Top 10 Worst Things That Happen When You Don't Brush Your Teeth Properly

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-01 06:00:07

Brushing every part of your teeth and gums matters more than you think. Going tooth by tooth with the correct technique and taking enough time is the base of your beauty and health. Hence, more is needed to brush your teeth anyhow. The proper way of doing it prevents various diseases, so learn more about your teeth health in these top ten examples of what could go wrong if you don't follow the rules!

10. The Denial That You "Brush Them Anyway"

This tutorial should help!

"It's alright if I don't brush my teeth well as long as I'm brushing them anyway" is the phase where you know you're not doing it right, but you still don't see a problem. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth "anyway" won't save you from cavities and gum diseases. The wrong way of brushing can make you think you don't have those issues even though they're present!

If you relate to this, there are good chances you'll change your bad habit because you're at least aware that your way is wrong. Hence, make sure you read more tutorials and tips on how to get that proper technique. Your beautiful smile is still waiting for you, and it's not too late!

9. …And That It "Isn't Wrong"

Check this technique to see if yours is wrong

Now, this situation is way worse. That's when you dig deeper into your denial phase and believe you're doing things right. If you don't think there's something to be changed, then it's a severe problem – a more serious one than the one where you know it's wrong! It's good to be aware that your hygiene isn't fantastic because that's the first phase of doing something to change that.

Brushing left to right along your teeth, not cleaning your gums, or any other wrong technique can seem so ordinary that you start thinking your bad hygiene is fine. Hence, if you start noticing issues whenever you visit your dentist, try to check some tips on how to brush your teeth properly because you could be doing it wrong all the time!

8. Various Health Risks 

Unfortunately, all those problems go together

This is a side effect rather than something that actually influences your teeth' health. Still, this scenario is worse than any that could happen. Bad oral hygiene brings terrible oral health and also weakens your immune system. When this happens, you can be at risk for various diseases, such as heart or blood pressure issues.

Yet, if your immune system is already strong and you maintain a healthy diet, it won't be as noticeable as for someone who smokes, drinks, and eats junk food. However, anyone could be at risk, so don't be too confident that you don't need to care for your oral health. You should prevent any disease you can!

7. Bad Breath

These tips will surely help you solve the problem!

If people don't want to pull you closer, maybe your bad breath is the problem. You brush your teeth, but that uncomfortable thing is still there? You may need to brush your teeth better, and the overgrowth of bacteria on your gums makes the smell unpleasant. Bad breath is just one of the consequences.

If bad breath appears even after you fix your brushing technique, check if some side effects of bad oral hygiene have already happened to you. Bad breath is usually there when you eat a particular food, smoke, have gastric issues, or even have problems with the liver or kidneys. The issue can signify something, so don't ignore it.

6. Your Teeth Become Yellowish

You can do something to change it!

White teeth are one of the beauty standards that we all have and crave. Can you have white teeth if you don't brush them properly? Definitely not. You could have good overall health anyway, but one thing you can't have is fresh white teeth. If you don't brush your teeth as you should, your teeth will soon become yellowish.

So, when do teeth start losing the beautiful color they had? Mostly when you eat junk food and don't maintain proper hygiene. However, it also happens when you have gums issues or when a cavity starts on your tooth. The first symptom will be the change in your tooth's color. It might also become darker than usual, not only yellow!

5. Your Gums Turn Red and Become Sore

Let's hope you don't have any of these, but…

Gums are sometimes more important than your teeth because they keep them in place and secure. It's literally impossible to have good hygiene and sore gums. Hence, if your gums are swollen or constantly hurt or even bleed, that's a major signal you're brushing your teeth the wrong way!

In conclusion, as long as your gums are red and you see or feel something is wrong, you should work on your cleaning technique. Remember to brush them while brushing your teeth because gum diseases tend to last very long and can waste a lot of energy. Prevent those problems with proper hygiene!

4. The Overgrowth of Bacteria

Some of them are good and should exist!

The biggest problem that usually happens when you don't maintain good hygiene in any part of the body is the constant overgrowth of bacteria. This situation is more than expected since we all have the "good" bacteria in our mouths. Overgrowth happens when you don't brush your teeth well, and those bacteria aren't good for you anymore!

To avoid this issue, you should say no to acidic and carbonated drinks since they usually cause overgrowth. Sugary and sticky foods also cause problems, especially if you consume them and don't have time to brush your teeth right afterward. Brushing your teeth properly is the best way to avoid this, anyway!

3. Cavities

Do everything you can to prevent this problem

There it is, another frequent issue that happens when bacteria in your mouth become uncontrollable. Call it tooth decay or cavity, but everyone has had a problem at least once. If you're facing this issue too often, and it happens on most of your teeth, it's 90% true that the way you brush your teeth is far from right.

Luckily, if you reduce the consumption of the foods and drinks we mentioned, you'll rarely have tooth decay. However, even if you maintain a healthy diet, a cavity will happen because your teeth need to be brushed frequently, no matter what. Yes, even when you don't eat anything!

2. Losing the Entire Tooth

It's a lengthy, long procedure…

Unfortunately, this is the next phase that happens if you don't treat your cavities. Every phase we mentioned is connected to the others, but don't think of it as something bad. It should make maintaining oral health easier – "If you don't do this, that will happen" is a simple formula!

Luckily, replacing your teeth with an implant is easy, but it will cost a lot of money and time. Hence, you should think twice before it happens and do everything you can to save what nature gave you. You'll start appreciating having your teeth when one of them leaves you. That will happen if you don't brush your teeth the way you should!

1. Losing the Overall Teeth Health That Can Never Come Again

Short answer – it matters a lot!

Yes, all those things we mentioned can cause permanent damage that can never be fixed. Most diseases can be cured nowadays, and your teeth can be good again even if you brushed them wrong for ages. However, the longer you brush them wrong, the fewer chances you will keep your teeth for the rest of your life.

Of course, it would be pessimistic to believe that all your chances are gone if you've had years of brushing your teeth wrong and ongoing cavities ruined many of your teeth. Nonetheless, you should be aware that lost teeth will never be there again, and ruined ones will never be the same again. Hence, think of them on time!

In fact, it's a great thing to know that brushing your teeth properly is already enough to have a beautiful smile. It won't solve some issues you might have, but health will be a good base for beauty and confidence. You don't have to do much – brush your teeth daily, follow the rules, and you'll have it all!

Are you sure you brush your teeth the way you should? Are your teeth healthy in general? Let us know in the comments section!

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