Top 10 Times We Could Totally Relate to Olivia Rodrigo on Her Debut Album "Sour"

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Today's generations are so into the Olivia Rodrigo hype that they "wish they had her at 15" (we definitely had some iconic artists before her, though). Actually, we think everybody can understand that, at least for her direct rage and bitterness expressed through her debut album "Sour." Therefore, it's obvious that the young lady found the right time for such a release. You'll see how much her story actually resonates with you when you check these top ten lyrics from the album "Sour!"

10. "I Just Can't Imagine How You Could Be So OK Now That I'm Gone"

Showing your truth takes you to the stars, as Rodrigo proves it here

So, let's kick off the list a bit basic – with that one smash hit that skyrocketed Rodrigo to absolute fame and wealth. The lyric we excerpted here is way too selfish but isn't it the exact way how you feel after someone moves on so quickly? The song resonated with way too many people, and that's the reason why it topped the charts!

If you're wondering what's the best thing about these lyrics, remember that "way too selfish" moment we mentioned. Notice that Rodrigo makes us accept our flaws and be honest with ourselves! She's frustrated, lonely, and she can't believe her lover is so unbothered. Isn't it natural that this is one of the best albums in 2021?

9. "You Look Happy and Healthy, Not Me / If You Ever Cared to Ask"

If you thought nothing can outdo "drivers license," you haven't heard "good 4 u"

Rock is not dead, and the versatile queen Rodrigo brought it back on "good 4 u," staying on charts for weeks and weeks, not letting anyone else have a number one hit! The sound got us all so hooked, but it's not the only reason we love it. This song couldn't be more relatable to anyone who is "too emotional," while their ex couldn't care less!

Just like on "drivers license," Olivia doesn't have a problem with confessing. She says she spent many nights "Crying on her bathroom floor," while the other person acted like a sociopath with no feelings. The way she says, "God, I wish that I could do that," sounds so upset and realistic that it gets us every time!

8. "Do You Love Me, Want Me, Hate Me? / Boy, I Don't Understand"

Swift influenced this song so much that it feels like it's hers

Sampling Taylor Swift's "New Year's Day" sounds like making a happy song about serenity and love found in one person. Nonetheless, when you see Rodrigo's album title, there's no doubt that all the songs here awaken the "sour" in you! This time, Olivia portrayed the "double-sided" destructive relationship, and we hope you can't relate.

Anyway, if you do relate, you probably loved a sociopath who displayed a different version of themselves every day so much that you couldn't even recognize them. Olivia also plays with the phrase "one steps forward, two steps back" and actually names the song "three steps back" to show how bad it was. We're sorry, girl!

7. "I Say That I Hate You With a Smile on My Face"

This one has to be one of the saddest off the record

If you relate to the song "favorite crime," you live on the edge, or you loved a "bad boy" type that treated you as if he was a criminal and you were their victim. We hope you know that Rodrigo became pretty masochistic on this one, as she says she kind of enjoyed that fierce love!

After all, "It's bittersweet to think about the damage that we'd do / 'Cause I was goin' down, but I was doin' it with you," says the whole point here. Liv knew she wasn't doing right but refused help and enjoyed it anyway. To be honest, we all broke our rules for someone…

6. "I Bet She's Braggin' to All Her Friends, Sayin' You're So Unique"

No, you're not unique in your new relationship – if it's real, you're just the own version of yourself

This singer could sweep the Grammys for one lyric only and for the entire quality of her beloved single "deja vu!" Besides a catchy but straightforward beat, this song got us hooked for its honesty, as Rodrigo holds nothing back in "shading" her ex. She's watching his new relationship from a distance and having the last laugh because she knows more than he thinks!

Moreover, when Rodrigo says, "She thinks it's special, but it's all reused," we've all been "her" here, and we actually tried both sides. We were all played by someone who tried to showcase themselves as "rare and different" for their new relationship, and we all reinvented ourselves to conquer a heart. After the whole play, every one of us is the same; it's just a different person by your side.

5. "So Find Someone Great, But Don't Find No One Better"

If you don't dare say that, Rodrigo will do that for you in this song!

Seeing your ex happier with someone else is a recurring theme in many songs. So, Rodrigo just followed the path that Ed Sheeran (and many other artists) paved with the song of the same title. However, the way she delivers her story catches your attention and makes it authentic. "I'm selfish, I know, I can't let you go" is so genuine that other musicians wouldn't go that far!

Luckily, Olivia is actually "happier" in life now that she's released this record, so we guess her ex's satisfaction doesn't play the role right now! Nevertheless, we know no one would like to see their loved one better off without them. It hurts our ego, and no one can take that feeling.

4. "Now I Don't Want Your Sympathy / I Just Want Myself Back"

She'll get herself back, and if you can relate to her story, we know you'll make it, too!

At this point, Rodrigo became everyone's therapist! Her heartbreaking lyrics "enough for you" couldn't be more accurate because we all tried too hard for people that never thought we were enough for them. "I wore makeup when we dated 'cause I thought you'd like me more if I looked like the other prom queens" resembles all the things you do to make someone like you in just one simple sentence!

The most crucial thing in the whole story is to recognize that what Olivia did was wrong, and she admits that. If you're wondering what tomorrow brings and if one day you won't feel like that anymore, just remember the lyric "Someday, I'll be everything to somebody else." You have to believe it!

3. "I Kinda Wanna Throw My Phone Across the Room / 'Cause All I See Are Girls Too Good to Be True"

This one is already everyone's favorite from the album, and the lyrics show why

This lyric couldn't get more relatable, and then Rodrigo sang "With paper-white teeth and perfect bodies" afterward… So we understood it even better! Some girls are way too pretty to be real, and we see that on social media and in public all the time. As a consequence, it kind of hurts our feelings, just like Rodrigo sings.

To be honest, we all "Wish we didn't care," just like Olivia does. Still, she confesses that every now and then, as it's impossible to run away from that "jealousy." After all, she just expressed a natural feeling everyone has since there's no point hiding it. We're all a bit jealous, and it's OK, so relax!

2. "And They'd All Be So Disappointed / 'Cause Who Am I If Not Exploited?"

People like her for the biggest album hits, but they love her for this song

Without any doubt, the best song on this album is the opening track, "brutal," which absolutely resembles its title. It's pretty unbelievable that a girl that was almost a minor when she wrote this could sound so realistic. Still, the "'Cause who am I if not exploited?" part is so iconic that everyone should agree!

"And I'm so tired that I might quit my job, start a new life" is the lyric that precedes "And they'd all be so disappointed." Honestly, that's the only truth the artist could spill in her song about the cruelty of the adult world. When you grow up and have responsibilities, you're supposed to stick with them for the rest of your life. Rodrigo is already "sick of 17," and we fully understand her!

1. "All I did Was Try My Best / This the Kinda Thanks I Get? "And the Entire Song "Brutal"

"Sour Prom" is one of the most exciting ways to promote an album, and it's even short and fun!

No doubt that Olivia Rodrigo gave her whole heart to this project. After that, she obviously got a huge "thanks" from the public, as the album got thousands of positive reviews and an astonishing Metascore! Nevertheless, this young lady has just touched fame, so her frustrating "This the kinda thanks I get?" doesn't have anything to do with popularity!

Rodrigo is talking here about the boredom of daily chores, trying your best and not succeeding, giving your all without anyone noticing and praising it. We've all been there, so no one could lie about this one not being relatable. Two iconic lines from "brutal" on this list are literally the bare minimum, so we highly recommend you hear the whole song, vibe to it, and feel it to the bone! It surely deserves the top spot on our top ten list!

"Sour" is an emotional journey that we all went through in 2021, the year of the pandemic, and Olivia Rodrigo knew how to catch the right moment for fame and success. We indeed wish her the best of luck in the future and hope she'll keep on being relatable and realistic!

What is your favorite "Sour" song and lyric? Do you think Olivia is overhyped?

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