Top 10 Underrated Musicians You Should Discover Immediately

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-13 18:00:06

It's easy to create a playlist full of mainstream music from Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo and other artists to start your day or take a break from work. However, wouldn't it be awesome to discover some terrific musicians that are still not getting the attention they deserve? Finding the best of them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, if you're looking for good new artists just like we do, check out what we found for our top ten list and what's incredibly attention-grabbing!

10. Ängie 

Ängie is still a little secret for many fans, but you should check her out too

The "badass Lana Del Rey" you needed in your life is here! Oddly, she's not extremely famous, but her aesthetics are deeply established in today's society. She is honest, brave, and she's not holding back her habits and wishes. Her look is also very exotic and memorable.

Ängie casually singing "dance stuck in a hypnotic trance" in the song "We Run" is the smoothest thing you've ever heard. Moreover, her other songs don't disappoint as well - they are also captivating. Don't blame us if you start digging up her whole discography after hearing this one!

9. Leighton Meester

Leighton is more famous as an actress, but her album should be on your playlist

Blair Waldorf? "Gossip Girl?" Does it ring any bells? We guess so! Finding a way to shine in your own way was her character's struggle in this famous TV show. However, it feels heartbreaking that she tried the same in the music industry but has released only a single album. "Heartstrings" is sonically cohesive, soft, and heartwarming, but it didn't get the peak it deserved.

The title track "Heartstrings" feels like a warm hug after a cold day. Moreover, vintage songs like "LA" and "Blue Afternoon" or "Entitled" will be the reason why you won't be able to get rid of this album anytime soon.

8. Jaira Burns

Burns plays with Cleopatra image in her songs

Jaira Burns already strikes with her bold and attractive "fiery" name, and if it reminds you of a volcano, she is something like that! Once you hear her 2019's single "Goddess," you won't be able to get enough of it because it's so sexy that it oozes confidence and admiration in every second. "I might just change your life" sounds so convincing that you might sing it the whole day when you hear it.

Jaira is very bold, and she follows that "femme fatale" style. Moreover, she's very in-your-face when it comes to her lyrical expressions. If you need some self-consciousness boost, check out "Sugarcoat," "Ugly," and, of course, "Goddess."

7. Marcus and Martinus

The boys are very positive, charming, and vibrant

We all have darker times in our lives, so a little bit of sunshine is what you need after a bad day. Let these two boys from Norway be your silver lining! They are young, free, and joyful, and with songs like "Make You Believe In Love" and "Dance With You," they'll cheer you up in a minute!

Although they develop that "confident" image in songs like "Like It Like It" and "Girls," they're the real sweethearts. Their uplifting lyrics from "Remind Me" and romantic "First Kiss" will be your favorite. You won't regret checking them out.

6. Astrid S

Astrid was placed fifth in the Norwegian version of Pop Idol

We've suddenly come across Astrid S when we found "Dance Dance Dance" on Spotify, and since that day, it was impossible not to jam to this hidden gem! This blondie feels like a ray of sunshine, even though she is from snowy Norway. The song doesn't lack disco production since Norwegians are famous for it. Nevertheless, her emotions shine through it - we all kind of felt like this at least once in our lives.

Besides "Dance Dance Dance," which is endlessly relatable, she finally released her debut album in October 2020, naming it "Leave It Beautiful." The whole record plays with upbeat vibes and sensitive topics, with "It's Ok If You Forget Me" and "Marilyn Monroe" as particular highlights.

5. Transviolet

This pop band feels alive and expressive, and it's different from everything you've already heard

"Girls Your Age," their biggest hit so far, will already capture you with the exciting screams in the beginning. Moreover, as you listen to it, it gets better and better! Their discography seems like a horror story soundtrack, especially songs like "Pretty Head." If you're into spooky, phantasmal vibes, you got it here.

Skipping their grand track "Bloodstream" would be a crime, too! It's one of the most sensual songs ever, with lyrics containing the pure energy of being high on the most real feelings. The visual with dark violet dripping off the screen shows exactly how this song feels – obscure, forceful, and lustful.

4. Echosmith

There is so much more than "Cool Kids" to discover from this band

Echosmith already had a massive breakthrough with "Cool Kids," a shy anthem about school kids who dream about fitting in this world one day. Nonetheless, their other songs didn't get half the recognition they deserved. That's why we're introducing you to some of the gems you should check out!

Sydney Sierota is the band's main vocalist, possessing an ethereal and sensitive voice that lets you feel her dreamy personality. You probably already know that if you stumbled upon "Cool Kids," but what'll captivate you is a stunning ballad "Goodbye," which feels like a Taylor Swift track. "Get Into My Car" and "My World" will also make you feel happy that this band exists.

3. Alice Chater

Alice cares a lot about her fans and even held Zoom conferences with them

Girls versatile and talented like this usually don't wait too long until the breakthrough. That's why it's still kind of weird that Alice Chater has only a few million streams combined! Her advancement in the charts happened once she joined Iggy Azalea for a single "Lola." However, we suggest you should check her solo songs, which are way better than that one!

"Hourglass" is her absolute highlight so far as Lady Gaga would be proud of this '80s inspired piece. Moreover, note that Chater turned this music video into a one-take choreography clip. "Heartbreak Hotel" is another hidden gem you unquestionably need in your life, and if you're more into ballads, don't miss "Two of Us."

2. Allie X

Allie's music is nostalgic, glimmering, and very noteworthy

Allie X is one of those underrated singers you stumble upon and then get shocked because they don't have a billion views already. Furthermore, she is an example of extraordinariness, both physically and musically. She'll leave you intrigued since the first beats from "Paper Love," one of her most streamed Spotify tunes.

Since you've already discovered "Paper Love," stay a bit longer on her Spotify and YouTube, and don't skip "Downtown" at any cost. This one is even more glorious in its emotional delivery and intensity of lovesick feelings described in the song. If you love Lana Del Rey, that's a bonus, and you should also check out her gloomy ballad "Not So Bad In LA."

1. Kim Petras

Petras' voice is vigorous, and her vibe is unapologetically bold

Kim isn't even that underrated – chances are, you've already come across her while discovering artists. However, she deserves much more attention! "Personal Hell" sounds like that song you hear in every commercial and shopping mall, and it makes you dance endlessly. Find it on the streaming platforms, and thank us later!

"Heart to Break" is another Kim's bold song that also delivers some powerful vocals you don't get to hear every day on charts. Moreover, "Icy" is one of her best songs so far – the bitterness after a break-up never felt this bitter before. Its blistering heat will make you freeze as Petras echoes "icy" in the chorus.

Now that you've read all our top ten recommendations and hopefully checked out some of them, it would be nice if we heard your opinion on these artists. Did any of them catch your eye? Have you already heard of them before? Recommend some good music for us as well – many artists are still waiting for their big moment!

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