Top 10 Burger King Drinks - Cheap Yet Tasty

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-25 07:34:05

Fast food chains will always be crowded in any city, place, or moment – the truth is, they offer the best service for the price you pay. Hence, McDonald's, KFC, Subway, and others are now more than a place where you order burgers – they're also focused on beverages. If you're looking for reasonably priced coffee or a delicious shake, visiting Burger King is one of the best options, and you'll see that in our top ten recommendations!

10. Mello Yello

It's a brand that's been going strong for years

We're kicking off the list with proof of the Coca-Cola company's power. You'll find many brand beverages on the Burger King drinks menu, but this isn't one of them. However, BK sells it regularly, the same as other Coca-Cola products. Even the traditional Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Coca-Cola zero sugar!

How would you name a drink that has the ultimate citrus taste? Exactly, Mello Yello is the ideal way to describe this delight. This high-calorie beverage is not the healthiest option Burger King offers, but it's there for the citrus enjoyers! As it's highly caffeinated, read about its nutrition facts before drinking!

9. HI-C Fruit Punch

Well, it was freezing cold, to say the least!

Like Mello Yello, we have a similar situation with HI-C Fruit Punch. It's being sold by Burger King, but HI-C is a company on its own! It's a part of Coca-Cola, and its juices are unmatched. Their upbeat logo and vibrant colors already make your day, so BK understood the assignment!

Besides the fruit punch, you can try HI-C's fabulous Pink Lemonade, the juice of your dreams. However, consume this one moderately because it's loaded with sugar. Instead, we'd choose between a burger or a HI-C beverage – not both. Or at least not that often!

8. Fat-Free Milk

Theories about milk being good and bad are everywhere

You've already heard about skimmed milk – it's nothing other than fat-free milk that Burger King sells. Luckily, this kind of milk is 100% healthy because it contains zero fat while keeping the proteins and vitamins your body needs. If anyone tells you that quitting milk forever is a good idea, they're obviously wrong.

If you're wondering why BK sells milk, people usually don't order it on its own! Instead, milk adds to the meal you ordered and goes great with Burger King salad or anything from the menu without exceptions. And who should own a beverage that complements any meal if it's not a (fast) food chain, anyway?

7. Unsweetened Iced Tea

There's a funny side to making these!

You may imagine food chains as a world of sugar and excessive calories, and you're right about that vision. Nonetheless, iced tea in their version can also be unsweetened and has zero calories. Hence, it's safe to say this one won't kill you! Instead, it is obviously the best refreshment for the summer days.

As with any other iced tea, the Burger King version is as cold as it can get and contains natural tea extracts. It's like you're drinking regular juice with a way better flavor. Can you taste a great flavor with zero calories and sugar? Yes, it's actually possible. For those who still want some sugar, there is also sweetened iced tea at BK!

6. Powerade Zero

Some people can't imagine a workout without this one!

We're not done with healthier recommendations yet. Powerade Zero is a well-known sports drink that belongs to the healthy side of Burger King. It's a brand even without Burger King, and its authentic flavors are Mixed Berry, Fruit Punch, Orange & Grape. It's safe to say that this beverage has zero calories and won't negatively affect your health!

Moreover, the taste is worth trying, as this drink will surely quench your thirst as water does. It has a flavor but without added sugar, which is excellent. Since it's a sports refreshment, you'll enjoy it during workouts, hiking, or anything similar. That's when you need a drink by your side all the time, anyway!

5. Caramel Frappé

It looks too good to be true!

Frappé already sounds so good, but the way it looks is even better – it's that Instagram aesthetic you can get at Burger King without going to the most expensive restaurant in town. However, caramel enthusiasts would definitely put this one in the first place. The fantastic taste and look make us forget about the side effects it brings!

Nevertheless, since this one has a lot of calories, make sure you don't become obsessed. In fact, it's incredibly unhealthy to consume frappes more than once per week. Treating yourself with this caramel bomb after something extraordinary is always allowed, though – make sure you're doing it moderately! 

4. BK Café Decaf

It's actually a healthier way to consume coffee

Among the top five options, decaf coffee is the healthiest. You indeed aren't looking for a healthy option on this list because we assume there aren't any at fast food chains. However, decaf coffee is a hot beverage you would most likely adore because it won't make you feel overwhelmed with caffeine. 

Unfortunately, caffeine makes some people anxious, and it's a dangerous ingredient if you have heart issues. Hence, decaffeinated coffee won't cause trouble like regular coffee. The taste is still as good as regular, but side effects are rare, so it's a good deal for an even better price. 

3. Iced Coffee

She'll tell you which one she likes the most!

Here is another coffee in the top three, so it seems BK coffee isn't bad! We're all in need of some iced coffee when it's too hot outside, so the fact that Burger King has its tasty version is impressive since you'll find it at any corner. Once the coffee is blended, BK mixes it with milk and ice, and the result is incredible!

Of course, the Starbucks version is way more attractive, but this one is better when you want to save some cash! Besides the regular iced coffee, you can also get one with vanilla. Iced Mocha is also on the menu, so the summer days at BK will refresh you whenever you need that!

2. Milkshakes

Let's see what they have in common!

Are milkshakes the best at Burger King? Wendy's has arguably the finest milkshakes ever made by a fast food chain. Still, Burger King is close in terms of quality. Furthermore, milkshakes are probably the best beverage they make! If you like those at McDonald's, you might prefer BK's formula.

The question is, which milkshake should you try? Most people say that vanilla is Burger King's ultimate best. However, it obviously depends on your taste, too. Furthermore, strawberry and chocolate got fewer positive reviews than vanilla. Still, chocolate is usually a safe choice whenever you get these sweets at fast food chains!

Steal their recipe!

There may be only one thing at BK that is better than milkshakes. The actual cookie shake, of course! As it's made with Oreo biscuits, this makes everything even better. If you're an Oreo enthusiast like Ariana Grande and you like vanilla ice cream, this will be the shake of your dreams. There are a lot of recipes on the Internet that try to copy this one because it's fantastic!

Moreover, there are not one but two versions of this shake. Besides the classic Oreo one we recommended, there is the chocolate version! The second type is ideal for those who want the pure chocolate taste and go hard. Yet, if you don't want to be too overwhelmed with a sweet taste, the classic will be better!

After all, sometimes you want to avoid sipping the most expensive coffee in the city from a rooftop terrace. Occasionally all you need is a beverage to grab and go on with your duties, and that's when Burger King comes in as the best option. Don't trust the sources that say it's not worth it – it's incredible for its purpose. Nothing too revolutionary, but still nothing disappointing! 

Do you order drinks at fast food chains? Is their low price the main reason for that? Let us know in the comments section!

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