Top 10 Reasons Why a Book Is One of the Best Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-29 18:00:06

Books are something that lasts forever. Classics that have undoubtedly stood the test of time, crime novels that keep you guessing, rom-coms that make you smile... All these moments stay in our heads forever, and we keep them safe on our bookshelves. Since they are timeless, books are also the best gift you can buy for your closest people, so if you're wondering why a book should be your first choice, you won't doubt it after these top ten reasons!

10. It Has Its Own Design

Pretty books are everywhere, and these are some of them

No, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to buying a gift, it's preferable if it also looks undeniably aesthetic! Book lets you have the design already done for you since all you have to do to get a pretty gift is to choose which cover goes the best with your friend or family member.

Actually, this just shows how great a book is, not only inside but also outside. It's a gift that won't ever go out of style because writers come up with new designs over and over. Moreover, they keep their stories not only as quality content but also as something eye-catching!

9. You Can Even Find a Collectible Edition

Disney classics are a perfect example of stunning book covers

Since we've touched upon books' design, did you know that some extraordinary novels have limited edition hardcovers? Look closer at online stores and libraries! You'll see multiple versions of the same classics, and they actually exist because many people love collecting limited editions. Bookworms are collectors!

For anyone who is a bookworm and a collector simultaneously, we're 100% sure you don't have to wait anymore and overthink what the best gift for them is. Get that stunning classic with leather or plush hardcover – they will love the book inside out, and keep it in a nice spot in their room!

8. Books Make Every Room Prettier

A living room with books scores 10 out of 10 – every place gets a more wonderful smell and vibe in this way!

Let's be honest, a room full of books is any bookworm's wildest dream. Even people who don't read often love to have a collection that is as eye-appealing as a complete, colorful bookshelf! When you can make a contribution to your loved one's bookshelf already, why wouldn't you do that? 

A new trend that is constantly growing is decorating living rooms with books. In this way, the stories have left the "personal" space of your bedroom. Now, they sit exposed to anyone who enters your house. People are proud of having a rich library in their living room, so you should consider helping your friend by contributing to it! if your friend loves gaming books, plenty of them are just gorgeous!

7. They Don't Even Have to Be Novels or Stories

A "dear mommy" is something you can get your mom for her birthday!

When we say "books," we don't actually mean only the long, rich classics, novels that take a lifetime to figure out, or even short stories. You can also get poetry books for people that prefer shorter forms, and poetry is actually something that is growing as a trend now. People are busy, so the books become more concise!

The term "books" becomes broader and broader every day, so you don't even have to get a fictional form at all. Today, some books are specially prepared for Father's Day, Valentine's, or any birthday. They are funny, good-looking, and they remain as a memory forever!

6. Some Stories Are Life-Changing

Clark Kegley says these titles changed his way of thinking

This might sound like a cliché, but it's true – some stories might transform your whole mindset and the exact point of life. People usually read because they want to challenge themselves and discover stuff that is intriguing and forever-changing.

If you'd like to allow your friend a journey to broaden their views and seek a chance for personal growth, get them a book that you believe that they should've already read but they never had time or money for. Get them that complicated book that they never dared to read before. Push them to their limits, especially if they have a reader's block!

5. You'll Make Your Person Explore Something New

Laura visited Wattpad to see all these "cringey" titles

Getting to know new things around you is a part of life where you're growing the most: we should explore every day or anytime we have enough space and the will to do it. Bookworms are maybe shyer people that don't like "physical" challenges. Still, we wouldn't underestimate them!

Don't forget that books open a new door to our minds anytime we find a new genre, new characters' type, and plots we aren't used to. That's what you can do with your bookish gift as well – you don't have to play it safe if you know your friend loves to read various genres, so they can even find out about something new!

4. People Get Attached to Book Characters

PeruseProject named some of the most notable characters you have to love!

It is true - we get obsessed with fictional characters so quickly. To be honest, there are many reasons behind it! We love to see the "perfect picture" they represent or the "bad side" that we would like to try at least once in life. That's already a good reason to get someone their favorite book!

If you know what fictional character has a special place in your loved one's heart, get them stuff related to them as well: scrapbooks, pencils, anything you'll find! For example, Potterheads can find so many accessories related to every character, so we hope you'll be lucky enough, too, and stumble upon something appropriate.

3. It's Easy to Pair a Book with Other Gifts

A book beside something that goes well with a book? That's a bonus!

When it comes to buying a present, you usually don't get only one thing for someone very close to you. In that case, the book is just one side of the gift, and you have to find another nice stuff your person will like! The good thing about the book is that it really doesn't limit you – on the contrary, it can just inspire you to get stuff related to it!

Actually, if you want to make a themed gift, you can buy bookmarks and accessories for a hardcore reader. You can even get the stuff that makes reading more comfortable since there are even lamps for people that read at night. You have no idea how many options there are! 

2. You Can Hide Another Little Gift Inside

Turn your book gift into an exciting unboxing by putting something nice inside!

You buy books, something beside them, and even put things inside of them? Your loved one will be obsessed! Take that as a metaphor: books already hide many secrets and a whole world you'll discover, so you can also drop something pretty and tiny inside them. That will be a surprise as an entire package!

Moreover, you can even sneak in a badge or another piece of jewelry in a book. That would be a creative move, and no one would expect that, so when the person thinks they've seen all the gifts from you, they find out the excitement is not over! That kind of thrill should be saved for the end – serve it from piece to piece!

1. You Can Leave Your Personal Letter

For anyone who's not sure how to write an inscription, there are tutorials!

Honestly, the best part about a book as a gift is that it never should go without your personal wishes to that person. Write them an inscription on the first page – it can be any long, any emotional, any professional, any way you wish. You can write about your first memory with them, your journey, the reason why you bought them precisely this book. Actually, you won't need a postcard because a book has enough place for all your wishes!

There are some speculations about whether you should write anything in a collectible book because collectors love their special editions untouched. However, it will be enough to leave a slight trace on the first page, just so they remember that you got them this book, forever. Memories like that never really fade away, though!

In conclusion to our top ten list, if you know what genre your loved one gladly reads, you'll put the biggest smile on their face with a gift like this. No one will be disappointed with a book because it has a design, story, characters and won't leave their bookshelf or get too old. Don't overthink it too much – bring a book for your friend's birthday and see how it works!

How often do you buy people books? Do you ever get them without writing an inscription? Let us know in the comments! 

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