Top 10 Eyeshadow Colors To Have In Your Collection

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-30 10:11:50

Makeup is a lot about the colors – the right shades play a massive role, especially when you're mixing eyeshadows. And when you're combining them with other makeup parts, of course! It's essential to have the right vision when you wear both lipstick and eyeshadow, and these aren't even the only parts of the makeup. Hence, you should always have at least ten eyeshadow colors in your palette – we'll show you the top ten ones you can't skip at all if you want the perfect look!

10. Purple

What's your favorite shade of purple?

You assumably have no clue how much you can do with purple since it seems too "hard" to combine. However, purple gives you way more opportunities than you think since it has various valuable shades, from lavender to lilac and violet, which resembles purple a lot. Thankfully, all these shades can look cute and sophisticated if applicated properly.

When it comes to the looks that you can achieve with purple, they're also various. Do you want to give off a badass vibe? Sure, go with it! Would you rather look sweet and innocent with your pastel outfit? Lilac or lavender will do the job! You can rely on purple whenever you want to be seen, so make sure to have it ready!

9. A Vibrant Color to Match the Outfit

Watch thousands of tutorials on YouTube, and you'll definitely make it!

Don't you feel like you need a bit of brightness on your eyes, that eyeshadow that will make you memorable and authentic wherever you're going at the moment? These eyeshadows are usually pigmented and so bright that you might think it's impossible to look great with them. It's not like that, since these are a trend now!

Of course, you can't have every vibrant eyeshadow in this world. Nevertheless, you should get some of your favorite bright colors and play with them when you're wearing a colorful outfit. This is the best idea for a festival look, concerts and parties in general. Hence, if you're still insecure, try pulling these on occasions like that!

8. A Dark Shade

Smokey eyes are the best with the darkest shades!

Rocking black eyeshadow really requires confidence, but this thing also helps you gain it effortlessly! When you're wearing a dark shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, you know you're noticeable, and all eyes are on you – for a good reason! Not every girl pulls real dark shades, but if you're one of the bold ladies, bring it on!

Furthermore, dark eyeshadows are always helpful when creating a more "complex" eye makeup combination. For example, you can't do smokey eyes with bright shades only since you'll need something to spice it up. Dark shades are here to make you stand out and for your eyes to shine!

7. A Basic Brown

It's not too complicated!

Whenever you don't feel like experimenting but still want to be seen, a classic shade of brown will keep you safe. Brown has your back all the time, and it doesn't require any complicated tutorials the way the brighter colors do. It's always flattering, and it doesn't matter what you're wearing and if you're incredibly chic!

Moreover, a brown eyeshadow always looks impressive with well-shaped eyebrows and eyelashes. Hence, make sure that the "neighborhood" of your eyelids also looks perfect! Brown also lets you experiment freely with most lipsticks, so don't be afraid to pull red lips when you're wearing an eyeshadow like that!

6. ...And Another Brown

Is soft brown your favorite shade?

If you thought a classic shade of brown was enough… It's way better to have multiple types for this one! It's OK to have one blue eyeshadow, but brown is more versatile, and you'll need it for various tutorials. For smokey eyes, too! Hence, try to have at least four or five in your palette.

Moreover, if you'd prefer to have only two palettes to use continuously, have one bright and colorful and the other with brown shades only. No matter your style, you'll need a lot of brown in your makeup area. It won't get too complicated, and you'll still look chic and sophisticated!

5. Glitter!

Did we mention purple already? Well, go with purple glitter then!

The queen of every dramatic look and the extravagant outfit is the one and only – glitter. You might hate it, but glitter indeed gives you everything. You'll be authentic, bold, and cool, and everyone will want to steal your style if your eyeshadow has a slight glow on it. Or a bit more glow, as much as you wish!

Of course, not every glitter look has to be the center of attention. You can do a shimmering eyeshadow by adding only a bit of sparkle without mixing it with any vibrant color. Most people think that it's a challenge to do glitter makeup and that it's suitable only for festivals, but there's much more to it!

4. Silver

Glitter is also one way of pulling silver!

There isn't a better color than silver if you're celebrating. Whenever you have a great occasion coming up, you should get your silver eyeshadow ready! Silver requires some rules, and you can't combine it with everything. Still, since many outfits include shades of gray, silver actually fits good and isn't too challenging!

Even though you can do smokey eyes with brown and some other dark tones, too, silver gives your smokey a more sophisticated vibe, and you'll look "rich." Moreover, silver is easy to combine with any shape of eyeliner. The cat-eye look will be priceless if you do it with this royal color, so don't hesitate to try!

3. Gold

It really can be done in five minutes!

Did we mention the "rich" look when we described silver? Well, gold shades will give you even more than that! Gold is known as a symbol of wealthy vibes, so use it well when you're wearing red lipstick, an extravagant hairstyle, and a maxi dress that goes well with gold. It's the best evening look, so choose the right occasion!

Moreover, gold is a color that reminds us of the sun's rays and warm temperatures – it's all about summer! Hence, it's a popular shade for summer looks since you can pull it in a subtle way. Blend it good, and you'll have that sultry, shimmering vibe that isn't too pretentious, yet it's still sexy!

2. A Few Pinkish Shadows

Valentine's Day is that time of the year when you need pink!

You shouldn't doubt pink – this color is still in, and it will probably never go out of style, especially if we look at eyeshadows! You can go with this color for a casual meeting, a fancy evening, or basically anything since it's versatile and easily fits any concept. It's not made for young ladies only – that's just a myth!

Moreover, pink is so good that you should own a few shades of this color. From the deepest, pigmented colors and metallic tones to baby pink and subtle shades, pink gives you opportunities similar to brown. Still, it's way more feminine and joyful. Rose, glitter, bubblegum, hot pink… You have no idea how many opportunities you'd get with a pink palette!

1. White

White can also make intriguing looks that you never knew before

You might think we're kidding for this one, but, yes, it's that color that you always ignore, even though it's included in every palette ever made. Would it be there without any reason? We don't think so since you'd never make a flawless eyeshadow blend without a bit of white! Once you find out how much you need it, you'll never have enough!

Actually, white is used for the base, and it helps you blend any colors you need. Do you want to have a bright and optimistic look? This eyeshadow can also be used to highlight the areas of your face! Just make sure you blend it well, and white will be your best friend – it helps anyone look brighter and lighthearted!

After all, the quality palettes that you find in the best makeup stores always have these shades. You shouldn't get a palette that doesn't have a variety of shades since it's the base of a fancy look. It's hard to combine the colors the way you want and not make a mistake, but it'll be perfect with a bit of practice and the right decisions!

What's your favorite eyeshadow in our top ten list? Do you own various palettes, or do you always stick to the same one? Let us know your preferences!

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