Top 10 Best Traditional Austrian Desserts and Pastries

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, desserts that are extraordinary and include unique ingredients must be something you'd like to try. Austria is a country that nourishes "dessert culture" more than authentic savory foods, so prepare for that when you embark on your first Vienna trip. Austria has the best pastries, and it's impossible to mention all of them, but check out our ten recommendations that will impress you!

10. Salzburger Nockerln

There's nothing too complicated in this recipe, but the taste is exceptional!

Let's kick off the list with something you won't find anywhere else! There's nothing more authentically Austrian than the sweet delight coming straight from Salzburg, the fourth biggest city in this country. While it's much smaller than Vienna or Graz, it's well-known for music, art, and its Salzburger Nockerln!

Moreover, this is a warm dessert that looks as simple as bread. However, its magic ingredient is vanilla sugar mixed with icing sugar, eggs, and butter. If you add some lemon, the taste will be even better. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer plain pastries without any chocolate toppings or fruits – less is more!

9. Apple Rings

Apples and lemons are sometimes enough to make the best rings ever

The first thing you'll notice about Austrian sweets is that they appreciate the power of apples! Apple is an authentic Austrian ingredient for many pastries, and the recipes are usually simple yet tasty because apple is a perfect piece for baked cakes. Sweet rings that also include apples are ideal for serving at any event!

Since you already learned that Austrian cuisine adores vanilla, the best tip for apple rings is to serve them with vanilla sauce or ice cream if it's hot outside. It would be best to serve your rings warm, so the hot and cold mixture will give you the best result. You basically need only five ingredients to make this delight!

8. Mohnnudel

They might look odd, but they're delicious!

It seems like noodles are more popular than ever now, and Austria has their version made of potato dough. These are thicker than the usual ones, and they're served with poppy seeds most of the time. Consequently, they look very dark yet smooth. It looks like potatoes sprinkled with chocolate, but the taste is even better than the description!

When you mash the potatoes well, you have done half of the job already because the dough plays the most crucial role here. The other important aspect is the thick form and the proper way of rolling the dough, but it's also simple enough. This is basically the best way to prepare a quick dessert after dinner since it's light and sweet!

7. Strawberry Curd Cheese Gateau

Curd cheese is a magic ingredient that makes everything creamy!

Besides using a lot of vanilla, you'll notice Austrian cuisine is the pro at preparing fruits in the best way possible, not only apples. Even the traditional carrot cake is authentic for Austria. However, strawberries taste better than carrots, and Austria knows how to use them for their cheesecake version!

As you already know, red fruits are the usual cheesecake topping, and the middle part of this cake is white. The Austrian version is more clever, though, since it has a perfect mixture of curd cheese and strawberries inside. Strawberries are so beloved in the Austrian culture that they also make gorgeous, delicious dumplings with them!

6. Reindling

Would you bake something like this for breakfast?

This dessert's name might need to be clarified, and you might not know what to expect. Yet when you try it, you'll want to learn more about every German-language pastry title. This one has various titles, even the Carinthian Bundt cake, which better explains its shape. The dark filling you see inside is simply raisins with cinnamon!

If you have already gotten used to adding apples to any Austrian dessert, feel free to insert them here as well since it makes the flavor even better. Raisins are sometimes enough, though. You might need almost two hours to prepare it, so if you want to serve it for breakfast, you might have to wake up a bit earlier than usual. Still, it will be worth it!

5. Cremeschnitte

This is a classic that you must know!

We included only the must-have delights from Austria in this top five, and the first one to introduce is a gorgeous cream slice that is yellowish, smooth, and endlessly creamy! If you still need to learn how much effort Austrian cuisine puts into using vanilla in every pastry recipe, here is another way of turning vanilla into something heavenly!

Since vanilla is smooth and needs something to stay in shape, the top and bottom of this pastry are covered with a crisp custard made of vanilla. The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy couldn't get enough cream slices, so they're popular in Hungary, the Balkan countries, and the whole of Europe!

4. Kaiserschmarren

Nothing will be the same anymore once you try these!

Did you believe you've tried every sort of pancake ever? We have to show you another one, the type you'll go mad for. Do you like your pancakes fluffy and so smooth they fall into pieces? You need to discover the Austrian classic, Kaiserschmarren, the "torn" pancakes sprinkled with a lot of powdered sugar!

If you want to add something special to the bowl, use some plum sauce. Moreover, Kaiserschmarren is such a crucial part of the tradition that they also have variations with several fruits. The best option is the recipe that includes blueberries since it's also something we're used to when preparing pancakes. 

3. Linzer Slices

It looks like the pie of your dreams!

The hack is – when a cake has the city that it originates from in its title, then it's indeed authentic, and there's a reason why the city is included in the title. Linz is well-known for its beauty, charm, cultural activities, and the famous Linzer cake or "slices ."They look like an American pie from above. The taste is definitely different, though!

Moreover, you've learned how vital lemon and jam are to a classic Austrian dessert recipe. That's what the reddish topping of this cake actually is – it's the jam! Vanilla and icing sugar are also the top priority here, and when you add a bit of cinnamon, the flavor gets as good as its smell!

2. Sacher Torte

Hotel Sacher is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Vienna

Here it is, the slice of cake you can find in any book about Austrian desserts. The cake with a long history which includes profound battles. Seriously, hotel Sacher and cafe Demel are still arguing about the original Sacher recipe, but that's what makes this cake so hyped up. Is the hype real? Try it yourself, but the truth is the taste is fantastic!

Sometimes you make the best cakes only with premium chocolate, some apricot jam, and the crust as the base. That's how the young Sacher made this masterpiece when Prince Klemens von Metternich needed an excellent cake while his chef was sick. Believe it or not, a 16-years old created this fantastic pastry!

1. Apple Strudel

From the dough to the filling, this is perfection!

Except for the notoriously beloved (and sometimes hated) Sacher Torte, we could skip any Austrian dessert and offer something else instead. Any dessert except the excellent apple strudel, the thing you must try as soon as you arrive in the country. It's authentically Viennese and so delicate that you'll forget every fruit pie you've ever tried before!

This delight looks like a pie indeed, but it's even better, and Austrian royalties could never live without apple strudels in Hofburg, their gorgeous palace. Moreover, this is another living proof of Austrian simplicity and quality. There's nothing that is "too much" about apple strudel, yet it's irreplaceable among this kind of sweets!

Luckily, most of these sweets are easy to make at home since they're traditional and straightforward. Their magic lies in the simplicity and authentic ingredients that give them the most excellent flavor. Most countries also have their versions of these sweets and pastries, so we bet you could find some in your town as well!

Have you tried any of these Austrian desserts? Is visiting Austria on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments section!

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