We've made a list of 10 times when Grammy snubs of the 10s were so obvious that the whole world got angry! Did you feel bitter then, too?

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Worst Grammy Snubs of the 10s That We Shouldn't Forgive and Forget Top-10-Worst-Grammy-Snubs-of-the-10s-That-We-Shouldn't-Forgive-and-Forget.jpeg

Here are 10 exciting festive tunes to listen to while you're decorating your Christmas tree this year! Which one is your favorite?

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Christmas Songs to Put You in the Festive Mood Top-10-Christmas-Songs-to-Put-You-in-the-Festive-Mood.jpeg

Taylor Swift's videos are raising the bar since her debut. So here's our Top 10 Best Taylor Swift Music Videos of All Time.

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Best Taylor Swift Music Videos of All Time Top-10-Best-Taylor-Swift-Music-Videos-of-All-Time.jpeg

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