Top 10 Way to Adopt Healthier Habits and Lose Weight

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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Many people have weight problems, as it has become one of the significant issues of modern living. Way back, our ancestors haven't got as much processed food available to them, or any considerable quantity of food whatsoever. It's quite hard to resist the tasty and not so healthy food when it's tempting you from every corner. It's easy to be hooked on sugar, fried food, snacks, and whatnot, but how to lose pounds and adopt healthy habits that will even help you look younger? Well, check out our easy top ten tips and slowly implement them.

10. Cut the Sugar

Various cakes on the table
Slowly cut down the sugar, and you'll see the results in few weeks (Photo: photosforyou/

As sugar is in almost all of our favorite sweets, desserts, and drinks, this one is hard! However, there's a trick to it, and many say it's efficient and easy. You just need to cut the sweets to one favorite piece and consume it at the same time every day. So, eat it in the afternoon and not before bedtime, as that's incredibly unhealthy.

Secondly, cut the sodas and sweet coffee, replacing them with healthy drinks. Okay, we are aware that all of us know this and that it's nothing new. However, just try that for a couple of days, slowly cutting down the sugar portions, as you will get rid of it completely in a few weeks with a bit of effort.

9. Cut the Pastries Out

Whole grain bread
Whole grain bread is a smartly chosen carb, but remember it's not calorie-free (Photo: congerdesign/

This one is also hard! In the beginning, just cut the portions bit by bit, as you'll see the results in time. After that, try choosing healthier options such as full-grain bread or rice. After you accomplish these two milestones, slowly cut your dinner's carbs and don't shock your body. Do it in a few days.

Moreover, try to consume most of the carbs before noon, as they are perfect for breakfast! Instead of buying a sandwich, try some almonds or fruit during the day if you're hungry.

8. Cut the Fat

Deep fried food with a sallad
Deep-fried food is tasty! Still, it's quite unhealthy (Photo: Shutterbug75/

First of all, make an effort to avoid deep-fried food, as it has the most unhealthy fat possible. Then try to replace the high-fat products with ones with less fat. We know they are not so tasty and delicious, but for starters, just mix them up until you get used to the low-fat ones.

For example, you can eat more low-fat mozzarella or fresh cheese with lower fat and lower calories percentage. It's hard to do so, but in time you'll get there, as you just need a bit of effort and discipline!

7. Drink Water

Pouring tap water in a glass
Try to drink as much water as you can (Photo: com77380/

Yes, we all know this one, but how much water do you actually drink during the day? In the beginning, just try to measure it and increase it to eight cups a day, and we mean water, not sodas!

Moreover, when you feel peckish, firstly take a cup of water, as maybe you are thirsty since these two are often mixed. This is very important, as when you increase the water intake, your cravings for sugar and food will be toned down a bit. Hence, as the days go by, you'll get used to your eight cups a day, as less will leave you thirsty.

6. Eat Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

A broccoli
Remember your mother's or grandmother's words and for God's sake, eat some vegetables (Photo: Shutterbug75/

As for vegetables, they are the healthiest food! Most of the nutritionists will tell you that you can eat them raw as much as you wish. So, feeling peckish? Eat some carrots or celery sticks, as you'll get to love them at some point!

As the fruit goes, you need to watch for the fructose in it, so you can't eat as much as you wish. Also, as with sugar, don't eat it before bedtime. Of course, it's better to consume apples than bananas since they have fewer calories. This is despite bananas being one of the healthiest yellow fruits.  

5. Timing Is Everything

Perfect timing is everything (Photo: anncapictures/

You hate breakfast, and you can't go to bed hungry; we can understand that! So what to do? Okay, make yourself eat breakfast, at least within two hours after you wake up. Don't force yourself with a large one, and instead eat fruit, a slice of bread, and some dairy product, something that suits you.

Ensure that you eat lunch five to six hours after breakfast, and choose a salad or a cooked meal instead of burgers. The dinner must be five to six hours after lunch and at least two hours before bedtime. Moreover, choose something light for supper, avoiding the carbs as much as possible. Therefore if you stick with some timeline for the meals, you'll avoid getting too hungry and overeating.

4. Exercise

A woman exercising outdoors
Start walking, then slowly add some more exercises to your routine (Photo: TimHill/

Yes, we know, if you have wished to hit the gym, you wouldn't read this article. However, we don't think that you should start running a marathon! For starters, just get up, go outside, make yourself a plan, and stick with it! Begin with at least half an hour of walking, and repeat it for five to six days a week. 

You can walk a part of the way to the office or the grocery store, something easy to fit into your daily activities. Moreover, set some goals, and increase them as the weeks pass by, as you might get to the part when you want to hit the gym or start running. And don't forget, exercising is also great for your mind.

3. Be Active During the Day

Nature during a sunny day
Soak up the sun as much as you can (Photo: TimHill/

This one is important because of vitamin D. It's essential for your health, and the supplements are not enough, as you need the sun for the body to process them. 

The easiest way to achieve this is to do your walk during the day, or you can sit outside in the sun and drink coffee. However, don't forget the sunscreen, as while you need sunlight, we can't ignore the harmful UV rays.

2. Stress Control and Sleep

A baby sleeping
Try to get some routine in your sleeping habits (Photo: TawnyNina/

This one seems impossible to many! How can we reduce stress if we can't at least eat sugar? Well, it's possible to try to find something that relaxes you and don't rely on sugar to be the only thrill in your life. You can enjoy books, movies, walking, or try punching the boxing bag Mike Tyson style - that should do it! 

Furthermore, we have suggested slowly cutting down on everything to avoid stress and let your body get used to the new way of living.

Sleep well, which might be hard, but we can make an effort to get up at the same time each day and go to bed earlier.

1. Try To Eat at Home

Preparing food with a knife
Eat at home as much as possible (Photo: TimHill/

There are so many online recipes for easy and healthy meals. For starters, just try to eat dinner or breakfast at home, and bring a healthy snack like an apple with you. Try to prepare some food during the weekend at home instead of going out to eat.

This is crucial because you can control what you eat and how many calories you enter into your body during the day. You can never know what you eat when you don't prepare the meal by yourself.

To conclude our top ten list, slowly make new habits, eat the right foods and cut the old ones. Take your time, don't be too strict with yourself, and don't set up some overambitious goals in a short time. After all, we bet you didn't gain all the weight in a few weeks. Hence, it's much healthier and stress-free to take baby steps. You'll get there, and on the way, you'll acquire some healthy habits. And one more thing, treat yourself once a week with one meal of your choosing, as it will make the process much more comfortable!

Have you ever had a weight problem? How did you resolve it? Please write to us in the comment section as we are eager to hear about your experience. 

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