Top 10 Exciting Things to do In Prague

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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The Czech Republic's charming capital will sweep you away at first glance! A vibrant Prague is among the best city breaks as it's great for partying and sightseeing. You can tell this is the perfect place to have fun as you visit extraordinary historical sites, eat, and drink well. The city is quite easy-going, and this is what visitors love the most about Prague. We've tried to combine a bit of everything it offers in our top ten list, so let's start with our countdown.

10. Old Jewish Quarter

Jubilee synagogue in Jewish town, Prague, Czech Republic
Beautiful Jewish town is a reminder of the horrific history of the Jews (photo: Laura_Maxim/

Josefov, as it's called, is located between the Old Square and Vltava River. Like many other cities, Prague had a part mainly populated with Jews. Today this is a location of museums, synagogues, and an old Jewish cemetery. This sad monument of Jewish tragic history has its roots in the 10th century. 

During WWII, it was preserved by the Nazis as they planned to make a museum of an extinct race. Today the ex-Jewish Ghetto is a tourist attraction surely worth visiting. Moreover, this is the birthplace of the famous novelist Franz Kafka.

9. Nightlife

Vysehrad at night, Prague, Czechia
At Vysehrad you'll get the most beautiful views of Prague (photo: filipalbert/

Fun things to do in Prague include a vivid nightlife, with many clubs, pubs, and pivovar (microbreweries trendy in Prague). There is something for everybody's taste regarding the music and fun you prefer. One of the favorite drinks among the visitors and residents of Prague is, without a doubt, a beer. 

Hence, it's no wonder that Prague has a Beer Museum, a Pub with a large variety of tap beers. Much like Amsterdam, Prague also has its red-light district full of striptease bars, and prostitution is legal. Again, this is why tourists love the city.

8. Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad, Prague, Czechia
After dark, the city gets very vibrant and cheerful (photo:  kirkandmimi/

Located about three kilometers from Prague Castle is Vyšehrad, or Old Castle from the 10th century. Ideally situated on the hill and towering above the Vltava River, Vyšehrad provides unforgettable city views. The large complex is full of cute narrow streets and lush parks, making it a perfect place to escape from the crowds and appreciate the peacefulness. This is a must if you seek free things to do in Prague.

The Vyšehrad treasures some remarkable sites like Vyšehrad cemetery, as this is a resting place of many famous Czech people. Moreover, the oldest building in Prague is set here, the Rotunda of St. Martin, from the 11th century.

7. Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czechia
Wenceslas Square is the place for shopping and the place for nightlife (photo: JancickaL/

The new part of town has its own square called Václavské náměstí or Wenceslas Square. Today's modern and vibrant wide boulevard is a commercial part of the city, full of shops, restaurants, pubs, and hotels. Therefore, it's a must-see in Prague. The impressive neo-renaissance building of Narodni Muzeum (National Museum) dominates the square.

In front of it is a statue of St Wenceslas on a horse, so "by the horse" is a popular place to meet. Moreover, Square's location makes it the place to be in Prague, as all the attractions are easily reachable. In the evening, this is the central spot of vivid nightlife.

6. Food

Pork knuckle served
Delicious pork knuckle goes excellent with a beer or two (photo: Zozz_/

Prague has one of the tastiest cuisines if you like meat, as most specialties include it. Therefore, let us introduce you to a few famous meat dishes the city offers. Our first pick is "vepro knedlo zelo," which is meat with stewed cabbage and bread dumplings, with variations regarding the cabbage, as it can be pickled.

Goulash is a typical dish mainly made with beef, slowly cooked with larger meat portions and fewer vegetables. Also, it has a fantastic serving solution, as it comes in a bread bowl that's delicious and eye-catching. There's also "vepřové koleno" or pork knuckle. This dish is decadent and delicious at the same time. Firstly the meat must be marinated in beer for 12 to 24 hours, then it's slowly roasted and served with fried potato.

5. Drinking Beer

Beer in various glasses
Czech beer is a bit more bitter. However, it's one of the best you'll try (photo: AlLes/

Czech people love their beer. The culture of brewing and drinking it spreads widely across the town. Most favorite places to drink beer are the microbreweries with pubs serving tap beer and delicious food. The atmosphere there is always loud and cheery!

Most Czech beers have the bitterest taste and are mainly heavier than regular beers. However, they taste delicious, and you have various choices. Nevertheless, try Slivovitz, a traditional plum brandy, if you prefer something other than beer. Still, it's pretty strong, so consume it carefully.

4. Old Town Square

Astronomical clock in Prague, Czechia
Incredible Astronomical Clock is simply enchanting (photo: Graham-H/

The Staroměstské náměstíor, or Old Town Square, is one of the most beautiful parts of Prague, along with the Prague Castle complex and the Charles Bridge. The main attraction in the square is the Astronomical Clock or Orloj as it's called. The impressive structure from the 14th century has 12 figures of the apostles appearing every full hour at two windows. 

The clock is unique as it's accurate and shows several celestial objects' positions. However, besides being home to the Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Hall is a remarkable complex of medieval buildings with a marvelous view of the city from the top of the tower.

3. St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czechia
Impressive St Vitus Cathedral won't leave you indifferent (photo: bboellinger/

This impressive Gothic Cathedral stands on the previous church's site from the 10th century and within the Prague Castle complex walls. The construction of today's cathedral began in the 14th century and finished after nearly six centuries. Therefore, it belongs among the top places to visit in Prague.

St Vitus is the most significant religious temple in the city. Moreover, it had an essential role in the monarch's life, as this was the place for coronation and burial sites for the Czech kings. The interior is quite spectacular as it holds the beautiful St Wenceslas Chapel with the tomb of St Wenceslas. Also, this is the place where the crown jewels are kept.

2. Prague Castle

Prague Castle at night in Prague, Czechia
The favorite place of all Prague visitors, Prague Castle (photo: klausdie/

The Prague Castle is globally the largest castle complex, spread over 750,000 square feet. The first establishment at the Hradczany hillside dates from the 9th century. Over time, the rulers have reconstructed current buildings and added some new ones. Today we have four palaces and churches within the castle walls, along with gardens and courtyards.

Moreover, at the castle, one of the top-rated tourist attractions is a changing guard at midday. This symbol of the city is visited by 1.8 million tourists every year, and a Charles Bridge connects the fort with the old city center.

1. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czechia
Remarkable Charles Bridge is always full of tourists attracted by its beauty (photo: pierre9x6/

This magnificent stone arch bridge from the 15th century (construction started in mid-14th century) was the only passage on the Vltava River for a long time and, therefore, essential. Today this is one of the most significant tourist attractions connecting the old town with Prague Castle.

The remarkable medieval bridge has Gothic towers on both ends and 30 Baroque statues along both sides. The main attraction on the Charles Bridge is the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, as many believe it brings good luck to touch the figure.

As you can see, Prague is the place to be if you wish to have a great time. There's more to see than what's on our top ten, so you won't be bored even for a minute. When you get exhausted from wandering the streets, go to the river and jump on a cruising ship, sit comfortably, and view the city from the water, as you'll enjoy it.

Have you ever visited Prague? Have you tasted the local food? Which dish did you like the most? Please write to us in the comment section, as we would like to hear your thoughts. 

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