Top 10 Celebrities That Would Be Your Best Halloween Buddies

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-26 07:25:14

Halloween is one of the most inspiring times of the year – creative souls love to display their uniqueness and prepare a costume that will catch everyone's eye. It's also the time when you carve your Halloween pumpkin, and everything tastes like fall! Many Hollywood superstars are obsessed with this spooky season, and we'll show you the top ten celebrities you'd want to spend Halloween with!

10. BLACKPINK Members

These girls love to get spooky!

Who would slay dressing up for Halloween if not the industry's most prominent foreign fashion icons? BLACKPINK keep shaking up the world with their badass tracks and music videos. Still, they're also well-known as the biggest fashion brands' ambassadors. That obviously means they know how to amaze you for Halloween, and they did many times!

Moreover, BLACKPINK ladies are the literal best buddies since Jisoo dressed up like Lisa in 2021, showing support for her bandmate. The outfit was so good that you'd never tell it wasn't Lisa! Meanwhile, Lisa caught everyone's eye in her "Squid Game" doll outfit. Jennie was a Greek figure, Medusa, the pure goddess she is. So inspiring!

9. Marc Jacobs

Of course, he had to be on this list!

Besides the beloved fashion icons, it would be silly to not include at least one fashion designer on the list. Designers are creative, and they usually like spooky stuff. Still, Marc Jacobs isn't gloomy at all about Halloween. He's endlessly goofy, and that's an iconic side of celebrities that they show during this season!

Surprisingly enough, Jacobs turned himself into a female bodybuilder with drag-style makeup in 2017, and it's been one of the most inspiring outfits until now! From pigs to birds with massive wings, Marc was never afraid to show interest in his team's creativity during Halloween. We love to see how he has no boundaries.

8. Kardashian-Jenner Family

Celebrating is in their blood!

This family is so big that we could make a whole article about them only! Still, it's just the truth – the Kardashian-Jenners know how to draw attention. They would never skip a chance to shine, and Halloween is the ideal time of the year to look unique in a fancy outfit. From Kendall to Kim, they all adore Halloween!

It's hard to tell who slays the most from this big family. Still, it's safe to say that Kendall keeps it unique every year, as Kim also tries to make her kids as attractive as possible. Kourtney and Khloe keep it classy, and Kylie always matches with her daughter Stormi!

7. Paris Hilton

It wasn't one, but many, many looks!

Just like the Kardashian-Jenners, Paris Hilton is a media personality that loves Halloween and Halloween parties more than anything. She has to show off her gorgeous figure and inspiring personality every October, and she remains one of the most influential celebrities at that time of the season. She even pulls more than one outfit per year!

Moreover, Paris is that celebrity that is usually the hottest Halloween star. Some people like it spooky, goofy, or odd in some way – Paris likes it hot! Her costumes always make her look like the ultimate goddess, and even Victoria's Secret angels would envy her wings and lingerie. This woman will never age!

6. Kate Hudson

Her parties are so iconic

Not everyone can throw a star-studded party where you get celebrities wearing the creepiest stuff instead of their glad rags, but Kate Hudson made it. She is one of the ultimate queens of Halloween parties, so it's an honor to get her invitation. She's very appreciated among Halloween fans, and we understand why!

Moreover, Hudson also has her own cocktail made for Halloween – the Bloody White Cosmo that you can also prepare at home! It's a part of the tradition to get a costume and carve your pumpkin, but making this drink would also spice things up. Some spooky music would also be a great idea. Let Kate inspire your next party!

5. Vanessa Hudgens

Of course she does!

You might like to carve your Halloween pumpkin, but it's not just a habit for Vanessa Hudgens. Those days are her life! She's a passionate fan of pumpkin season, and you can see it in her career choices. She often participates in horror stories, and her collaboration with Eli Roth in "Haunted House" was a dream come true for her!

Of course, Hudgens is that person that gets excited for Halloween at the end of September already, so she's in her "witch" phase the whole month. She likes to vibe like that and follow all the rituals, so don't think she chooses her costumes casually. She overthinks every detail, and that's probably why she slays every year!

4. Neil Patrick Harris

Nobody does it like them!

If we were looking for the ultimate king of Halloween, the only choice that would be right is Neil Patrick Harris and his family. They all love Halloween so much that they take it seriously every year, choosing the theme and synchronizing. They work together as a group that puts the biggest smile on everyone's face when Halloween comes!

Furthermore, how exciting would it be to dress your whole family in "Alice in Wonderland" or "The Wizard of Oz" for Halloween? This cute family is living all your romantic dreams, even when they look intimidating, wearing "Stars Wars" swords or "Batman" masks. It's a life goal to live like this!

3. Rob Zombie

You either love it or hate it!

It wouldn't be fair to exclude the guy that directed and produced the two iconic "Halloween" movies in the mid-2000s. Rob Zombie's entire career is based on horror and darkness, and his two "Halloween" remakes have his own way of storytelling. He made the story more modern and wild, whether you love it or not!

Although he received a lot of hate for his Halloween movies, you have to admit he's a legend with a feeling for this celebration. Rob Zombie has a Halloween vibe even in this stage name – his whole life is Halloween, and we should appreciate that! Moreover, his appearance isn't gloomy and scary only in October – it's just how he is!

2. Heidi Klum

Her Halloween vibe is simply having fun and being authentic!

You can clearly tell when someone does their Halloween costume for attention or because they're expected to participate and when a celebrity really cares. When she throws a Halloween party, you can tell she's obsessed with the concept. Heidi Klum basically celebrates Halloween the whole of October!

Moreover, Heidi's Halloween parties are the most beloved ones because she creates an authentic atmosphere, and no one can beat her costume ideas. She goes all-in, even if she needs a paramedic for her outfit. And when you see her ensemble, you can never tell it's her because she transforms into the creature from head to toe!

1. Ariana Grande

They would never find a better celebrity for this adventure!

She's one of the youngest people on the list, but she deserves the top spot for her love for spooky stuff. Ariana Grande is well-known as the biggest fan of Halloween. This celebration is her favorite time of the year, and her costumes are always something she puts a lot of effort into. Her best friends are also top-tier fans!

Moreover, this girl isn't only investing money and time into her visual appearance for Halloween. She's always been a fan of horror movies, pumpkins, and themed parties with a dark mood. Haunted houses are also her thing, even though she's screaming every second because she's afraid of… Everything! Her vibe is so Halloween, and it will always be!

If you don't care this much about Halloween, it's also alright. Still, these ten people are literally obsessed, and they'd make you cherish the gloomy atmosphere at the end of October. Enjoying the holidays is a significant part of celebrating life and having fun, so let these people inspire you for the future!

Do you like it when celebrities get creative with their costumes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover Photo: Instagram/BLACKPINK's Lisa



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