Top 10 Most Fun FIFA 23 Career Mode Teams to Manage (Winter transfer update)

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2023-08-16 07:13:15

Traditionally, career mode is the dominant single-player experience in the FIFA series, and it remains the same with FIFA 23. While this edition brings only a few improvements, taking over a team and building it your way is still exciting. Even though many will play as PSG or Manchester City, there are far better choices if you are looking for a challenge. Therefore, as with FIFA 22, we chose the top ten teams to use in your career mode. While some play in the highest leagues of European football, others are almost invisible to everyone but their fans. 

10. FC Sion

The day when Balotelli debuted for FC Sion
Transfer budget: $9.4 million
Overall board expectations: Low
Best players: Heinz Lindner (75/GK), Wylan Cyprien (72/CDM), Mario Balotelli (77/ST)
Best young players (potential): Ilyas Chouaref (77/LM), Baltazar (73/CM), Timothy Fayulu (73/GK)

Swiss club football sounds exotic, so only a few could tell you something about its history. Even those few probably wouldn't talk much about FC Sion, as the team won its second and last title in 1997. Yet, they collected an incredible 13 Swiss Cups in their first 13 tries! On the other hand, the club had little success in Europe, only once reaching the round of 32 in the Europa League. Since they didn't do well in the 2021/2022 season, they play only in domestic competitions.

FC Sion is not a great team, but Switzerland has no great teams! While the players have little potential, there's Mario Balotelli up front! This means you'll depend much on him while carefully trying to improve the squad with your limited budget. Yet there are no expectations, as the Sion board doesn't care how you spend money or if you'll qualify for Europe. This provides you enough time to build the team to put them on the map.

9. Nottingham Forest

Learn about the thrilling history of Nottingham Forest!
Transfer budget: $35.2 million
Overall board expectations: Very low
Best players: Keylor Navas (87/GK - on loan), Felipe (80/CB), Remo Freuler (80/CDM)
Best young players (potential): Neco Williams (83/RB), Brennan Johnson (RW/85), Danilo (CDM/84)

It sounds incredible to anyone younger than 50 that Nottingham Forest was once a dominant force. Yet, they were the best in England and the champions of Europe twice in a row! However, in 1993 they were relegated from the Premier League, and it took them almost 30 years to return! Still, they are among the weakest sides, needing a miracle to stay up.

Despite being the second-worst rating FIFA 23 Premier League team, Forest has some decent players, including Jesse Lingard and a goalkeeper, Keylor Navas (loanee). Yet, only a few are rated 80+ overall. However, many players have a decent potential to go well above that number, with Brennan Johnson reaching 85. Other players with an excellent chance to substantially improve include Neco Williams, Alex Mighten, and Brian Ojeda. Therefore, your priority should be keeping the top talent and buying a decent midfielder and LB/RB. Furthermore, it helps that the board only asks you to avoid relegation and doesn't care about the finances.

8. Charlotte FC

Be a part of something new - Charlotte FC
Transfer budget: $21.4 million
Overall board expectations: Very low
Best players: Ashley Westwood (74/CDM), Karol Świderski (74/ST), Nuno Santos (74/CM)
Best young players (potential): Nuno Santos (81/CM), Benjamin Bender (78/LCM), Jaylin Lindsey (77/RB)

Charlotte FC is the newest addition to Major League Soccer, debuting in 2022. Yet, their first season was decent, as they finished 19th out of 28 teams. The team features many foreign players, but you will only recognize a few. Expectedly, most of them are rated below 70 overall, but a few show decent potential. The best among them is Nuno Santos, who can reach over 80 OVR.

With a decent budget, you can quickly improve your vulnerable defensive line and find a better goalkeeper. Furthermore, board expectations are minimal, allowing you to do anything in your initial season. Therefore, Charlotte FC is a perfect playground! As the MLS has a unique competition system and looks better than ever, you'll enjoy this experience!

7. Roma

Roma has massive ambitions - that's why Mourinho came
Transfer budget: $70.6 million
Overall board expectations: High
Best players: Lorenzo Pellegrini (84/LCM), Paulo Dybala (86/CF), Chris Smalling (83/LWB)
Best young players (potential): Cristian Volpato (85/CAM), Ibañez (83/CB), Nicola Zalewski (87/LM)

A.S. Roma is historically one of the best Serie A teams, but their last title came more than 20 years ago. Yet, the 2021/22 season was an improvement, as the team won the inaugural Europa Conference League and is playing in the Europa League this season. Based on that, everyone has high expectations from Roma, but beating city rivals Lazio or powerhouses like AC Milan, Inter, or Juventus is challenging. However, Roma now has players to do it!

Roma is a collection of future, current, and former stars, including Rui Patricio, Chris Smalling, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Georginio Winjaldum, and Paulo Dybala. However, there are many more, like Stephan El Shaarawy, Nemanja Matić, Justin Kluivert (on loan), and Leonardo Spinazzola. With so many fine players and a decent budget, you have the tools to take the team to the Champions League final! The only reason why Roma is not higher on our list is that its name and logo aren't licensed. However, it would be silly to skip them only because of that. Plus, Serie A finally has the official broadcast package.

6. Como 1907

Fabregas gives Como and Serie B much exposure in the 2022/23 season
Transfer budget: $4,5 million
Overall board expectations: Low
Best players: Cesc Fàbregas (CM/73), Alfred Gomis (CK/76 - loanee), Patrick Cutrone (72/ST)
Best young players (potential): Luis Binks (CB/79 - loanee), Cas Odenthal (75/CB), Lucas Da Cunha (RAM/75)

This year Serie B is back in FIFA. While Parma with Buffon is still a fine choice, Como 1907 is an exciting alternative. Despite being among the oldest teams in Italy, Como suffered through most of its history. Therefore, the team spent little time in Serie A and was already refounded twice. Still, after being reestablished in 2017, they moved up two divisions and are in Serie B now. No one is counting on Como to do anything special, but you can change that.

The most fascinating thing about Como is that Cesc Fàbregas is a part of the team! Now a veteran, he is still among the best players in the club, with only a few others close to his level. The lack of talented youngsters makes the challenge even more complex, so you'll have to radically change the team. Luckily, the management doesn't care about your league position or how much money you spend. Therefore, Como can be your playground in the initial season.

5. Nice

He is the reason why Nice became one of the best clubs in France
Transfer budget: $27.2 million
Overall board expectations: Low
Best players: Kasper Schmeichel (GK/82), Andy Delort (80/ST - on loan), Gaëtan Laborde (81/ST)
Best young players (potential): Jean-Clair Todibo (84/CB), Khéphren Thuram (84/CM), Sofiane Diop (83/ST)

Nice is a great place to settle down as a part of the French Riviera, but it also has Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice Côte d'Azur. This is one of France's most important football clubs, with four league titles. Yet, they all came in the 1950s, with three Coupe de France triumphs. Despite its remarkable status in French football, the team never produced a significant result in Europe. Now that Paris Saint Germain is dominant winning anything seems almost impossible. Yet, Nice is one of the few teams who can do it.

One of the things that may surprise you is that Nice had an impressive summer transfer window. Somehow, the club brought Aaron Ramsey, Kasper Schmeichel, Ross Barkley, and the talented Alexis Beka Beka. Furthermore, you might know a few other names, including Dante, or the massively gifted Khéphren Thuram, a son of the famous Lilian Thuram. This team looks great and plays in the Europa Conference League, making it even more fun. Still, the management doesn't insist on the title challenge, and you have a decent transfer budget.

4. FC Andorra

The whole country now lives for the club!
Transfer budget: $2.4 million
Overall board expectations: Very low
Best players: Raúl Lizoain (71/GK), Christos Albanis(70/LM), Mustapha Bundu (69/RM)
Best young players (potential): Valera (79/RM - loanee), Alex Valle (78/LB - loanee), Altimira (77/RM)

When a country is so tiny, it's common to have a team playing in a foreign league. As we've seen with Monaco, this concept can work really well. Yet, FC Andorra achieved its biggest success only in 2022, when they finally reached LaLiga 2. That is incredible when we know that in 2011, they played in the seventh tier! Since the Spanish football legend Gerard Piqué took over, the club has been improving, aiming to reach the top division. However, in FIFA 23, that won't be easy.

This is because FC Andorra is the worst Spanish league club in the game and one of the worst overall! As you only have a few players with an overall potential above 75, you'll need to do your best to bring some cheap reinforcements. Luckily, the club board only asks for reasonable budget handling. While Andorran football is often a laughing stock, you can change that now!

3. 1860 Munchen

Unfortunately, we can rarely see 1860 playing against Bayern in real life
Transfer budget: $2.1 million
Overall board expectations: Critical
Best players: Marco Hiller (68/GK), Jesper Verlaat (CB/69), Raphael Holzhauser (CAM/70)
Best young players (potential): Niklas Lang (79/CB), Leandro Morgalla (83/CB), Marius Wörl (77/CDM)

There are a few intriguing teams in German 3. Liga, but TSV 1860 Munchen is our favorite. In a way, the club reminds us of Manchester City, as they share home colors and have more famous city rivals. Also, like the City, they were doing great in the 1960s, when they won their only title and one of two German cups. Unfortunately, 1860 Munchen last played in Bundesliga in the 2003/04 season before sinking to the fourth tier in 2017. However, the team has constantly been improving since then.

As a result, they are now favorites to earn a promotion, as the board won't tolerate anything else. If you need more than that, you must also be careful about finances and youth development. Furthermore, 3. Liga is very competitive, so the difference between the best and the worst teams is marginal, at least in FIFA 23. As the players are below 70 overall, your task will be to keep only the top talents like Leandro Morgalla, Niklas Lang, and Marius Wörl. Find more prospects and give them plenty of minutes to play, and you'll have a decent team once you reach Bundesliga! As they failed to earn a promotion in real life, 1860 is also a great choice for EA Sports FC 24.

2. AFC Richmond

It's a great show; it's a very decent team!
Transfer budget: $28.3 million
Overall board expectations: Medium
Best players: Roy Kent (83/CDM), Jamie Tartt (84/ST), Dani Rojas (82/ST)
Best young players (potential): Jamie Tartt (91/ST), Sam Obisanya (RM/88), Ozzie Kukoč (RM/82)

Many will agree that "Ted Lasso" is a much better show than it should be. Apparently, it's so good that its fictional football team is now in the game! If AFC Richmond was real, it would be one of those clubs that never win anything, despite their long history. However, as they are now in the Premier League (with their own stadium!), this is their chance to do something big!

You might be surprised, but AFC Richmond is a decent team! At 77 overall, they are better rated than Everton, Leeds United, Southampton, and many others! This gives you plenty of stability, with guys like Obisanya and Tartt having incredible potential. Staying in the middle of the table is all you need to do, but the team could easily fight for the European spot! However, you'll need to buy more players, as you have a bare minimum!

1. Grimsby Town

A story of success that no one believed would happen
Transfer budget: $1.9 million
Overall board expectations: Low
Best players: Josh Emmanuel (RB/67), Harry Clifton (LM/64),
Anthony Glennon (LB/64)
Best young players (potential): Tom Dickson-Peters (ST/71 - loanee), Andy Smith (71/CB - loanee), Mikey O'Neill (CAM/76 - loanee)

Grimsby Town F.C. may not sound very familiar, even if you love English football. Still, this club has a rich history, being founded in 1878! Yet, after WWII, the team dropped out of the top division and never returned or came close to doing it. Since the early 2000s, Grimsby has been relegated several times, even falling below the professional level. However, now they are back and hoping that things might get better. It seems that no one cares about Grimsby but their fans and maybe you!

This is the ultimate underdog team, with an average rating of slightly over 60! This makes Grimsby the worst team in League 2, with only a few sides from Ireland, China, and India slightly below them! Furthermore, you absolutely don't have a decent player in your squad! Plus, the only guys with any potential are loanees. The board knows the situation, so their expectations are very low. Since you can only do a little with a $2,000,000 budget, you'll have to search for free players and talents. As the Premier League is so far away, this might be the greatest challenge in FIFA 23.

A few other clubs offer a fun experience, and we mentioned some, like Parma. Alternatively, you can create your own club and start from scratch. Yet, whichever you choose from our top ten list, you'll have fun! Still, let's hope that rebranding the FIFA series in 2023 will help improve the career mode, as it needs it badly.

What are some of your favorite teams in FIFA 23? What do you think about career mode in FIFA 23?

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Slayer87 Says:

I just wish that the next EA football games integrate even lower leagues, like what's present in Football Manager series. I dream about a game where I can take a team from the lowest real leagues to glory, but I'm not sure that it will happen anytime soon.

January 13 at 03:29:36 PM

Silvar Says:

I don't know why I'm doing this to myself, but I'm playing my first season with UCD, which is the weakest team in the game. I hope I'll qualify them for Europe. They actually a few decent talents in their youth squad which are already better than everyone in their first team!

October 03 at 08:14:57 AM

Triyo Says:

It's 1860 Munchen for me this season. I've never played a career mode in Germany, so this is a good time. I love how even Bundesliga has the authentic broadcast package, and German cup too I think.

September 30 at 08:36:02 AM

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