Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Sea Summer Vacation

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-07-14 08:34:45

There are only two types of people – those who plan every move while on vacation and those who are so spontaneous that you have no idea what they are about to do tomorrow. If you ask us, sometimes it's better to have a little plan about catching up with everything you want to see. Therefore, check out our top ten ways to relax by the sea while having a good idea of where to go!

10. Try Various Beaches

Zakynthos is an island with various breathtaking beaches!

You probably came by sea to taste the best beaches and actually swim. Hence, you should see most of the shore and even drive to some beautiful parts. The sea is cleaner and wilder in some places far away from the center and your apartment!

Of course, a nearby beach is practical when you're tired or you'd like to chill. However, the magic lies elsewhere, so you must keep discovering. For example, Greece and Turkey have some hard-to-reach natural wonders. Still, if you decide to explore, you'll find the most beautiful beaches in the world!

9. ...And Meet People There!

He did it, so you can, too!

When you're on a trip, you're going out of your comfort zone. So, even if you're shy when you meet new people, you still should do it, because traveling makes us bolder anyway! It also makes us richer, not only for knowing the world but also for the people there. Hence, while looking for the beaches, meet some people!

Moreover, people from the place you came to will help you the best with everything you need to know about the area. Still, besides knowing locals, you'll also meet people from your country or region, and you'll exchange experiences and help each other. Don't be a loner when you travel since it's pointless!

8. Stay Away from the Sun at Some Time

Meanwhile, get some tan tips!

Tanning is a process that sometimes takes too much time, and you don't even notice the results at first. Hence, you stay in the sun too long and then notice later that you're sunburnt. We'd recommend you skip that pain because that could be the worst part of your sea trip!

Hence, it's better to plan when to go to the beach and when to stay away from the sun. Noon is the worst, so when the sun is at its peak, you'd better be elsewhere and use your time another way. While you're discovering our list, you'll get various ideas!

7. Ask Locals About the Best Deals

Especially if you're traveling solo, locals can help!

You might travel solo, and that's where the locals' knowledge jumps in. Let's not lie – you'll need help from them even if you've arrived with a large group of people! When you want to find something on your own, the best answers hold the people that live there!

If you follow our mentioned rule about meeting people, you know that it's always helpful to ask them. Inquire about the cheapest supermarkets, the best restaurants, and the shops with the best deals. Many travel agencies won't tell you that, and they'll try to get your money for things locals can show you way better!

6. The Timing's Never Wrong for a Shopping Spree

South of France gives you the shore and the best shopping deals!

Besides looking for the cheapest supermarkets and other deals, we all want to buy something nice to remember our trip forever! What's a vacation without a magnet you'll put on your fridge? Hence, you should spend at least two evenings walking around the shops that offer the cutest souvenirs!

Besides the small things that make you happy when you take them home, some destinations are perfect for enormous shopping sprees! Now, it depends on your choice of destination. Still, if you choose Turkey or some other oriental area, you'll find affordable clothing, bags, and accessories!

5. Have a Boat Trip

Capri is the prettiest part of Italy and the best one for boat trips

When you're already so close to the sea that you can swim, you should use the opportunity to cruise a bit. Book a boat trip and spend a day or afternoon like that while the weather is excellent and the wind in your hair smells like summer. Some beautiful areas can't be reached by anything but a boat!

If you get too addicted to a sunset cruise you experienced by the sea, it's luck because you can probably have that at home too! Boat trips don't include only oceans and seas since you can have river cruises, too. They're especially beloved in Europe since this continent has picturesque views from the big rivers!

4. Go to a Local Party

Miami has the best nightlife in the whole USA!

You should taste the beach destinations' nightlife – many people say it's the best one in the world, for a good reason! It's probably because everyone there is interested in dancing the night away. The days are boiling hot, the music is loud, and you can hear the sea waves when you get closer to the shore. That sounds like the best feeling in the world!

Of course, it depends on which type of music you party to most, but it would be interesting to try out some new genres while in a foreign land. Whether it's the loud Ibiza, exotic Miami, or Rio de Janeiro, everyone can find an intriguing beach bar to dance to until sunrise!

3. Visit Some Local Restaurants

Every country has an iconic meal

No trip can go without trying some national dishes because that's something that every country in the world can offer. And every country will gladly show it to you because everyone's proud of their cuisine! Take your time and have at least a few dinners at some lovely local restaurants.

While we know it's way cheaper to eat at your hotel, having your meal there can get dull. They sometimes serve the same thing every morning and evening, and it's usually international food. Why would you go to Greece without trying their gyros? Ridiculous!

2. ...And Some Attractions Around the Place

If you're visiting Turkey, it would be a pity not to buy a trip to Pamukkale

If you like active tours and have itchy feet wherever you go, always choose sea vacations that give you opportunities to drive a bit to some local attractions! It's OK if you want to stay near your hotel and spend days sipping cocktails and swimming, but people mostly like it when they can take a break on a short trip!

Furthermore, the critical thing is that you can find an exciting attraction wherever you are. For example, if your vacation choice is an island, you'll have plenty of wild, intriguing beaches to discover. Yet, that's not all. Every island has a bigger town to visit, and there's probably a trip that shows you the whole area. Use this chance!

1. Don't Stress Too Much About Your Plans

These two had no idea what was coming up, the whole trip!

Even though we showed you nine ideas of what to do by the sea, it's OK to chill the whole day. Remember that planned vacations are for those who want more than just chilling and swimming. Still, that's fine if you don't belong in that category. You're just a different type, then!

Moreover, many people prefer sightseeing in fall or spring, when the weather is not too hot, so the warmest days stay reserved for the sea. Our tips are helpful if you can't afford to travel more times during the year. However, if you can, don't try to put everything in one tour.

Stressing and over-organizing are not allowed while you're on vacation - try to remember that! Summer is for fun and enjoying the sun!

Do you plan a lot when you're going to the sea? Or do you go with the flow? Both options are alright!

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Tatyana Says:

I'm trying to get the basics ready, and then move to the rest of the planning. I don't worry too much if I forget something, as long as I have the basics covered.

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