Top 10 Inspiring Concert Outfits to Pull at Your Favorite Artist's Show

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-08 14:51:01

If you're a concert enthusiast, you must feel lucky since you can see many musicians perform every year. Touring is a crucial part of a music career, after all, and it includes fans in the best way possible – enjoying the music. You need a nice outfit for that, though, because your clothes say a lot about you! If you're looking for inspiration regarding outfits for a performance coming up in your town, check out our ten recommendations that will surely fit you like a glove!

10. A Colorful Outfit

It's easier than it seems!
An ideal concert for this look: All the genres except hip-hop and rock
Is it trendy right now? Colors are incredibly beloved now!
Is it simple to pull? Yes!
Is it affordable? It can be, absolutely!
Outfit info

Colors are the crucial thing about your outfit most of the time, and you may not even notice that fact, especially if your wardrobe is all-black. However, if the show you're attending isn't punk or metal, you obviously need to put some colors on. If you let some light in and try pastel colors, you'll see how great it feels! 

The perfect place and time to try colorful outfits are music performances because no one wants to appear dull on their favorite artist's tour. So what if you never wore red and pink at the same time? A good concert outfit should be experimental, so feel free to pull any color you never dared to. Try some colors that are hard to pull in general! 

9. A Nice Jacket 

Winter coats can help a lot with layering
An ideal concert for this look: You'll need it at any concert
Is it trendy right now? It won't ever go away!
Is it simple to pull? Yes!
Is it affordable? Depends on how hard you want to slay!
Outfit info

When it's wintertime, your jacket might be your whole outfit – or the main point everyone sees on you. Even during spring and fall days, you can have an extraordinary jacket that will cover your top, and you don't even have to worry about cute shirts and crop tops. All that you need is that one piece that makes you gorgeous!

Furthermore, a good jacket is something you need for concerts whenever it's too cold outside. It's way too hot to wear many layers when you enter the arena, so it's essential that you have a warm jacket to cover you if you wear a short dress underneath. The jacket you choose for the concert will do all the work!

8. Something Cottagecore

People are literally obsessed with these dresses (for a good reason)
An ideal concert for this look: Taylor Swift all the way! And (other) country artists
Is it trendy right now? TikTok can't get enough of cottagecore!
Is it simple to pull? If you're girly and cute, yes
Is it affordable? Depends on what you choose
Outfit info

OK, everyone has several tips for K-pop, hip-hop, and similar shows, but what do you do when searching for a country concert outfit? It was never as easy as today because cottagecore is the hot topic on every social media platform. There was never a better time in your life to appear like a countryside sweetheart!

Luckily, this rule doesn't only apply to country artists. Don't forget that the certified music industry legend, Taylor Swift, also used to do country and even made two somewhat recent cottagecore albums, "folklore" and "evermore." Hence, attending her show like a fairy from the countryside is absolutely perfect!

7. Something Baggy and Oversized

These are ideal for concerts because they're casual and comfy for dancing!
An ideal concert for this look: Ariana Grande concert or hip-hop, K-pop, and trap events
Is it trendy right now? It's the hottest trend!
Is it simple to pull? It fits everyone!
Is it affordable? Usually yes
Outfit info

This is the outfit type you see most often when you attend a show, and there are several reasons why everyone chooses baggy clothes for music shows. Oversized clothes are great because they're comfy, let your body breathe freely, and don't interrupt you while dancing like some clothes would!

To make it even better, most hip-hop and trap artists wear these outfits for their shows as well. Even Ariana Grande loves to pull an oversized hoodie for her performances. The good thing is that you won't have to try hard to look cool like this, and a cute crossbody bag over your oversized hoodie will be enough to elevate your look. 

6. Hippie Aesthetics

Summer shows were made for a hippie look!
An ideal concert for this look: Any festival or any "exotic" artist
Is it trendy right now? It's old-fashioned in a good way
Is it simple to pull? Sure!
Is it affordable? You can find stuff even at a second-hand store!
Outfit info

If your favorite show occurs during the summer, your number one choice should be a hippie look. It's comfortable, loose, and looks fabulous at any show. Especially if you're into music festivals that are organized in nature! However, this look is exotic not only there but also at any stadium tour – outdoor events were made for hippie style!

Furthermore, this is one of the best concert outfit ideas if you're on a budget and want to combine stuff from your wardrobe or borrow something from your mom. It's the 60s and 70s-inspired style, so it's easy to find nice hippie shirts and loose pants even at most second-hand stores. The pieces you need for this outfit are everywhere!

5. Add Some Glitter and Extravagance

Sequins are ideal for huge occasions where a lot of people have fun together!
An ideal concert for this look: Harry Styles or Ariana Grande concert, or any festival show
Is it trendy right now? It's always cool!
Is it simple to pull? Yes
Is it affordable? Absolutely, and it's easy to find
Outfit info

When we think of the ideal Harry Styles concert outfit, we see glitter and rose gold. We see sequins from head to toe because he's an extravagant legend! Hence, if you're attending his show, the best decision you can make is to let yourself glow. Nothing is too much for a concert because it's extravagant no matter which artist you're seeing live!

Moreover, glitter is perfect for all those shows where you get to hear the most prominent female icons of our generation. Are you attending Beyoncé's tour? Or Taylor Swift's show? Both of them want you to pull something sparkly, so their audience can shine bright the way they do. All the eyes will be on you, so dare to be the center of attention!

4. Something Too Extraordinary for Everyday Life

Feel free to look weird!
An ideal concert for this look: You will draw attention to yourself at any of them!
Is it trendy right now? Depends on the piece you want to pull
Is it simple to pull? When you let yourself feel confident!
Is it affordable? Yes, and a lot of stuff from your wardrobe will fit
Outfit info

You've probably seen all those baddie concert outfits on other girls and wondered if you could pull them, too. Of course, you can – what's stopping you, anyway? Is your head overthinking every detail? Yes, it's all in your head, and if you finally let go of that, you'll see that the best concert outfit is something quirky you've never dared to pull before!

Of course, concerts are the occasions where everyone feels free, and no one judges anyone – that's why it's the ideal reason to buy that weird skirt you thought you'd never wear. And that mini dress you never dared to try. Concerts don't belong to everyday life – they're the holy moments when you can be whoever you want to be! Yet, it would be best if you avoided some pieces.

3. Release Your Inner Tumblr Girl

This girl would've been a massive trend in 2014!
An ideal concert for this look: Halsey, Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, or any similar band
Is it trendy right now? It's a bit old-fashioned now, but that's what makes it cool
Is it simple to pull? If you're the edgy and alternative type
Is it affordable? Usually yes
Outfit info

Even Halsey got out of her Tumblr girl phase, but let's be honest, her "Badlands" era was her peak. Don't you dare to attend her show without a grunge skirt or tights! Moreover, if the show you're attending is indie/alternative, the ideal option is to go back to 2014 and check all the fabulous outfits the girls would wear back then!

Additionally, you can be so edgy that you pull an outfit like that at a rock concert, too. A typical rock concert combination could also include a flannel shirt or skirt. Most Tumblr outfits include evergreen key pieces, and they can't go out of style. Hence, this style offers a lot without too much effort, and it's great k-pop concert outfit!

2. Feel Free to Show Some Skin

Crop tops are a dream come true for concerts!
An ideal concert for this look: Any
Is it trendy right now? It will never go out of style
Is it simple to pull? Absolutely
Is it affordable? Usually yes
Outfit info

You may not be able to wear crop tops and show off your back at school or work, but concerts will allow you anything you imagine. There are zero boundaries – if you're allowed to pull something you wouldn't wear regularly, why wouldn't you show some skin then? Crop tops, dresses with an open back – all of them are amazing for concerts!

Moreover, the number one reason you should wear something that lets your skin breathe freely is that it will get too hot at one point. You'll dance, jump, and people around you will do the same. And there will be too many people. The thing you should do about it is to take off the layers and not have too many clothes on you!

1. Sew a Custom Outfit Related to the Artist

Taylor Swift fans do this for her shows all the time!
An ideal concert for this look: Taylor Swift or a K-pop show
Is it trendy right now? Absolutely
Is it simple to pull? Yes, because it's unique and yours
Is it affordable? Depends on the fabric and what you need – it's not among the cheapest options
Outfit info

If you can't find the thing you imagine in your head, customize what you already own or sew a brand-new outfit that will be uniquely yours! There isn't any better way to be noticed at a concert, and you'll own something that will always remind you of that night when you saw your favorite musician. It's a thing you do for special concerts – for a Taylor Swift show, for example!

Unfortunately, this isn't the cheapest possibility, and sewing was never affordable because it's being made exclusively for you. When an outfit is complicated, it takes even more time and money. Still, if you're ready to work on it and find the perfect material, you'll be proud of what you made. It's something that you'll remember forever!

As you can see, some of the most exciting concert outfit ideas can be found anywhere, and it's not a complex task to look gorgeous at a concert. Prioritize feeling comfortable and have fun along the way. You'll surely be satisfied with your outfit if you manage to feel pretty and enjoy the show at the same time!

Whose concert is your biggest wish? Do you attend concerts often? Let us know in the comments section!

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