Top 10 Perfect Waffles - Easy and Quick To Make

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-01 15:51:05

Waffles are basically pretty similar to pancakes since they give you enough space to experiment. In fact, you can even try to apply a pancake recipe to any waffles you prepare. However, the waffles' base is even more delicious since it's thicker and has an original shape recognizable in any form! If you're preparing the same waffles often, we have a top ten list of recommendations to make it more interesting!

10. Classic Chocolate Waffles

Let's kick it off with something basic and 100% delicious!

On this list, you'll find recommendations for both flavors and toppings and the dough. If you're used to your own version of waffles and don't want to change the dough ingredients, stick to our topping tips – a classic one is a chocolate. Expect loads of cocoa and loads of happiness when you try these!

However, we strongly recommend putting chocolate in these waffles' bases, too. When the waffles are actually made with it, they get a dark color, not needing any particular addition on the top. Of course, strawberries always go so well with chocolate, so they would be our number one choice!

9. Blueberry Waffles

Blueberries in this recipe are even suitable for vegans!

Another flavor that fits not only on the top but also in the dough is blueberries, which go so well into any sweets concept. Blueberry pancakes have already been a trend worldwide for ages, so it's not surprising that waffles discovered their secret power!

Moreover, blueberries are on top of all healthy fruits as great antioxidants and low-carb foods. While even the best waffles aren't necessarily "healthy" since they contain sugar and yeast, it's good to keep them more nutritious with additional ingredients, such as fruits. The way you choose the fruit actually matters since not all are equally beneficial!

8. Birthday Cake Waffles

Can you imagine having a cake like this?

Did you know that some people love waffles so much that they use them as a birthday cake? Is it too weird for you? It shouldn't be since this delicious treat is relatively easy to make and tastier than expected! It's also gorgeous – all the colors you'll combine on it give off so festive vibes!

Moreover, whipped cream on a dough like this is always so refreshing – it feels like ice cream. Add the literal balls of ice cream if you feel like that, too! Of course, these might be the most Instagrammable waffles ever invented, so feel free to take pictures before you eat them in a minute!

7. Cherry Syrup Waffles

Black forest cake seems so easy to prepare with waffles!

Fruit syrup on waffles is sometimes enough to make them taste and smell even more delicious than those complicated recipes! Furthermore, you can add chocolate chips or a few whole cherries on top. Cherries don't take too much effort, yet they give your waffles a unique and unmatched taste!

Our previous recommendation looked a lot like a cake, but cherry waffles can be even more like that! Cherry waffles don't have to contain a few whole cherries and the syrup only – they can even be made in the style of a black forest cake. Black forest is one of the favorite sweets worldwide, so try to make it with waffles!

6. Banana Nut Waffles

You can check out the vegan version here!

When you mix bananas, walnuts, and nutmeg and turn them into a best waffles recipe, you get one of the best brunch options! Furthermore, these waffles are very suitable for a vegan menu, so they can be your choice even if your diet is strict. If any of the recipes won't fit your restrictions, this one probably will!

Luckily, bananas are so versatile that they can go well with chocolate as well, so you can add a topping if you wish. However, even if you keep it as simple as possible, these waffles will still be pretty tasty and different from other types. Recipes like this are blowing up on the Internet, so try them!

5. Apple Spice Waffles

This combination is insanely delicious in any cookies and sweets

Some of the recipes here are suitable for any occasion and season. Still, this one is a synonym for fall and winter, especially fall! Apple spice with two spoons of cinnamon on top sounds like "autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place" (Yes, it's a Swift's "All Too Well" reference!). These waffles are all you need for those days!

Moreover, apple spice waffles have a darker texture, positively impacting the taste. To make it even better, you can't even imagine how good they smell, thanks to the cinnamon. For most people, this smell is linked to the sense of home and cozy days. No one can resist the holy combination of apple and cinnamon!

4. American Waffles

These waffles are typically American!

Even though waffles weren't initially made in the US, this country always finds a way to have its authentic version of recipes. Just like we have American pancakes, which are thicker, American waffles are also quite hefty. Furthermore, they're so fluffy that you'll want to eat them for breakfast all the time!

Moreover, classic waffles like this usually have deep pockets, so they can hold any syrup or little fruit that you want to use as a topping. Of course, they're also perfect for ice cream and chocolate, but we definitely recommend these with fruits. If you're making blueberry waffles, go with this recipe!

3. Pizzelle

He's not an Italian grandma, but he did the job so well!

Maybe you'd think you'll need an Italian grandma to get these done, but we promise it's not that complicated. However, Italian grannies indeed do it like no one else! Even though their land is better known for pizza, pasta, and lasagna, Italian cuisine doesn't lack a particular type of waffles that you'll only find there.

Actually, pizzelle means "a little pizza" in Italian, so it can be covered with basically any topping just like pizza does. They're primarily crispy, and their shape is so flexible that they can be molded in any way. Use them as Christmas cookies when you watch cheesy movies, decorate them the way you wish, and you'll be impressed with the results!

2. Brussels Waffles

Get to know Brussels in the meantime

Did you know that waffles can be crispy on the outside but still light and fluffy on the inside? Belgian waffles are the best in the whole world – hence, they're the number one attraction when tourists come to Brussels. Moreover, the city has its own version of this sweet delight, so check out specifically these recipes!

Of course, these best waffles never go without a topping since they'd be dry and dull without it. Add whatever you like to avoid the "dry" moment since Brussels waffles give you endless opportunities. Whether it's chocolate, ice cream, or some fruit, you'll probably enjoy these more than any pancakes or regular cakes!

1. Liège Waffles

Just when you thought we don't have any Belgian types left, here comes the best one

We guess we don't even have to repeat that Belgian waffles are the best. You've already seen some types on our list, but liege waffles are the true royalty when it comes to professional recipes. This type is the best proof that more miniature waffles can be even tastier than the large ones. These waffles' shape is probably the most unique one ever!

Moreover, these are usually made with pearl sugar, and they mostly don't need any topping since the dough is already sweet and tasty. However, add some chocolate and let it blend perfectly with the waffles' shape, and you definitely won't regret it. Let us know which Belgian version fits your taste!

Luckily, all these top ten recipes are relatively easy to follow, so we believe you won't have a hard time creating waffles precisely the same way the videos show them. Nothing can go wrong – even if you add an ingredient on your own, you won't regret it since it will make another recipe to try!

What's your favorite type of waffles? Do you often experiment with the flavors? Let us know in the comments section!

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