Top 10 Best Ice Cream Flavors (And How to Mix Them)

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 18:00:09

You can find great ice cream anywhere nowadays – from balls to cones that some brands sell, the opportunities are endless, and everything is so tasty! We bet you spent thousands of hours in front of the ice cream spots where they have more than 20 flavors, and you have no idea which ones to mix to make the excellent combo. Let us help you with our top ten fantastic recommendations and tips!

10. Pistachio

You can easily prepare them at home!

Let's start with something a bit extraordinary – the nuts that everyone wants in their sweets, especially in ice cream balls. Pistachios are already very famous, though, and not so unusual since they also appear in many unique sweets across Europe. Italy and Turkey especially love pistachio nuts – you can find them in many Turkish sweets!

Luckily, pistachios go well with various flavors, especially the light ones like vanilla. They're also loaded with nutrients and high in protein, promoting blood vessel health. Yet, if you're on a low-carb diet, avoid this ice cream ball. Otherwise, it's more than a good choice if you want a unique ice cream type!

9. Ferrero Rocher

It's even more satisfying to try!

Oh well, the nuts won't go away from the list soon since you have them in pistachios but also in Ferrero Rocher! Nuts are excellent for ice cream balls since they make them crunchy, and Ferrero Rocher has all the ingredients that take you to paradise. Nutella and cocoa powder around nuts are the best ice cream ball combo you can get!

If your favorite flavor is chocolate, you'll prefer this one because it's spiced up with more ingredients and a more delicious kind of chocolate. Moreover, you can go with Ferrero only without mixing it with anything since it's already a decent mix. If you'd prefer a mix, vanilla or stracciatella will be the best company, though!

8. Stracciatella

There's no way to dislike this one

Are you the kind of person who can't choose a flavor and is looking at the options for hours? Do you like vanilla and chocolate religiously, and do you want a good mixture of both? Stracciatella was made for you, the ones that want it all at once! The little chunks of chocolate here are even more incredible than nuts!

To make it even better, stracciatella is subtle – you won't be overwhelmed with chocolate the way you'll be when ordering Ferrero Rocher. This ice cream ball is the most delicate line between everything you wish. Hence, go for it whenever you want a light ice cream that will refresh you without being too sweet or "too much" in any way!

7. Toblerone

The best chocolate ever made? It might be true!

Let's take it back to some of the best chocolate types worldwide. Toblerone is as delicious as Ferrero Rocher, maybe even more creamy and tasty! However, we don't recommend mixing the two in one ice cream cone because that chocolate taste will overwhelm your mouth. Better choose one of them!

If you prefer ice cream sticks, you can also buy Toblerone sticks in the form of a triangle at several shops, but ice cream balls made of this chocolate are also a great choice. Chocolate sauce mixed with nougat makes these balls creamy, and you'll see why people say Swiss chocolate is among the best ones worldwide!

6. Coffee

This is one of the easiest ice cream recipes

Are you a coffee addict? Do you want coffee in every aspect of your life? Luckily, you can consume coffee in ice cream balls as well! This flavor might not be all around, and you might have to look for it, but some shops make these balls with real coffee. Do the balls really contain coffee? Yes, caffeine is an actual ingredient!

Luckily, you can also make coffee balls at home, and it won't cost too much. On the contrary, the ingredients might be the most affordable you can find! Coffee ice cream might not affect you like a real coffee cup, but be careful if you're not used to coffee because it might keep you awake! 

5. Strawberry

There's nothing like this classic fruit type

"Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two," sings Olivia Rodrigo. Strawberry dresses might be the trendiest print in the fashion industry. Strawberries symbolize spring, happiness, and the best of nature. Everyone loves strawberries so hard that they are the main ingredient of every fruit ice cream as well!

Moreover, fruits like raspberries, cherries (and other berries!) are ideal for every ice cream, cake, and sweet you prepare. You can make this ice cream ball at home since you can't make any mistakes with them, and the ingredients you add might only spice up the taste. Add the bigger pieces of strawberry inside to make it even better!

4. Frozen Yogurt

You'll make it quickly, and everyone will want to try it!

If this title sounds dull to you, we'll have to change your point of view. Frozen Greek yogurt is a masterpiece and one of the best ice cream ingredients you could have, especially when discussing ice cream balls! Every ball gets more creamy and icy when it has some yogurt inside – that's the secret ingredient!

So, how does frozen yogurt become so delicious, and how does it get red, pink, orange, or dark brown? You add some frozen fruit, of course! You can also add chocolate, but we highly recommend frozen fruit like strawberries or peaches. Lemon can also be highly refreshing, and the taste will be incredibly unique!

3. Vanilla

Vanilla always has a rich taste!

How would you make a great mix without the secret ingredient that makes everything smooth and balances out every combination? For many of them, vanilla is in the top three recommendations for a good reason! This old-fashioned flavor is the best base, and it goes with literally everything!

Moreover, sometimes you're too tired of nuts, chocolate pieces, and odd mixtures that make you sick afterward. Sometimes all you need is a refreshing ball of ice cream or two to make you satisfied. The perfect moment when mixing vanilla extract and heavy cream will make you happy on boiling hot days!

Cookie dough like this is edible and very delicious

Do you like stracciatella, but you'd like it a bit stronger? Is the vanilla-chocolate combo too smooth for you there? Cookie dough will be the finest line between both, and you'll even get that subtle light brown color! This is probably the most famous flavor for ice cream balls, especially thanks to the tiny chocolate chips!

It might be a bit complicated if you want to make this ice cream ball on your own since you'd have to create cookie dough and ice cream base separately. However, you'll find this ice cream flavor wherever you go, so don't stress over it. Once you try it, you'll be obsessed with the crunchy feeling unique to cookie dough!

1. The Classic Chocolate

Only three ingredients and a lot of enjoyment!

The only flavor that deserves the top tier is the one we mentioned multiple times as an ingredient everyone loves – it's the holy chocolate! No matter what you like, how old you are, and which kind of ice cream combo you wish, chocolate is the correct answer, and that's why it deserves the "classic" title!

The essential no-cook chocolate ice cream can make your whole day, and you don't even need to complicate the recipe. If you don't feel like making your ice cream, go out and get your chocolate balls anywhere since it's essential wherever you are. If you're looking for a sweet that boosts your mood instantly... There it is!

Luckily, the ideal combination depends solely on your taste, so don't get too caught up in thinking. Feel free to try it all because ice cream is marvelous no matter what. However, we hope our top ten list recommendations helped you see which ice cream balls would be your priority when ordering in the future!

Do you visit ice cream spots where you can order balls? Do you prefer the brands that have their unique taste? Let us know your opinion!

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