Top 10 Magic Sands Beach Park Tips for Your Unique Summer Trip

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-24 09:09:22

You don’t get to see a magic beach anywhere, and the sand you’ll witness on the Big Island of Hawaii is unlike anywhere else. From the colors of the sand to the wild waves on the beach, Hawaii is a unique experience, and Magic Sands Beach Park is one of the best options for summer days when you want to swim. Our ten tips will help you discover all the best parts of this coast and show you what makes Magic Sands Beach Park unique!

10. If You Want to See the Magic Sands, Check Them Out During Winter

This beach is already magical whenever you visit it!

It’s safe to conclude that the Big Island of Hawaii is magical on all its sides and shores, but there is one place on the western side that resembles magic. The thing that attracts the tourists the most is the fact that this area’s sand can get washed away overnight by a massive surf, and what remains are black lava rocks!

Of course, it would be too dangerous to be on this beach while it happens, but you can witness this phenomenon during winter. You’ll definitely embark on a Big Island trip during summer. Still, if you want to see something insanely unique, it would be great to drive around the beach when it’s winter. You definitely won’t swim, though!

9. Making a Picnic is the Best Food Option

The decoration in this video will make you want to try this immediately

If you have ever dreamed of making a beach picnic, this is your opportunity to make that happen. Magic Sands Beach Park is a calm area, even though it’s not too far away from the town of Kailua-Kona. Of course, it has some restaurants and various options for seafood, but it’s way better to bring your own food!

Moreover, this beach has many picnic tables around, so you’ll easily find a lovely shade to sit under if you don’t like the idea of eating near the waves. You can find everything you need in the town, but also around two miles south of the beach. If you’d prefer to have lunch at a restaurant, we recommend making a reservation in advance!

8. Make Sure to Explore the Neighborhood

The opportunities are endless when it comes to nature!

Everyone would agree that the best part of the island when it comes to the vivid nature is the East, but the safest place for tourists and the ideal side for swimming is the West. Thus, you’ll have to drive to the eastern side to see the most gorgeous waterfalls of the Big Island, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see any attractions on the West!

The little things that make the western side of the island special are the small towns and their unique energies, their historical significance, and the beaches, of course! An ideal Hawaiian beach is definitely on this side. From hiking to stargazing, this site also offers more than just swimming, and you’ll love its simplicity!

7. …Especially the Volcanos

Manua Loa is a nightmare, but you need to see it!

Visiting an active volcano sounds like an adventure, but it’s probably way safer to see a dormant one. If it offers incredible stargazing views, it’s even better than risking your life to see an active volcano! Luckily, the giant volcano Manua Kea, located on this island, is dormant, and it’s one of the most gorgeous places on Earth for stargazing!

For those that would prefer to see the most giant volcano in the world, which is also active, it’s also located on the Big Island and is even closer to Magic Sands Beach Park. You will spend a bit more than an hour driving until you reach the volcano from the beach, and it’s a trip to remember your whole life, so don’t hesitate!

6. Don’t Forget to Visit Kona

Its beauty is impossible to capture with a camera!

Magic Sands Beach Park is sometimes called Kona Magic Sands, and Kona is the crucial point whenever someone plans a tour of the beach park. The town is little and sweet, and Kona is actually the whole district that the western side of the island is known for. Kona is well-known for its coffee, so if you’re a coffee enthusiast, this is a place to see!

Moreover, Magic Sand Beach Park isn’t even the only white sand beach Kona offers, and there is even much more to this place besides the beaches. From the historical tourist attractions to the classic long walks around nature, Kona is a town that will awaken all your senses and make you remember why spending time in nature has a therapeutic impact!

5. The Hiking Options Are Also Incredible

Hiking on a wild island? Sounds exciting!

Since we’ve been mentioning all this nature, how could we skip recommendations for a hiking tour? Kona is packed with trails surrounded by the most gorgeous green landscapes, and we shouldn’t forget that the Honua’Ula forest reserve actually belongs to Kona, too. This place will remind you how good it feels to take a breath of fresh air in a forest!

In fact, when you look at the map of the island, you’ll see how green it is. Yes, the color of the sand varies from black to white, but the island is greener than you imagine. All those forest reserves and national parks were made for hiking, so don’t hesitate to do multiple hiking tours while staying in this part of Hawaii!

4. Consider Staying on this Side of the Island

Check out their recommendations to see what fits best for you

Now that we mentioned staying on the island, you may wonder where it is best to choose your hotel or apartment. The best side is indeed the one where Magic Sands Beach Park lies, on the western side, and the disappearing sands beach isn’t the only reason for that. Tourists are always welcome on the western side, and Kona is the friendliest city on the island!

Furthermore, the rainy days in the East are unbearable – you have no idea how bad the weather is. The West is the only part where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the sea, and that’s why Magic Sands Beach Park is one of the best swimming recommendations. If you don’t want to spend your trip indoors, stay on the western side!

3. Visit Holualoa and Its Gorgeous Historical Attractions

Not many people know that this place exists

While some tips revolve around the Internet endlessly, some of them seem to be forgotten, even though they easily belong to the top three recommendations you could get! Holualoa is still a well-kept secret, but it’s a few minutes away from the Magic Sands Beach Park, which makes it the perfect choice while exploring the beach!

This part of the island is actually called “sacred,” and there are a lot of historical features to see in this neighborhood. From the fisherman’s god stone to papamū (their board for playing checkers), Holualoa is unique and something you don’t get to see on the other parts of the island or Hawaii in general. And it’s literally near Magic Sands Beach Park!

2. It’s a Perfect Place to Try Surfing

And there are a lot of surf spots you’ll like!

Surfing might be your wildest dream, but if you visit Hawaii, you’ll see it’s a common thing people do – it doesn’t have to be just a fantasy anymore! Magic Sands Beach Park is just one example out of all the best beaches in Hawaii to try surfing, and don’t worry about the waves getting too big – it’s the whole point!

If you don’t seem to like opportunities when it comes to the waves, you’ll still enjoy the Kona shore since all the beaches offer an excellent surfing area. Moreover, Kona is good for trying surfing for the first time because there are a lot of surfing lessons you can take. Choose your favorite place to try and be bold!

1. ...And to Swim in an “Adventurous” Area

As you can see, a lot of people swim here during the summer!

People don’t only use the giant waves of Magic Sands Beach Park to surf – most of them actually swim there. And remember what we said – the best side of the Big Island for swimming is precisely this one! Most tourists visit Hawaii in the summer for a good swim, which makes Magic Sands Beach Park the ideal choice.

Of course, this beach is too wild for swimming anytime except in the summer, mainly because it’s a disappearing sands beach. However, it all gets calm and safe when the summer days arrive, so don’t be afraid. The lifeguards are also there if anyone needs help, and the place is usually crowded enough!

As you probably know, Hawaii beach resorts are numerous, but not all of them can offer what Magic Sands Beach Park gives you. It’s an ideal opportunity to try something exotic and wild and discover a place with a natural phenomenon you can’t see elsewhere. If you’re brave enough, embark on this unique journey!

Is visiting Magic Sands Beach Park on your bucket list? What are some of the best beaches in Hawaii, in your opinion? Let us know your preferences!

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