Top 10 Essential Tips to Know Before Your Trip to Qatar

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-02-17 18:00:26

The Eastern countries are the ideal mix of luxury and tradition, so if you’re looking for that kind of adventure, Qatar was made for you. This rich land was the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and its wealthy art and landscape are why you will enjoy every minute you spend there. However, you should also know some rules before you embark on this journey since Qatar isn’t just an “ordinary” country. Therefore, these are the things to know about Qatar!

10. You’re About to Enter the Almost Richest Country in the World

You’ll notice Qatar is high on this list

OK, if Qatar isn’t the most prosperous country ever, it’s definitely among the top five wealthiest places you’ll visit. The discovery of Qatari oil and natural gas made it so wealthy that its economy is the leader in the Middle East. Hence, you can expect Michelin Star restaurants, luxury hotels, and expensive stuff all over the place!

However, Qatar can be affordable if you know where to find hotels and food. The budget restaurants and street foods will save you money, but still, you should know that the country is extremely wealthy. The Arabs were always more prosperous than the others, so take some cash to be sure you have enough!

9. You’ll Reach Qatar Easily By Plane

The overall reviews are usually fantastic!

If you’ve ever booked a flight to any country, you probably know that Qatar Airways is one of the most beloved ways of plane travel. Thanks to this airline, you can reach Qatar from more than 150 countries. That is pretty impressive and makes your trip plans relatively smooth!

Moreover, Qatar Airways is certified as a 5-star airline, so you won’t have any doubts regarding their staff, service, and overall quality. They were the synonym for 5-star service even when no other company had five stars! Sometimes you struggle to look for the best way to travel, but with Qatar, it will be easy!

8. LGBTQ+ Community Is Not Really Welcome

Rainbow flags are nowhere to be found in Qatar

The flag that no one has the right to raise in Qatar is the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. You should be careful if you belong to this community and travel to Qatar and other strict Muslim countries because you might face problems. LGBTQ+ visitors are officially allowed to enter, but they can’t express their sexuality in public.

Being touchy and having a PDA in public is generally not something to do in Qatar, even if you’re straight. Hence, ensure you know your boundaries when you’re on the streets if you want to avoid issues. Male homosexuality is forbidden and considered illegal in Qatar, so keep that in mind.

7. The Weather Can Get Extremely Hot

This is a serious challenge!

Don’t forget that Qatar has a desert climate, which can bring dry heat and get so hot that you can’t make it through the day. You can risk your health if you spend time outside midday during the summer and fall days. Thus, ensure you drink enough water and stay in the shade whenever possible.

Even winter days aren’t too cold here – they’re relatively mild, so it’s best to plan your trip sometime between October and April. The humidity is down, and you’ll feel the most comfortable these months!

6. Get to Know Their Food

Street food is impressive in Qatar!

Muslim countries have slightly different food from what you usually eat. Still, their dishes are even more delicious, and you’ll be obsessed! Hence, we recommend you leave your comfort zone when ordering meals because you’ll probably love everything you try. The street food is delicious, so give it a chance!

Of course, there are some things you should know about the way they prepare food. Is pork your favorite? You won’t find it in Qatar, so you’ll have to get used to halal food, mainly because pork is considered unlawful. However, you won’t complain because halal is really something worth trying.

5. You’ll Need Some Tips on Your Luggage

Make sure you read all the tips!

When visiting Qatar, there are some things to know before you pack your bags. And we don’t mean only your clothes as some stuff should never be in your luggage! You can forget excessively short skirts and cropped tops, but it’s more important to forget the alcohol!

Yes, you’ve read it right – don’t pack any alcohol bottles because it won’t work. Drugs shouldn’t even be mentioned (but read more about them later), but the essential tip is to avoid everything controversial. Pornography, pork products, religious material, weapons, and other illegal stuff should be avoided at all costs!

4. Don’t Get Drunk in Public

You won’t have a drinking session there!

If drinking and misbehaving with friends on the streets is your favorite thing, you’ll have to forget about that in Qatar. It’s illegal and disrespectful towards the community, primarily because of their religion and modest lifestyle. If you try to do this anyway, remember that it’s prohibited!

Actually, alcohol is partially legal for non-Muslims and tourists, but we’d rather avoid conflicts. If you had the plan to bring some alcohol bottles with you, it’s an even worse scenario since they won’t let you import any bottles! We already mentioned restrictions regarding your luggage, so make sure you know their boundaries.

3. Drugs Shouldn’t Even Be Mentioned!

Drugs are on top of these don’ts lists all the time

As Qatar is strict about misbehaving in public when drunk, you probably can’t imagine what could happen if they found out you have drugs. Consuming drugs is strictly illegal, and importing them is almost impossible. The consequences would be severe, so don’t play with the law in Eastern countries in general!

In conclusion, it’s essential to understand that what you find normal might be controversial in Qatar. Consuming some sorts of drugs isn’t an issue in some Western countries. Still, foreigners should be careful when visiting strict countries. There is zero drug tolerance, so it’s better to enjoy life sober on your Qatar trip!

2. Respect Their Religion

Learn more about practicing other religions in Qatar

You’re free to choose your religion and ideologies. Still, you should remember that Qatari people greatly care for their religion! Hence, don’t make silly jokes about the Muslim community, and don’t pretend to be surprised by their habits. Culture shock is real when you come to Qatar, but take it as an opportunity to learn about something new!

Of course, you don’t have to cover your head or face the way they do, but you should never offend the community. Most tips, such as those about your luggage or alcohol, are related to their strict religion. Hence, the biggest advice we could give you is to be respectful and modest!

1. ...Especially in the Way You Dress

The video is informative yet funny!

As we mentioned, you shouldn’t forget that you’re spending time in a Muslim country that cares a lot about tradition and religion. You don’t have to dress like them, but you should show respect and modesty if possible. You might be used to the freedom to wear whatever you wish, but people dress modestly in Qatar!

Despite the hot temperatures, women in Qatar wear local clothing that isn’t revealing. Hence, it would be nice to appreciate that. Of course, men and women should respect the culture and cover their knees and shoulders in any situation. It’s not only about women wearing short skirts and revealing tops. Men should care too!

If you follow all these rules and enjoy the exotic vibe of the country, we’re sure you’ll have zero problems, and this will be the adventure of a lifetime. Every place will feel like home when you’re informed about how to behave and your opportunities. Qatar offers a lot, which you’ll realize as soon as you arrive! 

Did you know these fun facts and tips already? Is Qatar too strict, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover photo: Radoslaw Prekurat/Unsplash



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