Top 10 Reasons Why Karina (aespa) Is the Main It-Girl Material

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-24 08:55:19

It-girl material could also be Wonyoung of IVE, but you'll definitely agree that Karina is so famous and beloved that she could surpass Jennie, the it-girl of the 3rd generation. Luckily, Karina also gains a bit less hate, so she takes the crown when it comes to her pals in the industry. If you hardly believe she's the it-girl material, you should check our ten facts that prove that she's the strongest contender!

10. Koreans Adore Gorgeous Faces

She hasn't had a single ugly-looking day in her entire life

This might seem like a shallow opinion if you aren't too familiar with Korean culture and the infamous abbreviation KBS – long story short, it stands for "Korean Beauty Standards," and they're one of the main factors of popularity in Korea. If you don't fit the standards, you'll probably gain zero fame – and Karina is the beauty that Koreans crave!

Hands down, beauty is the number one condition for other countries as well – it's just that the Koreans are a bit too strict. You would also be attracted to the most beautiful group member first, and things are always like that. Even if Karina wasn't the most talented one, she'd still be worshiped for her unreal visuals!

9. ...And She's Basically the Fake Visual

It's hard to tell who's the prettiest one!

The girl that fits Korean beauty standards even more than Karina is Winter, so she took the crown in that category. However, most fans think Karina is the group's visual when they see the girls' pictures for the first time. That says enough about Karina's immense beauty that people can't forget – Winter is a perfect beauty, but Karina seems unreal!

Moreover, something is captivating in being the fake maknae or fake visual. Those idols didn't get the official title, yet they're so striking in the category that they would slay anytime. This is also unusual because, in most groups, one member stands out. However, SM groups are indeed filled with pure beauty queens!

8. She Definitely Gets the Best Concept Photos and Promotion

You can guess who got the best concept for this "Savage" photoshoot

Before we move on from Karina's stunning face (if we ever could, to be honest), we have to point out that her popularity also increases because of the concept photos that she keeps slaying! SM pushes Karina the most; if you disagree, look at the promotional pictures they take for their singles and albums!

To sum it all up, if the girls wear an accessory, Karina receives the most beautiful one. If they have props in the pictures, Karina gets the most eye-catching combo. Aespa is, in general, the unmatched group when it comes to concept photos and teasers, and the way Karina nails them will always keep her on top!

7. Her Personality is Known as Amazing

Yes, Karina is on the list!

Long story short – Koreans hate scandals, and if an idol gets involved in any controversy, it's over for them. Some of them also had to leave their groups for that. Hence, it's crucial for it-girl that she isn't only breathtakingly beautiful. She should also be the ideal good girl that is a suitable role model for every generation!

Luckily, Karina isn't only a pretty face, since she's also got a reputation as a good girl. She genuinely cares for her fans, and she's a positive person overall that brings a lot of happiness. She's also well-known as a genuine idol who isn't pretending, and it's a more crucial factor than it might seem. Karina really got it all!

6. Her Pre-Debut Activities 

Let's remember this dancer can sing very well!

SM Entertainment isn't joking about being the business leader. Thus, they're still the most successful company regarding originality and versatility. Hence, they know very well which idol will make it in the industry and who is the potential it-girl even before the audience!

Of course, SM understood that investing in Karina's career would be the right choice, so they gave her a lot of projects even before she debuted in Aespa. She worked with Kai, Taemin, and many more, and it was evident that Karina got a lot of attention from the Korean public. When someone gets famous before debuting, it's clear their popularity will be enormous!

5. Her Song Parts Are Always Addictive

You definitely know these lines by heart if you like Aespa

Even though Giselle is the main rapper in Aespa, Karina still gets a lot of rap lines that are primarily the easiest to remember. They get into your head without trying too hard! Since SM pushes Karina the most, it's apparent that she also gets the best parts, and she's practically always involved in the chorus!

Moreover, this might be unusual for most groups because Karina is the group's main dancer – most main dancers get fewer lines and focus on dance. However, Karina also has the golden voice of SM artists, so it's safe to say that she gets to sing a lot, too. Hence, you'll never skip Karina's song parts!

4. She's Probably the Most Well-Rounded Member

At the end of the day, all of them slayed in different eras

So, we already mentioned that Karina is the main dancer, but also a great rapper and a better singer than some other groups' lead vocalists. Since she's got it all, including SM's full support, it's safe to say that she's the one who makes Aespa slay the hardest. She's even the group's leader, so she's also the one who makes intelligent decisions!

In conclusion, Karina isn't only well-rounded – she's an all-rounder with a fantastic stage presence and natural charisma. Although Aespa has been struggling with performances, Karina is always there to make them stand out and showcase the stage presence that a group like theirs should have. An it-girl must be an all-rounder!

3. She's in Two Prestigious SM Groups, Not Just One

This is such a supergroup in every way!

We've been praising SM a lot in this article already, but who would forget that they have supergroups that include the best idols from each group? And there are both male and female versions of the supergroups! For the boys, it's SuperM, and for girls, it's GOT the Beat. Of course, Karina is included in a group like that!

From Girls' Generation and Red Velvet members to Aespa's Karina and Winter, this group comprises female all-rounders from SM, and the girls continue their activity with their primary groups. Karina got this opportunity in such an early stage of her career, which shows how much luck and talent she has!

2. She Also Receives Much Hate

Plastic surgery isn't a problematic topic in Korea, but it is controversial everywhere else

As much as Karina is loved by the general audience, she still receives a lot of hate comments and has to face many prejudices. From plastic surgery rumors to those that judge her stage presence, people won't leave her in peace, but that's the price of that much popularity, so she's already aware of that. 

Hence, receiving both love and hate from the public is essential to be an it-girl. You have to get both if you want to stay relevant, and you'll probably be involved in bizarre scandals. It's unbelievable how many times BLACKPINK's Jennie had to suffer from the infamous lazy scandal, and who knows what Karina will have to face!

1. She Simply Catches Everyone's Attention

Overall, Karina is usually the most popular one

Even when it comes to the most minor details, such as her AirPods worn at an airport, people will notice everything about Karina. From the most irrelevant stuff to the things she said once in her past, Karina is so much under the spotlight that every move has to be calculated. That sounds like a lot of pressure, though!

In conclusion, an it-girl is followed everywhere by everyone, and Karina is obviously on her way to the throne. We know how much Jennie had to suffer, but it's safe to say that her it-girl life is the life everyone would die for. There's a price to pay to live like that, but Karina already knows this feeling very well!

Of course, not everyone likes the members that get as famous as Karina, and some even hate when a member stands out because a group should work as a group. However, Karina's charisma is evidently too strong not to shine, and when you can shimmer brightly, why would you ever dull your sparkle? 

Is Karina your Aespa bias? Is your bias usually the most famous member? Let us know in the comments section!

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