Top 10 Delicious Celebrity Food Products That Everyone Wanted to Try

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Some foods don't seem attractive until a celebrity you like promotes them as if they made them themselves. That's the power of good marketing, and that's how both sides earn money! Celebrities worldwide already owned iconic brands' products and created their own types, so check out our top ten list of foods sold under a famous name!

10. Travis Scott with McDonald's

Memeable, to say the least!

Travis Scott wouldn't even make it to the top ten if we organized this list by the love that people show to these celebrities. This is because his controversies don't make him beloved among the fans. Ever since the "Astroworld" tour, it was hard for him to keep his reputation clean. However, bad marketing is also good at some point!

That's what happened to Scott for his collaboration with McDonald's – his commercial was so funny that it actually caught people's attention! Memes and jokes about Scott promoting his meal are hilarious, and we're sure many people ordered it just to taste what's the whole fuss about. What a great business move!

9. The Miley Cyrus Burrito

No one ever got a food commercial as Miley did!

2020 was indeed a year of food collabs among celebrities and famous brands – Miley Cyrus made her iconic food "debut" with her own burrito. And the story isn't even as simple as it seems! Some brands make massive plans about getting a celebrity into their project. Yet, Chipotle got Miley for their burrito on TikTok, thanks to a meme!

The popular meme, "If Miley Cyrus comments, I'll do something," made Cyrus join the commercial for her favorite burrito since she commented on their post. And they weren't kidding! Chipotle kept the promise and made a veggie-friendly burrito based on Miley's wishes, so this sounds like a dream collab!

8. … And the Shawn Mendes Bowl at Chipotle

A commercial with good intentions!

Shawn Mendes is already iconic, but what makes him great is also his foundation that keeps working on making this world a better place. Sustainability is a hot topic in this century, and Mendes' foundation supports new ideas of young innovators that want to give their contribution. Chipotle also supported that idea – with a bowl!

Furthermore, Chipotle's burrito bowl, inspired by Shawn Mendes, donates a dollar per bowl to the foundation and young innovators. Luckily, Mendes' burrito is low-carb friendly and very tasty since it contains black beans, chicken, roasted chili-corn salsa, romaine, and guac. You can also go without chicken if you prefer veggies!

7. Megan Thee Stallion's Hot Sauce

Megan kept making exciting videos for fans even after winning multiple Grammys and becoming famous!

Megan Thee Stallion makes sure it's always hot all around her – she's hot, her music is hot, and that's a fact! Popeyes is a brand that knows it, and they got Megan into a hot sauce commercial named "Hottie Sauce." And now, our main question is: Is Megan's hot sauce as hot as her career and body?

Will the "Hottie" burn you? It depends on your taste, but many reviews say her sauce is relatively mild! If you can take a little heat without feeling all the spice in your mouth, you'll definitely want to try this one. Megan sold many of them as someone perfect for a commercial like this!

6. BTS Meal at McDonald's

What do you think – did they enjoy it?

The K-pop industry also has impactful artists that are the ideal faces for a food commercial. Whatever BTS touches turns into gold, and McDonald's knows that very well. BTS already sells dolls, toys, albums, photobooks, lightsticks, and plenty of merch – they might be the most profitable brand of K-pop of all time!

The sky-high demand made this meal available worldwide. Yet, the menu was a bit different depending on where you're coming from. Hopefully, you didn't need to ask for your extra chicken nugget when you ordered! We guess this campaign went better than Travis Scott's, but both of them brought some cash to McDonald's!

5. Justin Bieber's Doughnuts

A hilarious idea!

Bieber is globally famous, but we shall not forget his fatherland is Canada. Of course, his food collaboration comes from a Canadian brand – Tim Hortons, the ideal place to drink your coffee and taste some delicious doughnuts! Justin had the opportunity to get his own brand of ten doughnuts – a pack of ten sounds like Heaven!

The little bag with small, cute doughnuts also has the name "Tim Biebs" on it, so the Beliebers definitely had to get this one for their merchandise collection. Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle are some of the flavors the fans could find in the bag. We bet they were beloved even by the haters since the taste is fantastic!

4. Selena Gomez's Serendipity Ice Cream

Ice cream is always a good idea!

Ice cream is everyone's favorite delight, so you're probably surprised we didn't mention any ice cream already! Selena is the queen of this sweet since she also has a duet with BLACKPINK named "Ice Cream," and it's an exciting summer bop with a lot of ice cream in the music video. Serendipity allowed her to have her own ice cream brand!

Selena's ice cream combines pink vanilla ice cream, cookie bites, and fudge. Therefore, its name is the Cookies and Cream remix, and it's one of the most delicious flavors worldwide! Serendipity, in general, has fantastic ice cream flavors, and Gomez had to try many of them to find her ideal type.

3. Taylor Swift's Cornetto

This commercial was on TV all the time

Taylena stans, rise! Not only did Selena Gomez have her iconic ice cream flavor, but also her bestie, Taylor Swift, created a whole ice cream brand for her "Red" tour! "Red" is one of Swift's best projects up to date regarding fantastic music and a tour that broke records – the tour also had its Cornetto with the characteristic flavor and color!

Of course, the ice cream is covered with strawberries, authentic to the "red" color theme. A fun fact about this ice cream is that it also had a code on top of it. Thanks to this code, many fans also had the opportunity to win Taylor Swift tickets for the tour. You could get an iPhone case, speakers, notebooks, or bags among the smaller awards!

2. BLACKPINK Burgers

Delicious and fancy!

The color-themed food was made for Swift's "Red" tour, but there is also a worldwide famous girl group that bases their work on color themes. It's BLACKPINK, of course! Their songs' "black" and "pink" concepts were made for a food chain to create colorful burgers. And that's what Burger King Thailand did!

The burgers were sold around Valentine's Day and were black or pink inside out! The buns looked so cute that you probably wouldn't want to eat them. Of course, Thailand was the country to launch this delight because it's the home of Lisa from BLACKPINK. Lisa is Thailand's pride, so you can always expect things like these in this country!

1. Mariah Carey's "12 Days of Deals"

Mariah doing your Christmas promotion is the best promo in this world!

Is all you want for Christmas your loved one? You'll probably also want to order some food while enjoying the holidays together, and that's where Mariah Carey jumps in! It might also be the best commercial by a celebrity ever made since it perfectly matches the theme. No one is a symbol of holidays the way Carey is!

The "Mariah Menu" was indeed there to make your Christmas and New Year's Eve better, and the promo lasted for 12 days, just like the commercial's title says. McDonald's stepped up their marketing game with this one, and they showed again why they stayed one of the most relevant food chains worldwide!

Of course, celebrities usually aren't involved in the process of creating here, and the whole thing looks like a commercial, which it is, in a way! However, this top ten list makes us try foods we didn't know we'd want to try. The same goes for perfumes, too – Ariana Grande's fan is most likely to own an extensive collection of perfumes since she made plenty of them!

Would you like celebrities to promote more food in the future? Do you think it's actually unnecessary and makes no sense? Let us know your opinion!

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Those BLACKPINK black burgers looks awesome! I wonder why they never came to the States.

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