Top 10 Rihanna Collaborations That Have Made Her a Superstar

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

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Rihanna is successful, confident, beautiful, and gives valuable advice! Winning multiple Grammy, MTV, and Billboard awards, she's come a long way for a girl born on a small island of Barbados. Let's not forget, the singer is one of the most streamed and best-selling artists of all time. Nowadays, she's more endeavored into her make-up and fashion lines than in her music. However, today we'll go down memory lane for all of you out there waiting for her new album. Here's our top ten list of best Rihanna collaborations.

10. "This Is What You Came For" Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris and Rihanna go so well together on "This Is What You Came For"

Calvin Harris couldn't get a hold of Rihanna for months to record this song. The famous DJ wanted the track to be on "Anti," her upcoming album at the time, but it ended up as his single with Rihanna's vocals. This was their third successful collaboration, as it became Rihanna's 21st top-five song on US Billboard Hot 100, with over 2.3 billion views on Youtube.

The song itself is a light-hearted, catchy club banger with lyrics expressing a girl's emotions about love and fame. Another interesting fact about the track - the lyrics were co-written between Harris and Taylor Swift.

9. "The Monster" Eminem

"The Monster" is a hard hitting song

"The Monster" was featured on Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" and was the duo's fourth time working together. The track was critically acclaimed, as it won Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in the 2015 Grammys and the fans' hearts. The song is dark and paints us a picture of Eminem's personal struggles with fame and his alter-ego - Slim Shady.

Rihanna sings the chorus where she confesses about being friends with the monster under her bed, acknowledging and accepting her personality's unpleasant side. Em told upon the release that he chose our girl RiRi for the feature because he thought that the public perception of both of them is altered.

8. "What's My Name" Drake

Drake was always so inspired when working with Rihanna

Every time Drake and Rihanna join forces musically, the song becomes an instant smash! They've had their moments of flirtatious behavior over the years, and it seems it's always related to some new music coming out. At least that's what the critics would say! One thing's for sure, whatever it is that they are doing, it's working!

"What's My Name" was featured on the singer's fifth album, "Loud," and dominated the charts worldwide. Drake will definitely remember this collab, as it brought him his first number-one song on the Billboard Hot 100. The track explores sex and romance themes, with the beat taking us to Rihanna's island roots.

7. "Hard," Young Jezzy

Listen to RiRi showcasing her rapping skills

 Rihanna's fourth studio album, "Rated R," was highly critically acclaimed, as it was considered a risky departure from her previous work. Recorded right after the "Chris Brown incident," it highlighted some new topics in the singer's music so far, as she raps about addictive relationships, violence, and anger.

"Hard" was the second single from the album, and it represents a demonstration of power and strength by the pop star. Rihanna comes up as bragging and arrogant but in the best way. Young Jezzy, the collaborator, was a perfect choice, as he fit right in the commanding vibe on this hip-hop track.

6. "Run This Town" Jay Z and Kanye West

This is the song Rihanna needed for grand return

"Run This Town" was a clear statement of these three mega-stars about them calling all the shots in the music industry. It was a second single from Jay-Z's album "The Blueprint 3." Commercially, the song did great, as it peaked second on the Billboard Hot 100, and it won two Grammys - Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Interested in hearing the backstory? Jay formed a new label at that time, "Roc Nation," with him, Rihanna, and Kanye being the prominent artists. What a better way to market it than to declare that they're running this town? An important thing to note, this was Rihanna's first musical appearance after the domestic violence scandal with her ex - Chris Brown.

5. "Take Care" Drake

Rihanna's soft vocals go so well in this one

 Remember what we said previously about these two collaborating? They never seem to disappoint. This one is for all of you romantic souls out there, and you'll love it if you haven't heard it yet. "Take Care" is an R&B song with a downtempo that includes tribal elements, featured on Drake's album with the same name.

The lyrics portray a couple in a relationship trying to help each other and move on from past traumas. It's a bonafide love song that explores feelings such as vulnerability and fear. What we enjoy the most about this song is Drake's melodic raps and soft vocals from Rihanna.

4. "All of the Lights" Kanye West

Pay attention to complex lyrics in "All of the Lights"

This track had to find a place on our list, as it was one of the finest works of Mr. Kanye West. It was the fourth single from Ye's widely critically acclaimed project, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." Let's talk about accolades first. The song won two Grammy Awards and was nominated for the song of the year. With its complex production and an accompanying video, it became a fan-favorite instantly.

What draws you in at first are Rihanna's vocals in the catchy chorus. Still, to understand the lyrics, you have to dive deep and pay attention, as it mentions a troubled home, imprisonment, divorce, and flashing lights. All of this is a metaphor for Kanye's struggles under the limelight.

3. "We Found Love" Calvin Harris

"We Found Love" is one of the dance songs ever!

"We Found Love" is a mega-hit in Rihanna's discography that found its place on both hers and Calvin's albums. It's one of the best-selling singles of all time and served as a starting point for the producer's successful US career. We can call it - The Rihanna effect!

With an repetitive EDM melody followed by a similar pattern in lyrics, the song had appealing characteristics to a worldwide audience. Diving into the topic of love-hate relationships, you can actually take a lot from the lyrics even though it seems they don't tell that much. Talking about love is universal, but when you combine that with a dancing melody, you get a smash that marks the artist's career.

2. "Love the Way You Lie" Eminem

Deeply emotional RiRi relates to this song

There's no way that you missed this tune as it was all over the radio and MTV. Released as a single for Eminem's "Relapse" album, it became his best-selling track of all time. The central theme is domestic violence, told from Em's perspective, as Rihanna sings in the refrain. He specifically wanted the pop singer on the song because she can relate to the experience of being in a tumultuous relationship.

Rapper's storytelling was compelling, as he managed to assess the issues from both perspectives and hook the listeners worldwide. As Rihanna said, the topic of domestic abuse made it impactful. If you were a teenager or a young adult in 2010, you know what we're talking about - this song was #1 US-hit for seven weeks consecutively. Unfortunately, it was still snubbed at Grammy Awards.

1. "Umbrella" Jay Z

"Umbrella" will always be Rihanna's signature song

 You know how one project can change your life to the core? We can say this about "Umbrella," the lead single of Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad" album. This is a pop smash that dominated the year 2007 and includes a rap verse from Jay Z. The secret to the song's success is the repetitious hook "Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh." Upon hearing it, our Bad Gal RiRi knew it would be a hit. 

As we found out later, it was supposed to be a Britney Spears song, but her record label turned it down. The popularity of this track led to the launch of Rihanna's umbrellas through the Totes company! Although the lyrics are generic representation of being in love, it was a mega-popular tune, and it cemented Rihanna's status as one of the biggest pop-stars in the world.

Rihanna has shaped many people's childhood's as she released hit after hit. She is the ultimate badass queen of pop music, and that's why many artists wanted to collaborate with her.

What are your top ten Rihanna collaborations, and who did she sound the best with? Write to us in the comment section and share your thoughts with us.

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