Top 10 Reasons Why People Got So Attached to the Squid Game

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-03-14 18:00:07

Picture this: It's September 2021, and everyone is talking about one show on Netflix. It's "Squid Game," a whirlwind Korean drama that got us all staying home and binge-watching! Slowly it became the main topic for every conversation with friends - how could the "Squid Game" fever go so far? There are several reasons behind that, so check this top ten list to go through the crucial moments of the show with us again!

Warning: The article contains significant "Squid Game" spoilers, so go on only if you've seen the show!

10. The Growth of K-pop Culture

A game in "Squid Game" TV Show
All the games that you watch in the show tell a lot about real Korean kids' games (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

K-dramas blowing up on streaming platforms feels natural now that K-pop has already found its way to the hearts of the global public. Eastern culture never felt closer than now, and there's a good reason behind that – these guys keep creating excellent content, and "Squid Game" isn't an exception!

On the contrary, "Squid Game" isn't only one of the tensest shows – it will also get you closer to the East and its personalities. One trait especially appreciated in the 21st century is open-mindedness, so the more you learn about the parts of the world that you don't know, the more you're worth! Foreign language shows demand your attention.

9. The Growth of Foreign Shows, in General

The first game in "Squid Game" TV show
This isn't the first eastern show that people got obsessed with (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

Before "Squid Game" took over social media, meme culture and became number one in 90 countries, we had "Money Heist," the Spanish crime show. Germany had the world listening to their language with their time travel hit "Dark," and "Babylon Berlin" is another success they produced. And what about the Japanese show "Alice in Borderland"?

We could keep mentioning all these foreign shows worth the hype, but you get the point already – English isn't a must for success anymore. This barrier shouldn't exist in the 21st century, and international cultures now get so much space. The Korean vibe isn't an exception!

8. The Show Has Its Authentic Symbols

Guards in "Squid Game" TV show
Look at how intimidating all these people look thanks to the masks (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

Remember how the whole world went nuts for the "Money Heist's" Dali masks and the red jumpsuits? Well, the red outfits from head to toe came back stronger than ever, and the masks are even more intimidating now! These symbols make the show unique and memorable to the viewers, making "Squid Game" a brand.

Of course, these symbols aren't only crucial for the show's authenticity. Still, they're also bringing a dose of mystery to the plot. Would it all be the same if you knew the frontman's identity from the beginning? Or, if the guards weren't so cold and without facial expressions because we couldn't see the faces? The symbols took the show to the next level!

7. ...And It's Brutal

Sang Woo in "Squid Game" TV show
Sang-Woo was the character that everyone wanted to kill, at least once (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

When Olivia Rodrigo sang, "God, it's brutal out here," it was like she had just watched "Squid Game." Jokes aside, the show will prepare you for the worst scenario, the saddest deaths, and the unfair moments where you'll want to kill a character with your own hands. It's pretty violent and shows no mercy and humanity, so what's attractive about that?

This massive brutality actually works in the shows – people have no idea what to expect, and even the main characters are in danger. How would a show be unpredictable if you knew the central protagonists would stay untouched no matter what? All those sudden deaths produce adrenaline as they did in Game of Thrones.

6. The Shocking Plot Twists and Clever Moves

The Old Man in "Squid Game" TV show
The old man's plot twist got us all fooled (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

If you'd like to watch rom-coms, go for it, but the shows that get you thrilled are those so clever that they keep you guessing. Even though every show and plot has some loose ends, "Squid Game's" twists are unbelievably exciting, and you'll probably be shocked by most of them.

From the policeman's journey to the old man's surprising survival, "Squid Game" will keep you awake, and sometimes you won't believe your eyes. Your intuition might have fooled you, but if you figured out some plot twists, good job! At one point, you won't even be sure who's alive!

5. You Actually Get Addicted to the Games

The glass bridge scene in "Squid Game" TV show
The glass bridge game is so ruthless that the viewers actually loved it (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

When you start watching the show, the first game with that awful giant doll will frighten you, and you'll wonder how the creature could kill people with its eyes. However, as you keep watching and the games continue, you'll realize you're enjoying yourself, even though they're too cruel, to be fair!

It isn't very comfortable to admit, but at some point, you probably got so intrigued by the games that you watched them the similar way the VIPs did that in the seventh episode. You rooted for your favorites, and the idea of tension kept you going. That glass bridge was a rollercoaster, but that game was thrilling and dramatic!

4. The Characters Are Beyond Powerful

Han Mi-nyeo in the second game in "Squid Game" TV show
Han Mi-nyeo's quotes are more profound than you think (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

The Internet is spreading memes about watching the show "for the plot" and then putting pictures of the gorgeous policemen and the 067 girl. Well, Jung Ho-Yeon and Wi Ha-jun are indeed too stunning to be real people, but their characters are even more memorable! The number of people who catch your eye throughout this show says how well their personalities were built.

Actually, only a few shows have at least ten well-built character backstories, so the directors did a fantastic job. Not only with Seong Gi-hun but with many other players, too. If you think twice, even Han Mi-nyeo and her authentic personality have a hidden message and say something about women in Korea. These characters will keep haunting you!

3. The Show Highlights the "Good and Bad" Side

Jang Deok-Su in "Squid Game" TV show
Jang Deok-Su was a villain from the very first game (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

From the beginning, you'll notice that the 101 guy has bad intentions and won't hesitate to kill just to bring money home. Meanwhile, the 456 one is a literal cupcake who wants to help everyone, and his warm smile makes you believe everything will be alright. We don't even have to highlight Ali's kindness – the show did it on its own!

This clear division of "good and bad" is something people love the most since they have enough space to hate a character and to root for another one. After all, this is a game show, so everyone has a favorite player. It comes so naturally when you're choosing your fighter while watching Squid Game, and, luckily, the good won!

2. ...And the Power of Friendship and Team

Ali in "Squid Game" TV show
Ali trusted his friends unconditionally (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

While there are both good and bad sides, you'd root for the good one for this reason: the real sense of teamwork. Even though the villains create a group, they obviously don't work as friends and try to harm each other. However, you can tell that some of Gi-Hun's teammates are really caring.

The best proof of this theory is the marbles game, where they chose a close friend as a partner. Once they realize one of them has to be killed, almost everyone's upset, especially after the game. It shows that even those who promised not to trust anyone (Kang Sae-byeok, we're looking at you!) got attached to their teammate. These people are humans, after all.

1. The "Money or Life" Reference Is Actually Realistic

The second game in "Squid Game" TV show
The second game was one of the most unpredictable ones (Photo: Netflix Screenshot)

It's not like you'll come across a businessman who will offer you a deadly game and leave his phone number any day of your life. Still, this show and its games have a realistic background. Do people really die because of their debts? Yes, they do, and not so rarely!

Sadly, this show points out how dangerous it can get when people play with money, especially to earn it. Remember that many of these people could stay alive if they gave up on the prize – even when the players knew they could die, they willingly came back. Money is the best servant but the worst master, and this show warned us again.

Whether you watched it for the insanely talented "Squid Game" cast or the games, we absolutely understand why you couldn't stay out. When something blows up on the Internet so quickly, it's natural that it's intriguing and life-changing. Moreover, this show even points out some crucial lessons about life, so it's a whole package!

Who's your favorite "Squid Game" character? Which game surprised you the most? We hope you got over all the tragic moments!

Cover photo: Netflix screenshot



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