Top 10 Fascinating Coffee Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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Hannah White

Hannah White

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This warm drink with an enjoyable taste served as an inspiration to many famous artists and, over time, became an essential addition to many cultures around the world. Favored by many rulers throughout history, today, coffee has become one of the main synonyms for socialization. Therefore, these are some interesting facts about this drink, without which many could not imagine their day. 

10. Arabica Is Ranked by Place of Cultivation

Coffee preparation process!

What is the first thing you associate when someone mentions the word "coffee"? Most of us first think of a ready-made cup of coffee from the coffee machine. But did you know that the categorization of coffee preparation is much more complicated? 

One of the classifications of arabica is according to the altitude at which it was grown. The designation for coffee grown at an altitude of 1300 (4265 feet) to 2000 meters (6562 feet) is SHB (strictly hard bean), while the designation HB is for an altitude of 1200 to 1300 meters. The higher the height, the better the quality of the coffee. This is because they are closer to the sun at high altitudes and the plants grow more slowly. Therefore, it increases the firmness of the beans.

9. Beer or Not to Beer

Both drinks are phenomenal. Which do you prefer more?

Although the "coffee bean" refers to something bony, did you know that the bean is actually the stone or seed of a cherry-like berry that grows on the bushy coffee tree? So before coffee became available to the extent that it is today, people used beer as an accompanying drink with breakfast.

The reason for that is the remarkable similarity between them. Both noble drinks contain caramel, helping with relaxation and concentration. Furthermore, there are even beers that contain coffee beans in them. That magical smell of the drink entices us, offers us the possibility to relax with its pleasant taste, and is often synonymous with an invitation to hang out with friends.

8. The Most Expensive Coffee and How It Is Obtained

Would you dare to try it?

Coffee is very affordable now, but some types remain expensive. The most pricey among them is Kopi Luwak, which comes from the excrement of an animal called a civet. Kopi Luwak is not the name of a type of coffee but the name of the way it is obtained. The Indonesian method to acquire this coffee involves fermentation, which in this case, goes through the stomach of this small animal. 

After that, beans are cleaned and sold raw at an incredible price of almost $3,000 per kilogram. Civets are cat-like animals with slender bodies, pointed snouts, and sharp claws. They secrete a liquid with an intense smell from the anal glands. 

7. In Japan, You Can Swim in Coffee

The beauty of Hakone!

Hakone-Yumoto is a city near Tokyo with a vibrant culture. It has a rich history as a hot springs district that entices its visitors. Therefore, they can try out the hot springs, stay at hotels, and enjoy shopping at the rows of stores. The spa in Hakone, Japan, is one of the favorite destinations for visitors.

This place has special programs allowing users to bathe in pools filled with liquids such as wine, chocolate, green tea, and coffee. Bathers can have coffee poured on them for about $27. Would you also try something like this?

6. Americans Drink the Most Coffee

These are some benefits of drinking coffee

Americans drink about 450 million cups of coffee daily, followed by the French and the Germans. These three countries consume about 65 percent of the world's coffee. Yet, if we were to look at coffee consumption per person, the Finns are absolute champions! Their average is about 10 kilograms of coffee yearly.

Coffee is an absolute little joy, especially in the morning. How much it makes us happy is shown by a study that concluded that coffee consumption has a positive effect on women, reducing depression tendencies and suicidal intentions.

5. Through History With a Cup in Hand

Coffee history

Coffee came from Ethiopia and spread quickly. First, it circulated in Africa, then it was strongly loved by the Turks before becoming attractive in the Venetian market and so crucial in Venice. Although they are known for drinking tea, the English have warmly embraced drinking coffee. In contrast, Germans accepted it slowly because beer was the first choice. 

This drink arrived in America at the end of the 17th century when the colonists brought it. Espresso coffee as we know it today has existed since the early 20th century in Italy when the first espresso coffee machine was made. Since then, a unique attitude towards drinking coffee and enjoying this ritual has been developing in Italy.

4. The Two Oldest Cats in the World Drank Coffee Every Day

Aww, so cute! xD

Cats have always been considered deities and protectors in ancient Egypt. Therefore, these beautiful animals enjoyed certain privileges. And did you know that the oldest cats ever drank coffee every day?

Namely, the record holder was Cream Puff, who lived for 38 years and died in 2005. Her owner, Jake Perry, fed his cat coffee, bacon, eggs, and broccoli every morning. This is especially interesting because Perry already owned a record holder in longevity. He fed his previous cat the same ingredients, and she lived for 34 years.

3. Coffee Is a Good "Ally" When Buying a Perfume

Benefits of coffee

Although coffee has many benefits, such as alertness and improving our mood, did you know that it can clean our noses of other smells? Of course, this could be helpful in many situations.

Namely, a bag of roasted coffee can be practical if you go shopping for perfume. Breathe in the smell of coffee between sniffs of perfume, and it will "cleanse" your nose of the previous smell. 

2. Coffee Is Actually a Fruit

Is it?

The first association when someone mentions coffee is a warm energy drink, but did you know it is actually a fruit? Although the "coffee bean" suggests something bony, the bean is actually the stone or seed of a cherry-like berry that grows on the bushy coffee tree. Then a drink is obtained through further processing and processing.

The next time someone suggests you eat more fruit, feel free to say that you already had some that morning. It helps you stay focused and concentrated even after a long exhausting day. 

1. Coffee Has Often Served As a Source of Inspiration for Artists

Balzac in his natural habitat

This warm drink with a delightful taste inspired many artists and was also popular with many rulers throughout history. Johann S. Bach was so captivated by the smell and taste of this drink that he dedicated one of his cantatas to coffee.

Unlike him, Honoré de Balzac - one of the most famous writers of French realism - drank over 50 cups daily. He loved coffee so much that he even consumed 50,000 cups while creating his work "Human Comedy." 

After all these top ten facts about coffee, we hope you learned something new. Although it is healthy, it also has negative consequences if you overdo it. Thus, your body will be thankful if you skip it sometimes. Yet, even the healthiest things are dangerous if abused.

 Do you like coffee? Which type is your favorite? We hope you found it interesting to learn something new about this drink. Please write us your opinion in the comments!

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