Top 10 Places on Earth that Seemingly Defy Gravity

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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We all know that nature continually surprises us. There are so many beautiful landscapes that we need to look twice to be sure that we aren't dreaming. Mother nature is an extraordinary artist, and we should enjoy all its beautiful creations. It's common knowledge that without gravity, our world wouldn't be the same. However, there are some places where it seems that's not the case. Are these top ten places for real or just a publicity stunt? Keep on reading and find out as we've found ten such examples. 

10. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz California

The water flows upward in Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz California

There's something odd going on in the Mystery Spot! Here you can expect water to flow upward or to stand at an angle and not fall down! Moreover, the ball rolls uphill, not downhill. If you're headed to the Mystery Spot, better rely on something else rather than a compass, as it can be clueless as much as you are – according to the owners of this place.

That's why you might think that there's something supernatural going on here. Perhaps there's some sort of change in a magnetic field, or even aliens planted their devices? Yet, the truth is that it's all an optical illusion, as you get the impression that the area is tilted in a different direction.

9. Mystery Spot Ignace Michigan

You can climb the walls in Mystery Spot Ignace Michigan at the angle and not fall down

In the 1950s, three surveyors explored the Upper Peninsula, noticing that their devices don't work correctly in the range of 300 square feet. Moreover, they felt light-headed, and behold, the Mystery Spot was discovered! Today, this is a highly visited attraction with a lot of fun for the whole family. 

Here you can stand or climb on the wall at a strange angle and not fall down. And what would be a mystery spot without the maze, zip lines, and miniature mini-golf? However, this is an optical illusion because the area is tilted in an opposite direction than you might think it is. Still, can you imagine how wild would be a rollercoaster ride at a place like this?

8. Cosmos Mystery Area, South Dakota

The ball rolls uphill in Cosmos Mystery Area

The two young students stumbled upon this area, looking for the perfect spot for their cabin. They thought something mystical was going on, so they started to fix this place, the same one that you can visit today at Cosmos Mystery Area. It seems that the gravity has mixed something up here, as you can stand at an angle and not fall down, and the person appears to be taller than it is. 

Hence, the water flows upward, and the ball rolls uphill! Well, we have to disappoint you, as everything is not as it appears. This is an optical illusion, like in many cases where gravity supposedly doesn't exist!

7. Oregon Vortex

Oregon Vortex is an interesting place to visit with your family

This is a mystical place that the Native Americans called forbidden, and the horses refuse to cross it. At the beginning of the 20th century, the mining company built offices here, but the structure slid and settled at a strange angle. A decade after its remains were discovered, the new owner investigated the area's paranormal phenomena. 

Later on, it became a tourist attraction where the balls roll uphill, and the water flows upward. Hence, you know the answer by now. A strange and mysterious place is an optical illusion. And although the Oregon Vortex is an interesting area to spend some time in, there is nothing supernatural about it.  

6. Gravity Hills

Gravity Hills are exciting places to visit. You'll probably find one near you

There's something mystical at force at these hills, something magnetic, or at least supernatural! These hills are spread all over the world and represent some magnetic force and lack of gravity. Hence, how can you explain the water flowing upward or the car left out of the gear going uphill by itself? Something odd is going on, so it must be the aliens using their technology to make these hills defy gravity! There's no other explanation! No way!

You can visit these hills and see them for yourself at Magnetic Hill Canada or Spook Hill, Florida. However, this is also an optical illusion, as the uphill slope is a downhill slope. 

5. The Mysterious Road

On the Mysterious Roads, cars go uphill by themselves

Not to be confused with the Mystery Hills, the Mystery Roads are absolutely different, or so you might think! The anti-gravity road makes the car go up instead of down on a steep path. The same thing happens with bottles or balls! What a magical and mysterious place that defies gravity!

Yeah, sure, let's quit joking around. This is an optical illusion as it appears that the downhill road looks like it's going uphill. One of those roads is Dokkaebi Road or Jeju Mysterious Road in South Korea, but locals are advertising it as an optical illusion, so kudos for the honesty!

4. Upside Down Waterfall, Hawaii

Upside down Waterfall sounds unbelievable and made up, but you can see it for yourself if you visit Hawaii

What do we know about waterfalls? The water flow comes to the vertical drop making a drop-down, and continues its stream. But how about the water flowing upward instead of downward? It's unusual and surreal, yet, it's possible! Moreover, you can see this extraordinary phenomenon where the waterfall defies gravity at Waipuhia Falls or Upside Down Waterfall in Hawaii.

This all has a simple scientific explanation, as due to the strong winds blowing toward the waterfall, they come to the obstacle and force the water to run upwards. However, this only happens occasionally when the heavy rain and strong winds join their forces. 

3. Hoover Dam, Nevada

Hoover Dam will probably throw the spilled water right back at you

You might think there is something mystical about Hoover Dam near Las Vegas when you visit it. Yes, it's quite an impressive structure with 726 feet of height and 1244 feet of length. Constructed in the mid-1930s it took over 100 lives during the process, making it comparable to some man-made disasters. That's why it could be considered that there's something fishy about mysterious things occurring at the top.

Okay, what's the mystery, you'll say? Well, if you spill the water over the dam, it will go upward. Hmm, maybe ghosts of the workers? Sorry to disappoint you, as it's just the wind! Although it might seem that the dam defies gravity, it's actually strong winds blowing through the canyon and reaching up the obstacle, changing its course upward.

2. Golden Rock, Myanmar

Golden Rock in Myanmar defies the gravity

The Golden Rock in Myanmar truly defies the gravity. The 25 feet high boulder with a radius of 50 feet stands on the cliff's edge at minimal contact with its base. Moreover, it has a small pagoda on top of it. This one for sure is unbelievable, as the boulder looks like it should roll down the cliff any moment, but it stands in the same place for centuries.

Among the Buddhists, this is a famous pilgrim site, as the legend says that Buddha's hair keeps the rock firmly on edge. Over the years, the boulder has been covered in golden leaves, so it looks incredible, especially at sunset.

1. Hudson Bay Area, Canada

Wish to lose some pounds? Just go to the Hudson Bay Area in Canada, as it's the easiest diet ever!

This actually is a place on Earth with less gravity. One of the most common examples is that here people or things weigh less than anywhere else. What is the cause of less gravity? It can be explained by two things (and none of them has anything to do with aliens). 

During the last Ice age, the county was covered with a glacier called Laurentide Ice Sheet. Hence, after the ice melted, the Hudson Bay area was left deformed and pulled down. Moreover, add to that convection current in the Earth's mantle, and you'll get a simple explanation - less mass equals less gravity.

As you can see, most of these gravity-defying places are unusual phenomena but not in how they are presented. We can't argue that this is not a strange natural setting, but it's not against physics laws, as optical illusions are not caused by the lack of gravity, aliens, and mysterious forces, but by the perspective of the viewer. Moreover, we can agree, these places on our top ten list must be experienced first-hand, as especially kids will love it.

Have you ever been to any of these unique places? Did you like it? Please write your impressions in the comment section below, as we would like to hear them! 

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