Top 10 Nashville Outfits Ideas - Casual and Easy to Pull

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-12 07:09:29

Not many cities in the world have as authentic a vibe as Nashville – it's the iconic city of music, country style, denim, festivals, and even IndyCar racing. Everything about Nashville is vibrant, cheerful, and laid-back. Thus, you should visit it, at least for its energy! If you're wondering what to wear in Nashville or want to get inspired by this city's vibe, check out our ten best Nashville outfits that will give you everything for your Nashville packing list!

10. Denim Is the Key Fabric Here

Denim is everywhere, and it's casual yet classy!

Denim fans, you won this round – you're free to wear denim from head to toe whenever you feel like that in Nashville. No one will tell you you're wearing too much denim. This fabric is the ultimate thing Nashville citizens wear, and the good thing is that denim is perfectly versatile and suitable for any season!

Honestly, it would be a waste if you didn't pack your denim jacket when packing your bags for Nashville. There isn't a more classic piece that screams Nashville! Leather is another fabric perfectly suitable for a casual walk around the place or even for a night out. Still, the fabric that is easier to pull is denim. If you own a denim dress, taking it to Nashville is the best decision!

9. Animal Print

She's brave to try this, and would you be bold enough?

As you can see with leather and denim, Nashville style is very much natural, and the same goes with prints – animal print might sound outdated to you. However, in Nashville, it's still a thing! Nashville fashion lets you finally use that animal shirt you bought ages ago and forgot you own it. Even a leopard dress would be the ultimate choice!

Unfortunately, animal print is still complicated to combine and pull correctly, so make sure you watch tutorials and inform yourself before going to Nashville in a leopard shirt. However, we encourage you to do that because it's a unique opportunity to say goodbye to your comfort zone and still match the theme. The concept is nature all the way, of course!

8. Dress Like You're Attending a Country Concert

Luckily, you can find stuff for country shows everywhere now

Country concert outfit ideas are all over the Internet right now because they're so cool that they go beyond country shows. Who wouldn't dream of a cowgirl look for any concert, honestly? Or for any Nashville trip? If you're heading to Nashville, it's entirely fair to do your shopping based on glittery pockets over denim or badass fringes!

Flared jeans and a cowgirl hat are also must-haves, so use your Nashville trip as an ideal excuse to be the main character of the front row at a country show! Cute Nashville outfit for the country concert also includes star print or disco ball dresses, so let your inspiration flourish in its full bloom. Floral dresses that are loose and casual are also very welcome, and are an excellent choice for soccer moms too!

7. ...Or a Music Festival

Her retro hairstyles look so trendy and Y2K!

Here's some good news for the fans of this style – an outdoor country concert outfit would work perfectly at any music festival, anywhere in the world! Festivals are, by nature, giving off nature vibes, and Nashville fashion is all you need for inspiration if you plan to make your summer great by going to festivals!

Of course, your music festival look doesn't have to resemble a cute country outfit. Still, it's the best option if you're attending a show in Nashville. It's the ideal opportunity to wear shorts and crop tops with fringes or fringe denim jackets to get that perfect Nashville vibe! A bit of glitter and some leather would also look chic, so feel free to mix it all up!

6. ...Or an Iconic Bachelorette Party

This is the wildest dream for most girls – some of them get to live this dream!

Nashville is actually a fair-priced location for a bachelorette party, especially compared to Miami, Las Vegas, or similar cities. That's probably one of the crucial reasons why it's so popular for bachelorette parties – you can host a party even if you're on a budget, and it will still look iconic and unique. All those outfits you can pull at a party like this are beyond fabulous!

Just imagine cowgirl bachelorette party outfits on all your girlfriends, and you'll be obsessed with the idea of traveling to Nashville with them. Sequin shirts, fringes on jackets, and monochromatic white dresses are ideal choices for this occasion. Anything white from head to toe would also fit perfectly for any casual Nashville night out!

5. Cowboy Boots

These don't fit everyone, but they can look amazing with Nashville outfits

These are the ultimate secret ingredient of all the outfits we mentioned – the bachelorette party ideas, music festivals, country shows, or anything you associate with Nashville. Cowboy boots are the crucial reason for you to go shopping before your Nashville tour – you need to get at least a pair, and you'll have the outfit you need!

If cowboy boots are too much and you don't feel like going all the way with a cowgirl vibe, you can also go for ankle boots. They're shorter yet still suitable for Nashville fashion, and they'll look well with skirts and denim or leather. Unfortunately, they don't fit everyone, but if you regularly wear ankle boots, be bold and walk around Nashville in them!

4. Hippie Style

The skirts, the jewelry… This is unmatched!

With all those boots and bandanas and long skirts and brownish colors, we have only one recommendation to add to make this edition complete – it's hippie style! It's boho, carefree, and summery, and girls adore this ongoing trend, especially retro, which is coming back in various forms, from Y2K to hippie. 

Moreover, hippie isn't only a perfectly summery vibe but also ideal for spring Nashville outfits. When the sun starts to come out frequently, you should bring out those bright colors with a shade of brown as the base, and you'll be the most fabulous Nashville chic. Remember to turn to this style if you're attending a festival!

3. Hipster Vibes

Indie look is also cool enough to pass the Nashville vibe check!

For those that don't enjoy the cowboy trend, hippie skirts, and cowboy hats, there's still something to have fun with regarding Nashville style – it's hipster type of outfits! Nashville outfit ideas revolve around the same vibe, but it's not always about festival headbands and star prints. Sometimes it's about the exact opposite!

To look like a hipster, you should try the indie style, dark colors, oversized/baggy stuff, and graphic T-shirts. A red or black bandana is also a must! This is the most casual recommendation on the list, so if you'd like to get an authentic Nashville outfit without trying too hard, try to be cool and eye-catching in this way!

2. Remember the Hat!

Ladies, grab your favorite hat and be a 21st-century cowgirl!

Seriously, this is your essential thing to get before anything else. You'll quickly figure out if you'd prefer denim or leather for most of your Nashville-inspired outfits, but what you need for all of them is a cowboy hat. From cattleman to gambler, there are various cowboy hat types, so make sure to learn more about them to find your ideal version!

Luckily, you can find affordable hats that will fit your concept, and your whole cowgirl look will be relatively inexpensive in general. When it comes to hats, you'll find various shapes and colors nowadays – even pink cowgirl types of hats. We recommend the authentic brown hat that will pair well with your white cowboy boots, though!

1. Release Your Inner Cowgirl

The sheriff's look is a whole mood!

We mentioned this multiple times on the list, and we're going to sum it all up again – your inner cowgirl should feel free in Nashville. It's the whole point of pulling a Nashville look – cowboy boots, big hats, floor-length skirts, and loose pants are the parts of a classic cowgirl style. It feels so cool when fashion lets you time travel and feel like a real cowgirl!

Furthermore, this is an ideal style for denim fans and those wearing brown tones from head to toe. A stylish brown belt over a denim dress is a modern version of cowgirl outfits. Still, you can also go for something traditional. The two essentials you can't forget are also cowboy boots and a hat, so make sure to get these first when planning a cowgirl look!

As you can see, Nashville was made for old souls, hopeless romantics, music enthusiasts, nature-inspired artists, and all those ladies that enjoy their casual street style yet have something unique to offer. If you ever get a chance to visit this place, don't hesitate – we have already helped you choose the best outfits, so you're good to go!

Would you dress like this even if you're not heading to Nashville? Do you constantly adjust your clothing style to the city you're visiting? Let us know in the comments section!

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