Top 10 Taylor Swift Albums in Order of Greatness

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-19 12:57:05

Taylor Swift is the name that everyone pronounces in the same way – with divine respect. This woman is already as influential as most of the idols our parents or grandparents admired, and to live at the same time as her is a privilege. She’s also a productive artist who already has a lot of full albums made with love, dedication, and high quality. Enough albums to make a top ten list of Taylor Swift albums in order of greatness.

10. “Taylor Swift”

Not many people can say their debut single is this good indeed
Best music video: “Our Song”
The song that should’ve got a music video: “A Place in This World”
Hidden gem: “Stay Beautiful”
Fan favorite: “Should’ve Said No”

From the gorgeous “Tim McGraw” to the playful “Our Song,” Miss Swift had a glorious debut for her age, genre, and everything she could deliver at that time. It’s impressive proof that she’s always been an excellent songwriter and storyteller, and she only became better with time. That’s why her debut stays at the bottom – not because it’s bad!

Moreover, it’s incredible how Swift named this one after herself, letting the world know that the next sensation is coming, and you should know her name. It’s also a perfect work of art that shows who she indeed is – she’s a reflective, delicate, emotional human being with a lot to say and a lot of talent to deliver.

9. “Fearless” (Taylor’s Version)

“Love Story” walked so “Bridgerton” could run – the aesthetic is exceptional!
Best music video: “Love Story”
The song that should’ve got a music video: “Forever & Always”
Hidden gem: “The Other Side of the Door”
Fan favorite: “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

If the album that gave us “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” is the second “worst” you’ll see on the list, then you know that the best is about to come. Young Taylor gave us hits that shaped our childhood, mostly from her beloved “Fearless,” who gave her first major Grammy.

“Fearless” is also the first Taylor’s baby to get a re-recording, and the fresh album cover did an even better job than her famous curls from 2008. When it comes to the songs, you’d still listen to the original for some, but others are more relevant on the new version. Stream the new one to support the idea because it means much more than you think!

8. “Speak Now”

Hands down, this is one of the best love songs Taylor delivered
Best music video: “Mine”
The song that should’ve got a music video: “Enchanted”
Hidden gem: “Haunted”
Fan favorite: “Enchanted” and “Long Live”

If you thought Swift was a cupcake when you heard her first two albums, her third music attempt proved she’s a savage. Would you sit and make a whole album on your own, writing every piece of every song, just when someone said you couldn’t sing or write songs? That’s what “Speak Now” is – proof she’s a genius.

Moreover, Swift wrote over 50 songs of her career without any co-writer in the studio, so it would be silly not to accept her talent after all these years. However, “Speak Now” was indeed needed at that time, giving us some of the purest pieces of Taylor’s discography. If you like rock sound, this is the most “rock” we ever got from her, too!

7. “Lover”

“ME!” didn’t deserve all the hate it received
Best music video: “ME!”
The song that should’ve got a music video: “Cruel Summer”
Hidden gem: “Paper Rings”
Fan favorite: “Cornelia Street”

Among her Republic records era albums, “Lover” is usually the one who receives hate on a daily basis, but we’ll never support that narrative. Is your life so dark that you can’t accept someone is in a love bubble and wants to share it with the world? “Lover” might not hold the “Folklore” kind of power, but this is far from a bad album!

Moreover, most Swifties and the general public prefer the sad Taylor, but the happy one slays so hard, and “Lover” is the great proof of that. “False God” is even nostalgic and atmospheric, like her newer songs. “I Think He Knows” walked so “Lavender Haze” could run. And “Death By a Thousand Cuts” proves she can still make good heartbreak tracks!

6. “Reputation”

It will be hard to make a song that is more impactful than this one
Best music video: “Look What You Made Me Do,” obviously
The song that should’ve got a music video: “I Did Something Bad” 
Hidden gem: “So It Goes…”
Fan favorite: “Getaway Car”

Maybe we should thank Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for what they did, and maybe it’s time to forgive. What they did gave us “Reputation,” the badass era everyone craved to get. “Look What You Made Me Do” was a cultural reset, and just when you thought she was over, she proved why she’s there to stay for decades.

Moreover, this era was famous for being the first time Taylor started that never-ending circle of choosing the wrong singles. Look, “…Ready For It” is a hit, but “Don’t Blame Me” aged like the finest wine, and it’s topping Spotify streams and charts even after this time. “Getaway Car” is another gem lost because she didn’t give it attention. Such a shame!

5. “1989”

If music videos were this good today, life would be amazing
Best music video: “Blank Space” 
The song that should’ve got a music video: “New Romantics” (an actual music video, not a tour video)
Hidden gem: “You Are In Love”
Fan favorite: “New Romantics”

There it is, the “Pop Bible” made it to the top five, and it would, even if it was flawed, even if every non-single track was horrible. The singles this era delivered, the visuals, the polaroids, the music videos… It’s forever something that will make Swift relevant, and this was when hits indeed felt like hits.

When you think of a basic “local” knowledge of Taylor’s discography, you probably know almost every song here by heart. This album is also the most basic 2010s pop music genre knowledge. If you ever asked yourself why Swift was named the artist of the decade, maybe you didn’t listen to “1989” carefully!

4. “Folklore”

This kind of love is the purest, and Swift makes it look and sound so beautiful
Best music video: “Cardigan” (the only one, unfortunately)
The song that should’ve got a music video: “August” 
Hidden gem: “Seven”
Fan favorite: “August”

What words can we use to describe the album that was described by so many? This is indeed the most beloved Taylor Swift album ever released, and 90% of the public would name this one her magnum opus. The Grammys did as well, crowning it with the Album of the Year title, and after all the sweet words for this masterpiece, that’s what they had to do!

Moreover, this era proved that Swift could do anything now, and she’d still be an IT girl. She switched to an alternative sound, released only one music video, and made this album in the middle of the pandemic without any way to promote it. Furthermore, her songs like “august” or “betty” made people make up scenarios in their heads. Cultural reset once again!

3. “Midnights” (Including the 3am Edition)

The storytelling Taylor didn’t go anywhere – she’s still alive and breathing!
Best music video: “Bejeweled” 
The song that should’ve got a music video: “Vigilante Shit” 
Hidden gem: “The Great War”
Fan favorite: “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”

Just when you thought Swift turned to grandma outfits and got tired of the spotlight after the pandemic, she made sure you knew she could still make the whole place shimmer. And indeed, she shined so bright that “Midnights” quickly made it to her top three best! It’s cohesive yet so modern and experimental, and the lyrics are striking once again!

Furthermore, the surprise named “3am Edition” turned out to be even better than the album itself. Can you imagine a life without “The Great War” or “Paris?” Or the rage Taylor poured into “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve?” Or the high notes in “Glitch?” Us neither. Living without this album was so miserable!

2. “Evermore”

Swift was made for fairytales
Best music video: “Willow” (the only one, unfortunately)
The song that should’ve got a music video: “No Body, No Crime” 
Hidden gem: “Coney Island”
Fan favorite: “Champagne Problems”

You might hate us for putting this one so high, but if you disagree, stay mad. “Evermore” is as good as “Folklore” and even better and more polished as a project. The only reason it didn’t get recognition the way its older sister got was that “Folklore” felt brand new. The one that aged better is “Evermore,” though!

The saddest thing about “Evermore” is that Taylor also treats it as her least favorite child, and she always forgets it. However, we never will. How could we forget the album that gave us “Cowboy Like Me,” “Dorothea,” or the gorgeous, precious “Coney Island?” If any TS album is skipless, it’s this flawless piece – a masterpiece.

1. “Red” (Taylor’s Version)

Hits used to have this much quality, indeed
Best music video: “All Too Well” (Ten Minute Version)
The song that should’ve got a music video: “State of Grace” 
Hidden gem: “Starlight”
Fan favorite: “All Too Well” (Ten Minute Version)

It’s hard to find the best piece of work when someone has such an incredible discography, but it’s safe to say that “Red” is still Taylor’s magnum opus. Years after its release, we still know that Taylor’s most immense trauma is “Red” not getting a Grammy. Thanks to the re-recording and “All Too Well” (Ten Minute Version), the Grammy is finally there!

Moreover, “Red” is the most privileged re-recording, as its “the vault” tracks served even better than the original songs. The fans finally got the ten-minute version they prayed for and even a new music video, “I Bet You Think About Me.” This is the most beautiful collection of emotions and memories ever.

After all, Miss Swift is a living legend, and it’s not just the opinion of her fans anymore, so you could have a different ranking, too. However, this order shows how much Swift has grown and how her future projects might outshine those she released ages ago. Still, that’s how it works when you become better every day!

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift album? Is your ranking completely different? Let us know in the comments section!

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