Top 10 Underdog Teams To Lead to Glory in FIFA 22 Career Mode

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-08-16 07:15:03

While it feels like the FIFA series is now all about Ultimate Team and microtransactions, Career Mode is still a popular choice. After much pressure from gamers, EA Sports had to improve it, so it looks rather exciting in FIFA 22. However, with over 30 leagues available, it's hard to pick the right team. Of course, you can go with Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, or some other usual favorites. Still, it's even more fun to take charge of some obscure clubs or those that have fallen from grace. Reaching the top with them might be a monumental but incredibly exciting task. So here is our top ten list of most fun underdogs to lead in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

10. A.C. Monza

Boateng and Balotelli already left, but you can sign some other big names for A.C. Monza

In 2018, Silvio Berlusconi bought A.C. Monza, promising he would turn it into a respected Serie A team. Before him, the club had struggled throughout its history and was refounded twice. However, things started to change with Berlusconi and his sidekick Adriano Galliani. In 2020, Monza returned to Serie B, and in 2021, it narrowly missed its Serie A debut.

In the 2021/22 season, the club was once more a favorite for promotion, but unfortunately, Serie B has been out of the FIFA series since FIFA 21. Still, you can use Monza in Career Mode by swapping it instead of some other Serie A club. The challenge here is obvious, as you'll lead one of the worst teams in the league, with only a few above-average players. Things are even more complicated since Mario Balotelli and Kevin-Prince Boateng left the team in the summer of 2021. Can you survive the first season and then steadily make it to the top? Berlusconi's money may undoubtedly help!

9. Inter Miami CF

Learn more about how Inter Miami came to be

Founded in 2018, Inter Miami is another club with heavy involvement by David Beckham. The English icon is both owner and president of the organization, which had a pretty disappointing first season. Also, there are legal issues with Inter Milan, which wants Inter Miami to change its name. To be honest, we can see how many people could think that these clubs are connected.

This team is solid, featuring some aging but still quality players, including Gonzalo Higuaín or Blaise Matuidi. With a substantial budget, you can make plenty of changes and even attract some European talent. Maybe you can even gather some other former top stars and build a team ready to win it all? Just make sure you improve defense which is the worst part of the team! Inter Miami as an excellent choice for EA Sports FC 24 too, but for totally different reasons!

8. Türkgücü Munich

Türkgücü Munich became one of the most successful immigrant clubs in the world

The name of this German third-division club suggests that it favors Turkish players, but currently, only a few of them play for it! Initially, this was an amateur club run by Turkish immigrants, but things changed soon. In 1983, only eight years after its founding, Türkgücü Munich transferred into the hands of a wealthy Turkish businessman. Unfortunately, the team had many ups and downs, but since 2009-10, it has continually improved. Since then, they got promoted four times, finally arriving at a fully professional level.

Türkgücü Munich is far from the best team in the 3. Liga and the current players don't have much potential, with a few reaching 70+ overall. This means that you'll have to work extra hard in the transfer market, finding young and cheap talent. Since the budget is also minimal, reaching the Bundesliga will take a lot of effort. Unfortunately, the club went bankrupt during the season, so we won't see it in FIFA 23.

7. Salford City F.C. 

All about Salford City and its meteoric rise

Not unlike Türkgücü Munich, Salford City rapidly improved in a decade, aiming even higher. In 2007-08 the club played in the 9th tier before achieving multiple promotions and reaching League Two in 2019. Their 2020-21 season was the best in history, as they finished eight. Currently, the club is on a mission to reach the Championship this decade, which looks pretty realistic. This is because of Project 92 Limited backing, run by Manchester United Legends. This includes David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, and Paul Scholes.

As an average League 2 team, Salford has an extensive but limited quality roster, with only a few players showing promising potential. With a solid transfer budget, you have a lot of space to buy young talents and give them a chance from day one. Take your first year to build a team, and it might be enough to win consecutive promotions and maybe a deep run in FA and League cups.

6. Leeds United

Bielsa makes Leeds perform better than anyone expected

Leeds United somehow went from Champions League semi-final in 2001 to relegation into League One in 2007. Only in 2020, the multiple English champions came back to the Premier League, finishing in a superb 9th position. However, Leeds still needs a push to challenge the title and reach a place in European competition.

While the budget is limited, the team already has many high-class footballers, including Diego Llorente, Kalvin Phillips, Raphina, and Patrick Bamford. Even better, you have tons of talented youngsters with 80+ potential, so use them. If you feel adventurous, give them a priority in your first season. That might hurt you at first, but it's a long-term win!

5. Paris FC

Paris FC has beautiful stadium, but it's not in FIFA 22

If Inter Miami confused you, then what to say about Paris FC? The club was founded in 1969, only to merge with Stade Saint-Germain and form Paris Saint-Germain. However, two years later, Paris FC once again became a separate entity, keeping its professional status. Nevertheless, the team has been out of Ligue 1 for more than three decades and stays in the shadow of PSG.

With investments from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Paris FC had a fantastic season, reaching the Ligue 2 playoffs. Picking them up in FIFA 22 career mode means you'll have to aim for promotion from the start while trying to improve the roster, which lacks top talent. A decent budget might help, but you'll still have to make serious compromises and even give some very young players a chance. Just not getting sacked in your first season might be a monumental task!

4. UD Ibiza

There's plenty of reasons for UD Ibiza to party!

What's more exciting than changing the image of Ibiza, which is both great and notorious at the same time? While it will forever be associated with summer vacation and wild parties, UD Ibiza can put some sense to it. The club founded in 2015 has shown impressive form earning a promotion every two seasons. UD Ibiza makes a debut in FIFA 22, and it's going to be a lot of work trying to build its reputation.

As expected, there aren't many stars on this team, with only a few internationals. This is another club you'll need to consolidate in your first season before attempting to reach La Liga and take on the big boys. Since the club's ambitions are relatively modest, you'll feel no pressure in your first season if you stay away from the relegation zone. Make history with a team that is only starting to write it!

3. 1. FC Kaiserslautern

Fascinating story about a club that is a fallen giant

1. FC Kaiserslautern is one of the weirdest teams in world football. As a newly promoted organization, they won Bundesliga in 1998, becoming the only German team to do so. However, the cursed team is constantly sinking despite multiple league and cup titles. Leading such a team back to the top division requires a massive reconstruction with a limited budget.

Basically, you have average players with modest potential, so you'll have to use youth academy and scouting. Finally, even free transfer opportunities shouldn't be missed. While it's a lot of work, you'll enjoy watching your team develop into the powerhouse it once was.

2. Wrexham

There's some Hollywood magic now in Wrexham!

Only five teams from Wales play in English leagues, and Wrexham is arguably the second worst, after Merthyr Town. The club never reached the second tier, unlike Swansea, Cardiff City, or Newport County. However, they did achieve the quarter-final of Cup Winner's Cup in 1976. In 2021-22 Wrexham played in the National League, the fifth tier in the English League system. While the National League is not in FIFA 22, you can inject Wrexham into League Two and take them to the top.

The team is even more interesting because it's owned by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. While you won't see them in the game, you'll feel their influence, as the club has a decent budget for such a lowly side. Even winning League Two in your first season should be challenging, with further promotions even harder. You'll need at least three seasons to reach the Premier League, using every transfer window to make your team competitive.

1. Create a Club

One of the most exciting things to hit the FIFA series!

Honestly, what could be more exciting than forming a new club and taking it to the top? That is finally possible in the FIFA series, and it's pretty detailed too. The customization options are better than expected, so you can design kits and badges. Furthermore, we can finally build stadiums! Even better, you can improve them over time as you progress from lower leagues.

Of course, this is the most demanding and time-consuming option, but it gives you freedom like you never had in FIFA. Pro Evolution Soccer had that much earlier in their Master League, but EA Sports took it to a much higher level. England's League Two seems like the best place for your new club, but you can make a different decision!

Taking charge of any of these top ten teams represents a massive challenge. Still, they all have very different stories, rosters, and ambitions. As Career Mode is very time-consuming, make sure to pick the one that suits you the best. Creating your club and taking it to the top takes much more than making Leeds United a title contender!

How much do you play Career Mode in the FIFA series? Will you use any of our suggestions or some other team, and why?



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Deacon Blue Says:

I love career mode, but I don't play it every year as the improvements are minor. Unfortunately, FIFA 23 won't change that.

August 05 at 01:54:23 PM

LeonSW Says:

I always thought that Inter Miami is like a branch of Inter Milan, but it's not. I guess a lot of people still think they are connected. I never played MLS career mode, but the league system does look interesting.

June 28 at 01:13:26 PM

Dylan98 Says:

I mostly played with Southampton in FIFA 22, it takes a lot of effort to make them among the best team in the Premier League. Only a few players have close to 80 OVR rating.

June 21 at 08:39:35 AM

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