Top 10 Healthy Low-Carb Foods You’ll Love

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-12-19 10:18:52

Maintaining a diet requires strength, physically and even more mentally. We go on diets usually to lose weight, but it’s not rare that some of them provide us a better immune system and help us look younger. Low-carb diets do exactly that since people don’t necessarily maintain them to stay fit, but to reduce sugar. To learn all the basics regarding low-carb meals, check our top ten list of foods you’ll gladly eat while you reduce sugar in the meantime!

10. Sugar-Free Chocolates and Cookies

These are a bit more expensive, of course, but you’ll be satisfied with them!

Since we’re here to recommend some “enjoyable” foods while you’re reducing carbohydrates, the good news is that you can eat chocolate, but only these with a “no sugar added” label. Many of them are made for people that want to avoid a high glycemic index, and yes, they’re still very delicious!

If you’re planning a “strict” low-carb diet and you ditched many foods from your lunch and dinner, you might be hungry throughout the day. So feel free to have a snack, but with sugar-free cookies, not the regular snacks that already ruined your health. Discover brands that sell sugar-free biscuits, and they’ll do!

9. Whole Grain Bread

This bread won’t put you at any risk!

It’s hard to ditch bread, but, yeah, it has a high-carb index, and you surely don’t need it in your diet. Try to stay away from white bread as much as you can. Actually, there are many options to replace it, just like whole grain bread, which isn't too low-carb but still acceptable.

Whole-grain cereals are in general allowed in this diet in limited use. Keto bread might be the best suggestion, but feel free to discover the ones you usually avoid in grocery stores because you’ll undoubtedly find something useful there. Don’t eat too much of any bread, don’t forget that!

8. Some Fruits

This is the whole guide you’ll need when it comes to fruits

The fruit has its own sugar levels, and it’s a natural thing. However, some of them are less sweet than others. You can check the level of carbohydrates in berries and fruits on many sites, and we have good news – many of them won’t affect your diet. Raspberries are, for example, not only delicious but also acceptable for the diet!

Blackberries and strawberries are also good options when it comes to berries. If you’re wondering whether you can drink lemonade during the diet... Yes, you can, just without sugar! Lemon is as permitted as coconut, and it’s even recommended. Avoid grapes, bananas, and mango at all costs! 

7. Nuts

Many nuts you probably like belong to the list

Peanuts sound like a nightmare for anyone who wants to reduce carbohydrates. However, these aren’t the only nuts you can eat and enjoy! They’re crunchy, and people that avoid junk food eat them often, so it’s good to hear that you don’t have to stay away from all of them. 

However, pistachio and cashew are some that you shouldn’t eat until the end of your diet, especially cashew, which is one of the worst foods! Peanuts are usually avoided in this diet, but compared to cashew, they’re even tolerable. Check the list of carbs in all the types of nuts, find your favorites, and then check if they work for your daily goal!

6. Yogurt

Your lifestyle might be ten times worse than it should be if you don’t consume yogurt

Luckily, yogurt also belongs to low-carb foods, so if you’re used to drinking milk every day, simply switch to yogurt because it’s far better for this sort of diet. The good thing is that this drink will freshen you every early morning, and you’ll instantly feel good after it. However, avoid yogurts with added sugar and the sweet ones with fruit. Only the plain one works!

If you’ve never eaten yogurt before, add it to your daily diet, and don’t skip it any day. It won’t function only as your natural probiotic and boost your immunity but will also make you feel refreshed and relaxed for every start of the day! 

5. Coconut Oil, Milk, Flour...

You’ll want coconut as soon as you finish watching this video

...Or basically anything regarding coconut. This magical fruit might even have antimicrobial effects on your body and kill bacteria and fungi! It will help you in many ways, so you should consider using coconut flour instead of the regular one when you’re on a low-carb diet. You should avoid flour in general as much as you can, but coconut will be more helpful.

Moreover, coconut is not only low-carb and perfect for your diet. It’s also advantageous when it comes to improving your skin and hair! Since many people already discovered this secret of nature, you should treat your hair with coconut oil, too. There are many masks for hair that include coconut, and they are easy to apply – it’s the best option for summer days!

4. Eggs

Do you want to explore ways of preparing eggs? Learn from the best!

What’s more suitable for breakfast than eggs? They are simply made for your lazy mornings, and you don’t have to give up on them while your low-carb diet lasts. You know you can even make them in so many ways, so they’re even versatile and so tasty! Keep on enjoying them safely! 

However, eggs are indeed high in cholesterol, but they will only increase your HDL (the good cholesterol). If you don’t eat too many of them, they will be perfect for your health. Eggs also belong to the most nutritious foods, so don’t hesitate to consume them for breakfast a few times per week!

3. Vegetables Above the Ground

Do you actually know what vegetables grow above the ground? Take a test!

Vegetables that grow underground are probably a bit tastier, and you presumably eat more of these. Nonetheless, we have to disappoint you and recommend veggies above the ground instead. Low-carb vegetables include lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, and many more, so the possibilities are almost endless.

Yet, you still have to be careful because, for example, beans grow above the soil, and they aren’t recommended for this diet. So just keep researching which veggies work for you, but consider that the ones above the ground are a healthier option with more health benefits, not only regarding low-carb.

2. Fish

If you’d like to discover more recipes for fish, here are some!

It depends on your taste, but if you like fish, you're in luck because it’s one of the best options for the low-carb program! Fish is very nutritious and has the stuff you need to stay healthy. However, it won’t increase your sugar levels, and this is the safest zone yet... unless we're talking about some which are quite deadly

Of course, some fishes are healthier than others, but you probably already have your favorites. The recipes are everywhere online to help you get inspired so you can expand your ideas regarding fish while you’re avoiding carbohydrates. If fish is not your cup of tea, seafood will do as well!

1. Any Meat You Want

Meat on a sugar-free diet? Food Lies recommends meat in general

You’d think that meat isn’t allowed in any form of the diet, but that’s a huge myth. Meat is actually very healthy (though we would avoid some!), and it’s even recommended if you have issues with sugar levels. You’re more than allowed to consume pork, lamb, beef, chicken, and even seafood for a low-carb diet. No stress about meat!

Another massive benefit of meat when you stop consuming sugar and lower your carbohydrates is that you’ll need more proteins than usual to keep your body healthy and strong. Proteins give us energy, and luckily, they have nothing to do with sugar. You won’t be hungry on a diet like this!

At the end of the day, a diet is something we all adapt to our own needs, so don’t stick religiously to every recommendation. We gave you the right way to research and start with our top ten, but the rest of the work is yours – get to know your body and your needs and make your eating schedule as suitable for you as possible. Reducing carbohydrates is a very healthy decision!

Have you ever tried a low-carb diet? What foods did you enjoy, and what did you miss? 

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