Top 10 Tips for Buying Taylor Swift Merch

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-19 12:50:00

Every Taylor Swift fan stumbled upon a problem that her massive popularity causes – you either had the biggest trouble getting her concert tickets, or you didn't manage to get them at all. The same goes with her merch, to say the least. It's not the easiest process, especially if you want to get it for a reasonable price. We will try to help with our ten useful tips anyway!

10. Wait for Some Stuff And Buy It Later

If you want a collection like this, you'll have to build it slowly

This is a pro tip for everyone who collects Taylor's CDs, especially limited edition vinyl records. When it comes to Swift's records, she tends to release them in multiple colors with various cover art photos, which makes fans buy all of them. Hence, they are usually sold only for 48 hours on her website. However, are these records gone after that?

No, as they are sold worldwide, and their prices are way more reasonable! Hence, you should see if some merch is sold in other shops worldwide because it could be cheaper than the special edition sale she organizes. Don't rush when you fall in love with a limited-edition record!

9. Don't Wait Too Long if Something Is Your Highest Priority, Though

This is a kind of merch you should get as soon as possible because it's popular!

Priorities are key for any shopping, especially for celebrities' merch because it's sometimes too pricey for the quality it provides. Hence, set your goals and see if something means more to you than the other things. You shouldn't get everything Swift releases just because it's hers, but there are definitely some things you will adore!

While CDs and vinyl records don't ever go away, some other merchandise isn't that easy to find in any shop. Some merch is indeed limited, or specific for an era, and you might have trouble finding it later. Hence, don't hesitate to get it while supplies last, because there might not be a second chance. Pay close attention!

8. See If There Is Some Official Merch at Cheaper Stores

As you can see, there are various options everywhere

Taylor Swift merch is always sold on her official website, and you can get it while she's on tour. However, maybe you should research some less popular websites, too! Some of the merchandise you find there will be unofficial, but you should consider that option as well because it's sometimes prettier than the original!

Moreover, some shops you should always check are Primark or H&M or similar retail stores, because you'll stumble upon celebrities' collections there all the time, and the prices are way cheaper. The merch you find there is also official, so don't worry about that. However, the unofficial stuff is awesome sometimes!

7. Ask a Friend to Get You Something if Shipping Is Too Expensive For You

People from all around the world love Taylor and want her merch

If you don't live in the US, some merch won't be available for you at a solid price. Unfortunately, everything will be too expensive, especially with the shipping. Taylor's website generally tends to have way too pricey shipping, but it depends on the country and region where you live, so feel free to ask for help!

You probably have some friends that live abroad and can get merch from a place where the shipping doesn't cost like the thing you want to purchase. It makes no sense to spend way too much on shipping for anything, so always try to skip that part and find a way to get your merch without additional costs that will cost a fortune.

6. Get the Merch At One of Her Concerts

The merch truck is open for everyone, even for those who don't attend the actual show!

Yes, some crowds and lines will make you wait five hours or more, depending on when you arrive, but getting merch at Taylor's tours is the easiest way. There is a good reason why people are willing to spend hours waiting in line and not consider it a waste of time. That's the way to get something 100% official and get it in person!

When it comes to this insane trip called buying Taylor merch at her tour, the crucial thing is to know everything you should know, and it should go smoothly. But this is indeed the easiest way to avoid additional taxes and shipping, and most of the things sold out online are still available at the merch truck.

5. ...And Get Ready for Some Chaos

Get to see the insane crowds for her merch here

If you plan to get her merch at one of the shows, that's a great idea and the greatest chaos at the same time. You'll have to be prepared insanely well to get the best out of this experience. Don't expect to be the only one who came with all the tips and tricks, though – brace yourself for the biggest crowd you've ever seen.

Of course, chaos is expected wherever Taylor Swift is, so it's definitely worth it. The chaos you'll experience is the best part because that’s the hype she creates. You'll also get to meet many Swifties and trade friendship bracelets, so don't hesitate to get your merch at the shows. It's the purest happiness!

4. ...And All the Necessary Information

Tips like these are super important when getting merch at her shows!

The obvious moral of the story is that you should get the info. If you don't inform yourself about literally every detail, something might go wrong. For example, you have to know in advance that they don't accept cash payments, or that you can get the merch only at the merch truck if you don't have a concert ticket!

The details we mentioned are purely random tips, and they're not enough for the ultimate guide on how to survive Taylor Swift merch at her shows. Hence, make sure to Google everything, even the things that would look obvious. They're not! It’s better to ask anything than to wait for hours just so you realize you can't get something.

3. Get Your Money Prepared

It's safe to say this is… Expensive

The thing you learned from this list already but it won't hurt to repeat it is the fact that celebrity merch is usually overpriced. A hoodie that has only Taylor's name over it, or some additional small text, definitely shouldn't cost 70 dollars, but it is what it is. Take it or leave it. As the eras go by, new merch is even more expensive!

You can find some hacks to get your merch for less money, but it probably won't be official, and not the exact same thing you saw on the website. Hence, try to think rationally about how you want to handle your money and get the stuff you want. You'll have to save time and set your goals when getting the merch indeed!

2. Try to Get Something More Long-Lasting Than Clothes Only

There is much more than clothes only!

Don't expect too much when it comes to the clothes, and don't be surprised if you don't find your size once you reach the merch truck or order stuff online. The good thing is that Swift also sells cute pieces that aren't clothes, and you can keep them basically forever. They'll be your souvenir way longer than T-shirts and hoodies!

If you don't know where to start, you should browse Taylor's website and check the recent releases, but she usually sells some bracelets or other jewelry. You'll most definitely find some beautiful journals and stickers, so you can also get creative with her stuff. These little items are long-lasting and an original memory to buy!

1. Don't Set Way Too High Expectations

The hoodie is gorgeous, but it requires special care

After all, the truth is that celebrities' merch isn't a fashion industry sensation. The clothes you get with celebrity motifs are usually not worth the price, and all those oversized hoodies fade away too quickly after washing them a few times. They require special care, and sometimes even that won't help.

Hence, don't expect Taylor's merch to last forever even though she is the industry's biggest legend! The fact that she makes everything better than the others still doesn't mean her merch is a high-end brand. Instead of hyping it up, choose the pieces you'd actually wear or keep, and take care of them, especially when washing and ironing!

Despite every "trouble" you can get into while planning how to get Taylor Swift merch in the easiest way, it's a delight every fan should feel. Even the way of getting the merch stays in your memory as something worth trying. The fun of it is the reason why fans enjoy merch so much, and we hope you'll feel that, too!

Do you own any Taylor Swift merch? Have you attended any of her tours yet? Let us know in the comments section!




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