Top 10 Worst Drinks To Have Before a Fight

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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If you ever overindulged yourself with any alcohol, you might be aware that intoxication can cause us to do things we can't imagine. Alcohol can make us behave in many unexpected ways, with various consequences. According to scientists, the reason for that is alcohol myopia. Namely, alcohol rewires our brain into thinking nonsensical things. However, it also makes us miss social and environmental hints that help us see things rationally. Therefore we act aggressively in situations we would usually shrug off. Now some spirits are better suited for fighting than others, including water. Yet, this top ten list will present those others, the worst drinks you could possibly have before a fight.  

10. Everclear 

The purest alcohol that will burn through you all the way

Everclear is infamous for its purity. This grain beverage is usually packed and distributed in its 190 proof form. That's double the alcohol content compared to the standard, 80, or 40% of alcohol. This percentage is so dangerous that some US states have forbidden the sale of 190 proof drinks. Nevertheless, Everclear manufacturers answered by producing their drink at 189 proof. 

Consuming undiluted Everclear is equal to taking poison. Even in cocktails, just one or two shots are enough to reach dangerous levels of intoxication. Needless to say, it will affect your fighting ability significantly. In fact, drinking Everclear is like shooting your own legs with a shotgun before a fight with an undefeated boxing champion.

9. Absinthe

You will see things people wouldn't believe

Due to its hallucinogenic properties, Absinthe was banned in the United States for almost 100 years, until 2007. Absinthe is also known as "Green Fairy" for the most common visual hallucination that occurs after drinking. The specks of the chemical called thujone are supposedly responsible for mild hallucination. However, that's yet to be proved. 

The typical purity of Absinthe is 146 proof, which is 90% of alcohol. Comparatively, that's only a bit lighter than Everclear's 93%. Therefore, it's apparent you have to consume Absinthe with extreme care due to its strength and perception-altering properties. Imagine trying to fight someone while miniature Connor McGregor holds your legs.  Plus, it ain't great for the first date, either.

8. Four Loko

Accessible but yet dangerous

Four Loko is easiest to get your hands on, and you can buy it at gas stations or convenience stores. However, it was temporarily banned in many US states because of its mixture of caffeine and alcohol. Just try to imagine a coffee with Red Bull instead of water. As the Four Loko's advertising campaign made people think it was an energy drink (which ain't good for you anyway), it became trendy among the youngsters. 

Soon after the US authorities banned Four Loko, its manufacturers revised the formula by excluding caffeine. As a result, the sales increased and have been flourishing ever since. The original Four Loko would give you energy, but it would also affect your perception. Basically, you would become a drunk Tasmanian devil hurling yourself at everything you see.   

7. Moonshine 

Dangerous liquor made under the moonlight

Now it's time for another history lesson. Moonshine is an illegally produced alcoholic drink, which got its name by the period of the day people made it to avoid detection. In time, the majority of the States lifted the moonshine ban. The only exception is the vicinity of a personal residence, where it is still illegal to brew moonshine. Nullification of the moonshine ban made it a popular drink throughout the States. However, it is still dangerous to consume it recklessly. 

The prohibition era moonshine had proof that ranged from 63 to 190. Compare that to the contemporary version's proof which is between 60 and 120. That makes moonshine very dangerous, along with the fact there's still illicitly made moonshine in the Southern states. Consuming illegal moonshine before the fight equals getting a gun's butt end between the eyes.

6. Bacardi 151

Be aware not to set yourself on fire

Bacardi is a famous rum brand, but people rarely drink it by itself. The most popular usage of Bacardi is as a part of cocktails such as Daiquiri or Cuba Libre. However, the Bacardi brand has a notorious member, and it's Bacardi 151. The number in its name equals the alcohol content - 151 US proof, or 75% alcohol level. 

Yet, the most significant selling point of Bacardi 151 isn't its potency but its flammability. It is notoriously highly combustible, and people often use it to make "flame shots." Therefore, Bacardi bottles have warnings about highly volatile content. Despite all that, Bacardi 151 was discontinued in 2016 due to many lawsuits by people who burned themselves. If you're not careful with Bacardi 151, you could quickly turn into Human Torch, which would look cool, but will make you regret it in the long run.

5. Changaa

Homebrew beverage that packs a serious punch

For this drink, we will go to Kenya. Changaa is a potent homebrew drink, and it means "kill me quick" in translation. We can't say they didn't warn us! This traditional spirit was made by fermentation of local grain, millet, maize, and sorghum. Changaa was prohibited in Kenya for many years until 2010, when the ban was lifted. 

Homebrews are usually very risky to drink because of unregulated standards of production. Changaa takes your usual wild drinks a step further since you can't possibly know what they used to degrade it. Therefore, some extreme cases include jet fuel and battery acid! When it comes to casualties, let's say Changaa blinded more people than Basil II of Byzant, and the death list is even longer. So, if you don't want to become the next Daredevil, stay hard off of it.      

4. Death In the Afternoon

Hemingway made a monster from two dangerous drinks

Good old Ernest Hemingway knew a lot about drinking and fighting. His legendary exploits have seen a lot of drinking under the table and bar fights. Except for fantastic books, Hemingway is known as an author of one particularly nasty cocktail, appropriately called Death in the Afternoon. This drink is pretty straightforward to make: Just mix Absinthe and iced champagne until it becomes opalescent and milky. The proper dose is three to five, but you should drink it slowly. 

This liquor will impact your liver harder than Mike Tyson's body hook. We guess Hemingway invented this to drink himself into an early grave. It's unbelievable to imagine anyone functioning normally a week after consuming five of these. Son of a gun as he was, Hemingway managed to write under the influence, and pretty well.    

3. Knockeen Hills

Traditional Irish potato-made poison

Knockeen Hills, also known as poteen, is a traditional Irish drink. The legend says it was made after the first potato harvest in Ireland. Thus, it soon became famous as "Irish moonshine." After Ireland started the industrial production of poteen, all unlicensed distilleries became illegal. However, that only increased the popularity of poteen among rebellious people. 

It says a lot when you consider that a drink the Irish people made for centuries became available for sale in 2016. In its most purified form, it's 90% pure ethanol. That would be too much even for Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, let alone an ordinary guy. Consuming pure poteen before the fight will make you unable to use your limbs and senses equally.

2. Spirytus Rektyfikowany

Try this if you hate your liver

Now we're getting into a real danger zone! Polish people are known for their fighting nature and resilience. Thus, who else would make 96% grain alcohol and drink it like it's nothing? That's an even bigger percentage of alcohol than Everclear. We are pretty sure Polish-made Spirytus Rektyfikowany as a part of an initiation ritual in their secret societies or something. It's mind-boggling to even say its name correctly, let alone drink it. 

If you value your organs, you should steer clear of this drink. Or at least don't chug it down quickly unless you want to feel the effects of a nuclear explosion inside your gut. We don't think even Luke Cage would be able to stand and fight after sipping this Polish poison.

1. Balkan 176 Vodka

A true definition of a silent killer

Although it is not the strongest in this list, Balkan 176 vodka is the most dangerous. Let's just say that a bottle of Balkan 176 comes with warning labels in 13 languages, including Braille. The danger of Balkan 176 vodka lies in the fact it doesn't look dangerous. It's without color, smell, and taste, but if you mistakenly take it lightly, you'll regret it very soon after. 

If you're not careful with this vodka, you may need the Braille quick course. The night out with Balkan 176 will make you reenact Balkan Wars in your head. You might even learn to speak the Interslavic language. However, no one would understand you because your tongue would be paralyzed. Also, don't mix Balkan 176 and cigarettes because you'd likely set your mouth on fire. Overall, maybe it's better to skip this one. No bragging rights are worth turning yourself into a burnt leftover of a man. 

Nothing boosts fighting spirit like a good drink. Unfortunately, not all drinks are made to be fight starters. Instead, some would seriously disable one's ability to swing-out. Depending on what you drank, you might end up blind, burned, or incapacitated. So beware around the drinks on this list, and don't mix things you shouldn't mix.

Which of these top ten drinks would you like to try? Which one would you add to the list?  



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