Top 10 Celebrity Deaths That Are Still Under the Veil of Mystery

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2022-05-13 14:18:20

Almost everyone wanted to become a celebrity at one point or another. Their lives seem like a dream come true with all the money, fame, and fans. However, that comes with a massive price tag. There is an expression that celebrities live in "zoom land," which means constant following and lack of privacy. Therefore, it seems even more surprising that numerous celebrities died under unclear circumstances. These deaths still make people theorize about possible reasons and motivations. Now, let's see what mysterious celebrity deaths qualified for our top ten list.

10. Brittany Murphy

Was the famous actress poisoned?

Brittany Murphy rose to fame in the 1990s, playing weird girls and social outcasts. Her most prominent role was in 1995's "Clueless" alongside Alicia Silverstone. She appeared in many successful movies until her sudden and shocking demise in 2009. 

The first official cause of death was filed under "natural causes," but later, it was determined that Murphy was an avid consumer of shady medications. She was also treating pneumonia not long before her death. Soon after Murphy, her husband, Simon Monjack, also died under similar circumstances. Many people, including Murphy's parents, claim she was poisoned.   

9. Robert Johnson

Legend says Johnson sold his soul to Devil

Blues is one of the musical genres that people often associate with hardships, pain, and suffering. The founding father of Delta Blues sound was Robert Johnson in the late 1930s. Unfortunately, Johnson soon died at only 27 years of age. Hence, he was a founding father of the so-called "Club 27," too. 

Part of the mystery surrounding Johnson's death is related to the story of a young musician who bargained his soul to the Devil at a crossroads. In exchange, he received mastery in music. Inconceivable as it may seem, many people believed in that story. It is still unclear whether Johnson died from syphilis or from the poisoning.    

8. Brian "Spinner" Spencer 

Turbulent life ended with violent death

This Canadian hockey player had a passionate attitude and relentless willpower. For a bit of context, Brian's father, Roy Spencer, once took a whole TV station by a gunpoint because they preempted the debut game of his son. Needless to say, it didn't end well for him. 

After ten years in NHL, Brian Spencer spiraled out of control, resulting in a murder charge in 1987. Fortunately, he was acquitted but started messing with drugs soon after. Unfortunately, it wasn't long enough before he got shot. Was it a payback or a drug deal gone wrong? We guess we'll never know. 

7. Bobby Fuller 

He fought the mob, and the mob won

The famous singer who fought the law (and the law won) was discovered by the same man who found Ritchie Valens. Unfortunately, Fuller's career was also cut short like Valens' as he mysteriously died in Hollywood in 1966. He was found in his car with blood clots all over his body. Yet, there were no signs of physical violence. If Fuller committed suicide, he did it in a very strange way. 

Some people speculated that the mob approached Fuller to cash in on his sudden popularity. Furthermore, there were some rumors he ran away with one of the mobsters' girlfriends. Barely stepping into his career, Fuller died at only 23.

6. Jack Nance

The faithful drink binge ended fatally

Nance appeared in some of the most iconic cult classic movies. He was one of the favorite actors of David Lynch, a famously controversial director. Nance's life was as nightmarish as his roles. His wife committed suicide, which pushed the actor into a drinking binge. Yet, his drinking days were cut short five years after his wife's death when he picked a fight with an unknown kid at Pasadena. 

After the brawl, Nance went to lunch with his friends with a crescent-shaped bruise under his eye. Yet, his injuries caused him a hematoma, killing him the following morning. The question remains why would a famous actor like Nance get into a fight with a random kid.

5. Natalie Wood 

Her water phobia was there for a reason

Natalie Wood starred in some of the most beloved films as a child, a teenager, and an adult woman. However, when the 1980s came, her life and career slowed down. Unfortunately, Natalie's life-long phobia of drowning came true during a Catalina adventure with her husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken

Following a turbulent evening in the Pacific, Wood's body was found miles away from the boat in the ocean. The autopsy discovered bruises on Wood's face and hands. Despite that, her death was pronounced accidental. It's still unknown what really happened that night.

4. Bob Crane

Famous womanizer met a grisly end

Bob Crane's career pretty much slowed down by the late 1970s, but he still had enough raw star power to attract adoring women. He was an active performer, traveling around the States on a Dinner Theatre Tour. However, during his extended stay in Scottsdale, he was found dead. 

His body was apparently bludgeoned to death, with an electrical cord around his neck. The main suspect was John Henry Carpenter, but he was acquitted of all charges. The connection between Crane and Carpenter was that they recorded together sexual relations with women. Seems that someone related to these women didn't like the fact. 

3. Marilyn Monroe

She couldn't take the life at its worst

Norma Jean Baker, as was her real name, was one of the most famous actresses of the golden age of Hollywood and a sex symbol. She was also associated with many famous people, married or not. Her legendary status was only solidified by her shocking and untimely death. 

Monroe was found in her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, in August 1962. The coroner categorized her death as "acute barbiturate poisoning" and "probable suicide." Many theories appeared concerning her death, including those refuting the official explanations. The most popular theory claims she was murdered by the CIA because of her relationship with President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

2. Kurt Cobain

The most famous Club 27 member

The frontman of Nirvana was one of the people who popularized grunge and made it a global sensation. However, his newfound glory was quite a heavy burden to him. He had been struggling with depression and addiction for a long time and was in the middle of the court trial that would make him lose his house. 

In April 1994, an electrician found Cobain's body with visible shotgun wounds. Although Cobain's death was pronounced suicide, many theories claim otherwise. However, the official cause of Cobain's death is gun-inflicted suicide, which is supported by his farewell note describing his mental state. 

1. Bruce Lee   

Father and son shared the same fate

Bruce Lee was one of the most idolized individuals that ever lived as he single-handedly changed the perception of Asian people. Not only that, he improved martial arts in movies and in real life. Thus, many people consider Bruce Lee the father of Mixed Martial Arts. His rapid rise to stardom was suddenly interrupted by his death. 

A couple of weeks prior, he was diagnosed with cerebral edema. On the day of his death, Lee took a painkiller that caused brain swelling, ultimately killing him. The coroner's report agreed with this, but that didn't stop people from finding conspiracy theories about Lee's death. The tales of the Lee family curse grew even stronger after Bruce's son Brandon Lee was killed by accident on the set of "The Crow."   

The death of a celebrity is always shocking, especially when the circumstances around it are not the clearest. The mystery that surrounds these tragedies gives people ideas about what could have been the possible cause. Sometimes, unfortunate people can't be left alone even after their sad end. 

What do you think is the most intriguing mysterious celebrity death on our top ten list? Which death would you add?

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