Top 10 Non-English One-Hit Wonders That Will Be Iconic Forever

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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One-hit wonders are indeed a wonder that keeps surprising every time – how does someone have a breakthrough happen overnight and then disappear again? That's a strange but repeating concept, and with the Internet era, it's even more frequent. Even though the most one-hit wonders sang in English because it's easier to make hits massive and international, who says that absolute bangers can't be Romanian or German? Join us for this top ten ride if you'd like to go through memory lane and discover some non-English hits that topped the charts!

10. "Gangnam Style" by PSY

If you thought you never listened to K-pop before, think again

The Korean population will be angry if they see that we called PSY a one-hit-wonder… We know he gained massive fame thanks to "Gentleman," another catchy tune, maybe even better than his biggest hit. However, "Gangnam Style" will remain his worldwide "magnum opus" for eternity!

"Gangnam Style" became more than a song – it was a cultural reset, and it predicted a huge new path that would take over the world. In conclusion, thanks to this guy, we listened to k-pop almost a decade before it became an inseparable part of today's music, way before BLACKPINK! And that addictive dance that everyone wanted to try screams "nostalgia!"

9. “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” by Michel Teló

When you see the title, you think you don't know it… But think twice!

The truth about a real hit that never gets old is that not everyone can make it, despite all the talent. For this guy, it's his energy and playful side as he delivers this song so confidently. It probably wouldn't sound half as catchy if someone else covered it – that's simply his charisma!

Another thing that made "Asi Eu Te Pego" the millennials' "Despacito" is probably the exotic Brazilian and its pronunciation. After four decades, a Brazilian smash finally found its way to the Billboard Hot 100, and Teló wrote history for himself and his nation. Some songs are catchy in their own inexplicable way!

8. "We No Speak Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP

You probably couldn't stop laughing whenever this one was played in a club!

The grammar construction in the title already suggests that the song will be a smash joke. And this joke actually broke the world records and stayed on the charts for ages! We're not sure what's funnier here – the rhythm, the lyrics, or the music video featuring classic silent film comedies. Humorous content like this usually gets the "one-hit wonder" title!

If you're wondering what language you can hear here, the song sampled "Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano" by Renato Carosone. This piece is originally in Neapolitan, just like the Italian energy prevails in "We No Speak Americano." It sounds like a parody at its finest, and we understand the hype!

7. "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

It's hard to tell what made this song famous, but it will stay unmatched, forever

Well, there are one-hit wonders surpassing the world population with the views and streams combined. "Despacito" and Luis Fonsi did that for sure, with this song known by everyone and everything on Earth! This tune was simply written in the stars.

Luckily, Fonsi is more of a two-hit wonder since he also garnered a lot of attention with "Échame La Culpa," his duet with Demi Lovato. However, he can already be sure that not many songs will be as "Despacito," so we hope he's OK with that one-hit-wonder title!

6. "The Ketchup Song" by Las Ketchup

It's that song that you danced to like crazy but never googled the meaning

Have you ever heard anyone speak/sing this fast? Us neither! It's even hard to tell which language they're singing because of the speed, but it's actually Spanish! The original title is "Asereje," but you surely know it as "The Ketchup Song." The next thing you're wondering is why a song would be named like that, and we have no idea!

However, "The Ketchup Song" meaning obviously makes a lot of sense when translated. Actually, the girl is deeply enamored by Diego, with "moon in his pupils and a turquoise suit," who really loves to dance. Furthermore, the song playing in the club is actually the part you hear in the chorus. The number was inspired by the old hip-hop hit, "Rapper's Delight," and it's even more mind-blowing!

5. “La Bamba” by Los Lobos

You don't have to do anything – your feet will recognize the addictive rhythm anyway!

We don't know any dance studio that practices Latino dances and skips this timeless '80s tune. "La Bamba" is that feel-good anthem that makes your feet dance on their own. Los Lobos continued making music but never reached the peak the same way as with "La Bamba."

The authentic Mexican vibe from this song won the whole world's heart, and that's probably the best way for a musical piece from this region to become a massive hit. Their energy is unmatched, making your day incredible in a second. We promise that one "La Bamba" per day keeps the stress away!

4. "Kiss Kiss" by Tarkan

This song just couldn't get any more exotic than in the Turkish language

Just imagine a 1997 song playing everywhere in the 20s! The song is not even internationally-focused since it's in Turkish. Still, its vibe is so addictive that it stays in your head forever once you hear it. Some songs simply don't take a second to click – it happens immediately!

Just four years later, Stella Soleil made her own variant of "Kiss Kiss," and Holly Valance's 2002 version topped the charts even more. Both varieties couldn't be as influential as the original itself since the Turkish one captured the exotic vibe and playful side of the lyrics. We stan this concept!

3. "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco

Not many classical musicians like Mozart have an anthem like this for all today's generations

Did anyone say that German is a harsh language and isn't suitable for singing? We have no idea why German contestants in Eurovision sing in their native language so rarely because Falco already proved how great it can sound!

Just like almost every wild hit, "Rock Me Amadeus" is quite wicked, and it actually tells a story about Mozart's life, his debts, fame, and talent. The sound is so addictive that we fully understand how the song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Falco has to be one of the most iconic musicians that ever existed!

2. “Macarena” by Los del Río

If you don't know how to dance to "Macarena," you're living under a rock!

Let's talk about guilty pleasure tracks that you just have to listen to, even though you think they're "embarrassing." Basically, everyone's first choice is Los Del Rio - "Macarena," that silly song about the girl who cheated on her boyfriend with not one but his two friends! Actually, who cares about cheating when the rhythm is this catchy?

Los del Río still might be the most fabulous non-English duo of all time, with the Bayside Boys remix of "Macarena" being the most played Spanish song ever. We shouldn't even mention the Macarena dance, making people of all ages sway their hips to this tune! You just know that feeling when a song doesn't ever fade away – that's this one.

1. “Dragostea Din Tei” by O-Zone

If there's any guilty pleasure in music, this one will be on your playlist forever

To be fully honest, this song would represent Europe better than its official anthem. "Dragostea Din Tei" is something you get born with – you have no idea where you found it and what language it is, but you still sing along! Actually, it's Romanian, and we're all fluent in it when it comes to this timeless tune.

Maybe you didn't expect it, but this is actually a song about the three lovesick guys from Moldavia who don't want their girl to go away. The music video doesn't give off vibes like this since it's very playful and cheerful, just like the rhythm. The song would be even more famous on social media if people knew its real name… Still, googling "Numa Numa Iei" and "Mai-ha-hi" (later sampled by Rihanna!) will take you to the right place. This song invented the "viral" Internet videos, indeed!

Perhaps we'll also cover some iconic German, French, or Spanish hits that people played everywhere. Still, these ten are something no one could miss since they were as huge as any international English bop! All of them are crazy and wicked in their own ways, so they will definitely make your day better. Happy listening!

What's your favorite song from this top ten list? Did we miss any non-English hits that you still remember?

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