Top 10 Examples of Animals with Behavior Resembling Humans

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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In stories, it's common to attribute human characteristics to things that aren't actually people. For instance, the non-human creature may have our emotions, needs, and desires. In writing and art, the method is frequently employed. The "Three Little Pigs" tale features a wolf and three talking, human-like pigs. Mickey Mouse from Disney also behaves and speaks like a human. However, for the sake of the narrative, these fictional characters are frequently overstated. Despite this, there are many cases of animals behaving like humans. These are the most intriguing cases.

10. Lions Care About Their Manes

Kings have to look after their appearance

Because of their majestic appearance rather than their strength or speed, lions rule the jungle. But looks are essential in the Lion Empire. Peyton M. West, Ph.D., an expert in evolution and animal behavior, claims that female lions aggressively court males with thicker, longer manes, especially at night. The night is when they are more likely to interact and groom.

Both men and women now find such blatant prejudice objectionable. Still, the big cats are eager to maintain their old-fashioned ways. Lions with long, flowing hair are given preference in fights between members of the pride.

9. Marmots Being Friends With a Boy

Let's go folding chocolate together

When he was eight, Matteo Walch was welcomed by a colony of marmots in the Austrian Alps, where his family holidays during the summer. The largest of their species, the Alpine marmot, can weigh up to 15 pounds (7 kg). It's customary for them to whip their tails, babble, and whistle to alert other marmots of danger. Still, when Matteo approaches, they act very differently and let him feed, pet, and even touch noses with them. 

"I feel a connection to nature when I see them," adds Matteo. Since Matteo was four years old and considerably closer to being the same size as the fuzzy critters, Michaela, Matteo's mother, has captured pictures of her son's interactions with the marmots.

8. Seals Adopt Their Orphans

Parental instincts make strong bonds

Some animals have such solid parental instincts that they will gladly adopt and care for the young of other animals, occasionally even those of different species. For instance, northern elephant seals raise their young on busy beaches, where infants are occasionally split from their parents. 

Orphaned seals are frequently adopted by females who have lost their pups or even females who have never given birth. Animals occasionally adopt from other species, which usually occurs in captivity. Still, in 2004, researchers witnessed it in the wild when a troop of Capuchin monkeys adopted a much smaller, much cuter marmoset.

7. Chimps Can Fake Laugh to Bad Jokes

One thing chimps do better than humans

Even while chimpanzees have evolved more slowly than humans, they still possess at least one trait that some people lack: the capacity to chuckle politely at someone else's bad joke. According to a study, chimps laugh in both spontaneous and laugh-elicited ways.

The two make different sounds, much like the difference between a belly laugh from "What We do in the Shadows" and a forced "heh heh" from your coworker when he misrepresents a joke from "Seinfeld." Researchers believe that laugh-elicited laughter, brought on by other chimpanzees' laughter, is a tactic for preserving social contact.

6. Whale Says Thanks

The released whale showed gratitude

Dolphins and whales exhibit behaviors alluding to intelligence and a developed intellect. They acquire information not only as individuals but also as individuals who can impart it to others. To study blue and humpback whales, Great Whale Conservancy co-director Michael Fishbach has gone to the Sea of Cortez off the coast of Mexico practically every winter for the past 20 years. 

He discovered a humpback whale caught in a fishing net in 2011 and spent an hour releasing it. The whale then swam close to their boat and made roughly 40 jumps into the air as a thank-you gesture that lasted for an hour.

5. A Cat Pays Tribute to Its Late Owner

Cats are rarely loyal, but this one is

Cats are usually not known for their loyalty, unlike dogs. However, there are some fantastic stories about cats being faithful to their owners, even after they die. One of those stories is about Toldo. Every day since Iozzelli Renzo passed away in September 2011, Toldo, a loving three-year-old gray-and-white cat, has left gifts in the cemetery in Montagnana, Italy. This includes a plastic cup, paper towels, and a sprig of acacia. 

When Toldo was three months old, Renzo adopted him from a shelter, and the two grew close. When Renzo passed away, Toldo followed the coffin to the cemetery. According to Renzo's family, he now "stands guard" at the grave for long periods.

4. Pandas Behave Like Human Babies

Pandas are cute by design and by behavior

A human baby could be the only thing cuter than a baby panda. Even the name panda is endearing! In fact, cubs can respond in ways reminiscent of human babies, favoring their thumbs and the way they sleep. Speaking of thumbs, pandas use them to hold the bamboo they eat.

They also like to play. Pandas have reportedly been known to wander inside mountain residences and get into the pots and pans, according to a Chinese travel website. They also enjoy cuddling, despite maturing into solitary adults who roam alone and mate just once a year. They are willing to share a bed with domestic animals if given a chance. Similar to us!

3. Cat Guides a Blind Dog

Cat being a service animal for a dog

Terfel, an eight-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever from North Wales, United Kingdom, started to knock into walls and furniture in 2012 after getting cataracts. The once-active dog soon began to spend most of his time in his dog bed since he could not navigate his surroundings.

Judy Godfrey-Brown, the owner of Terfel, gave her house to a stray cat she named Pwditat (pronounced Puddy-tat). The cat ran straight for Terfel, the blind dog, and started leading Terfel into the garden with its paws and head. The odd pals are currently sharing a bed, and Pwditat is assisting Terfel in getting around. 

2. Prairie Dogs Can Talk to Each Other

There is a prairie dog language

The only difference between prairie dogs and rats is that they stand on their rear legs, which makes them appear cuter. Technically, prairie dogs are members of the squirrel family. You've probably seen the utter folly of a squirrel trying to escape under the wheels of an oncoming car.

As a result, you may think that prairie dogs are as foolish as their urban counterparts. However, because they can converse, prairie dogs are indeed obscenely intelligent. Although they do not yet speak English, they have a sophisticated language with nouns and adjectives.

1. Dogs Drive Cars

Dogs can do much to help, including driving cars

In New Zealand, three dogs drove a Mini Cooper with modifications around a racetrack at roughly 20 mph (32 km/h). Engineers raised the pedals and gearbox and gave the steering wheel handles. The Auckland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals staged the act to highlight canine intelligence and increase adoptions from animal shelters. 

Monty, a gigantic schnauzer, Porter, a bearded collie mix, and Ginny, a bearded collie-whippet cross, obeyed their trainers' instructions to shift into drive, hit the gas, and steer with their paws after months of preparation and, we're thinking, many bags of cookies. All three canines have been adopted since a video of the test drive surfaced online in December 2012.

You may have observed many parallels between other animals and us. Both people and animals need to eat, sleep, think, and talk. In many respects, how their bodies function is identical to how we do. We do, however, also differ significantly. Nevertheless, several instances of animal behavior curiously resemble human behavior.

What is your favorite human-like behavior in animals? Which examples would you add to the list?

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