Top 10 Animals That Drink And Do Drugs In the Wild

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-05-15 06:00:05

We all know of a large problem of drug addicts and drug abuse among people. However, humans are not alone in this practice, as animals like to get high as well. Almost all of us have seen cats and dogs under the influence of alcohol. They are hilarious, we have to agree about that! To the pets, a drink is often easy to access, so what about the wild animals? Do they get high or drunk? We have to confirm, yes, they do! So, let's see how animals get drunk and high on their own in our top ten.

10. Drunken Elephants

These giants often get help from fermented marula fruit to be such happy elephants (video:

The large mammals have often been seen eating fermented marula fruit and getting tipsy. However, there have been rumors that the elephants got drunk on it and went on a rampage. Yet, this isn't true because they can't consume the amount of fruit necessary to become intoxicated.

However, it has been known that the elephants have gotten drunk around people because they found a large amount of booze and drink it. Still, in the wild, it's not possible to get so wasted.

9. Caterpillars Getting High

Caterpillar eating a leaf
Caterpillars are the main problem for the illegal coke plantations (photo: 631372/

We have some demoralizing info for the drug lords, as the caterpillars can make them go bankrupt. Just kidding a bit, yet there's some truth in it. The Eloria Noyesi moth is a caterpillar that lives in Peru and Colombia. Many animals avoid the coca plant cause it makes them ill or can even cause death. 

However, not the caterpillars, as they eat around 50 coca leaves daily (the main ingredient of cocaine). Hence we can call them the biggest coca abuser and the most significant threat to illegal cocaine production, maybe more significant than DEA. Some researchers have discovered that caterpillars and silkworms are resistant to the drug.

8. Bats Like To Drink

A bat hanging upside down
Bats like their booze (photo: Morchfotobysmallerslev/

Bats have a bad reputation regarding the viruses they are spreading. Still, they are interesting for one more reason, as they like to get drunk. Moreover, the bats in Central and South America are quite lush, as they gorge on fermented fruits and can hold up to 0.8 alcohol in their bodies and fly safely.

However, their Egyptian cousins can't hold their liquor quite well because they have been crashing with a lot less alcohol. The scientists have concluded that the Egyptian bats have fewer fermented fruits at their disposal, so they haven't developed the tolerance.

7. Drunken Songbirds

Songbirds are the worst alcoholics, as they drink and fly (video:

We all know the rule: don't drink and drive. How about don't drink and fly? Well, for the next one on our list, it would surely be wise to do so. At one moment, there was a big issue with dead songbirds in Vienna, Austria. Many dead songbirds have been found in the city, so it concerned the officials (the bird flu was a large issue at the time). 

After studying the new phenomenon of killed birds, the scientists concluded that the birds weren't infected but drunk. Moreover, their liver looked like they were chronic alcoholics! The songbirds have eaten many fermented rotten berries before flying into the buildings causing death by breaking their necks.

6. Jaguars Getting Stoned

Jaguars are magnificent animals, and they like to do some recreational drugs (video:

In the Amazon rainforest, the strange behavior of the jaguars has been noticed. Later on, it was discovered that this came after they gorged on the yage vine plant. The plant is well-known for its hallucinogenic effects, and these wild cats like it very much.

There were some opposite opinions regarding how stoned and trippy they get after consuming the yage plant. One is that they use it just as a digestive, and the other is that they get high. In any case, we can agree that the jaguars love their yage vine and afterward behave strangely.

5. Reindeers Getting High

Check out the badass reindeers getting high on the magic shrooms (video:

Reindeers love their shrooms, and some people can agree with them. Moreover, in Alaska, they get high and share, or should we say recycle the shrooms? Not kidding! The collective shrooms abuse begins with a front-runner, a reindeer who eats poisonous hallucinogenic mushrooms. The toxic is partially used, and the rest is flushed out by urine. However, the urine itself contains high amounts of psychoactive compounds and is used for the next one to get high. Even people have collected the reindeer's urine for the same purpose. 

Still, reindeer's figured it out and started to consume it themselves. The favorite drug of choice is Amanita muscaria mushroom. Nevertheless, we need to tell you that this circle of consuming shrooms and urine is not so common nowadays among people, but the reindeer does it often. Moreover, they are massive addicts, as they get frolic.

4. Pen-tailed Tree Shrew 

Shrew might be a small animal but don't be fooled, as it's a big drunk (video:

In Malaysia lives the biggest drunk in the animal world, a small pen-tailed tree shrew. Although very small, this animal can outrun the biggest drunk among the people. Alcohol of their choice is nectar accumulated in the flower buds of bertam palm. Moreover, we have animals that get drunk on seasonal fruit. 

Yet, the shrew has picked out a source of alcohol available all year round. The nectar can have up to 3.8 percent alcohol. Apparently, the shrews have developed some sort of alcohol resistance as they can handle a large amount of it.

3. Monkeys - Thieves and Drunks

Check out these little buggers in action! Heavy drinkers of St. Kitts (video:

The Caribbean island of St. Kitts looks like a paradise with white sandy beaches and a beautiful turquoise sea, but every paradise has its imposter. In this case, the phonies are Green Vervet, or should we say drunk monkeys?

Monkeys have been hooked on the booze for quite some time. Firstly they started by stealing fermented sugar cane from the rum factories. Still, with the modernized production of rum and the limited source, the little drunks came upon another liquor source – tourists. With time, tourism was booming, and the tourists enjoyed sipping their cocktails. Hence, the little buggers decided to help themselves with a glass or two. They are so hooked up that you can count on your drink being stolen by the monkeys!

2. Lemurs Get Stoned

You'll enjoy watching lemurs getting stoned. They are so cute (video:

The cute lemurs at Madagascar have found a way to pass the time, as they are getting high on millipedes. Catching and chewing (or rather gently biting) millipedes to get the psychedelic toxin, including cyanide, is the most fun they have during the day. 

They rub the poison and the saliva on their fur to protect themselves from the insects, but they have more fun than expected as they get stoned. However, we have to say that in this story, no animals were harmed! The lemurs get high, and the millipedes usually escape unharmed.

1. Wallabies Getting High As a Kite

Wallaby in nature
Getting stoned on poppy seeds is among favorite activities for cute wallabies (photo: MabelAmber/

These cute loveable kangaroo-like creatures can get high as a kite! Australia is the most significant legal manufacturer of poppy seeds used in medicine to produce painkillers and opium. However, the poppy farmers have reported illegal trespassing of wallabies into the fields, getting high.

The joyful animals get stoned and run around in a circle producing considerable damage on the plantations until they pass out. This is a big issue in Australia and an even larger problem in Tasmania. However, we need to point out that high wallabies are not aggressive but rather cheerful.

As you can see on our top ten, these animals are very resourceful when they wish to get drunk and high. Some of them are not so noble at it, and they tend to get aggressive.

Did you know about these misfits and outlaws in the animal kingdom? Have you ever seen a drunk or high animal? Write to us in the comment section below, as we would like to hear about your experiences.

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