken in Europe, such as German, you'll be OK, since many people will know it way better than English!

Luckily, you'll also meet many young people on the streets, and they'll be very amicable and even happy to brush up on their English skills with you. Young people are everywhere around Budapest, so you probably won't have any uncomfortable experiences. Hence, feel free to ask around for directions and anything you need!

6. Make Sure to Validate Your Metro Ticket 

Here's how it all works!

In some countries, you can use public transport without validating the ticket. However, don't try that in Budapest if you're using the metro! If you look closely, you'll see people checking the tickets all the time, and you can buy one at any station, so do it before you take the ride. Don't try your luck with that, since you probably won't get lucky!

If you think you won't have to pay the penalty when caught without a ticket, forget about it. Hungarians are very strict regarding metro tickets, so don't play around and buy yours. Validate it because you surely want to avoid problems like this on your road trip!

5. Tram Is the Best Option, Though!

The public transport in Budapest is impressive!

Now that you've learned how the metro stations function, you should know that it's even better to get around by tram (or bus) since they're actually amazing! The trams in Budapest are very fast, not crowded (unlike the metro) and you won't wait for them too long!

Moreover, the rules for buses are basically the same – sometimes you won't have to validate your ticket. You definitely won't travel too long, so it's a great deal as well. Even if you buy a ticket every day, they're still cheap, so you won't have trouble affording it. It's the preferred way to get around in Budapest, for sure!

4. Skip Taxis If You Can, or Be Careful

Taxis are a scam, so don't let them fool you!

Budapest's biggest ripoff and scam are the taxi drivers trying to fool you because you're new in the city. Unfortunately, most drivers will use their chance to make you pay insane prices, so try to skip taxis in general. You've already read our tips on other public transport, so use those recommendations wisely.

However, if you really need a taxi and you don't have other options at the moment, look for those with a logo on the car. Ask for the price in advance, too. The best option is to call a taxi on your own since there are fewer chances that the driver won't use the taximeter. Stay careful if you really have to spend money on this type of transport!

3. You'll Need Hungarian Forints 

The city isn't too expensive, but you'll need forints!

When traveling, the first question for many people is – how much money do I need for this city? Even though you're in the European Union, Budapest currency is forints. Of course, you can pay in euros at several places around the city. Still, it's a ripoff, primarily because of the various rates!

Furthermore, there are places where you can't even pay in euros. This rule especially applies to shopping malls, where they literally accept only the Hungarian currency. Don't waste your time paying commission in exchange offices in shopping malls because you thought they accept euros. Get the forints on time!

2. Visit Fisherman's Bastion and the Parliament As Early As You Can

Budapest has many Instagrammable spots – take the pictures as early as possible!

Like every capital city with many tourists, Budapest has some famous places to visit, and you shouldn't avoid them. On the contrary, all these places are beloved for a reason, but popularity also brings massive crowds. Thus, you won't be able to enjoy the view.

The best examples of crowded places you should visit anyway are Fisherman's Bastion and the Parliament building. Your pictures at these locations will look fabulous - if there's no crowd behind you, of course! Moreover, the pictures are the prettiest early in the morning. Thus, visit these locations as early as possible to be satisfied with your photos and the view!

1. Staying in a Hostel in Budapest Is Actually Amazing

This place is gorgeous and affordable!

If you're used to traveling alone, you probably choose a hostel every time, since it's an opportunity to be in the city center and pay less. Furthermore, you'll even meet young folks that also came alone! That's a great thing in Budapest since you'll feel like you're in a hotel when it comes to the quality, even though it's way cheaper!

Luckily, Budapest is one of the best places in Europe for partying hard, so you'll definitely meet party animals in hostels and probably share a room with some of them. If you're adventurous, but even if you aren't, we recommend searching for some of the best hostels around the center – it will surely make your trip smooth!

We hope our tips will make your trip as pleasant as possible since facing minor troubles when traveling is perfectly fine. Still, the Internet is full of great recommendations! You'll enjoy Budapest anyway because its breathtaking architecture and delicious food will do the thing!

Did you already know these facts about Budapest? Do you know there is a Budapest in the USA too? Would you follow the rules or just go with the flow, not paying attention to tips? Let us know your preferences!

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