Top 10 Reasons To Own at Least One Little Black Dress

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-13 06:00:07

Every girl has a unique style that tells a lot about her personality and interests. Still, there's one thing almost all of them have in common – the black color and the desire to wear a black dress. Even if you like pastel hues and your wardrobe is full of different shades, you surely need at least a few black dresses to ensure you always have the correct answer when outfit ideas don't show. And there are several other reasons, too, so let's see why it's not a myth that black dresses are a must-have piece!

10. It Fits Any Body Shape

A black dress is a good option in every situation named here!

If you ever thought that your clothes didn't fit you well, you've probably been wearing something that wasn't ideal for your body shape. Remember, it's not about you – nothing's wrong with your figure. It's just that some pieces would look better on someone else. However, one thing that would fit you and your bestie or anyone else is the little black dress!

Moreover, you don't need to have an hourglass figure to be the best version of yourself when wearing a little black dress. This type of dress will support your shape no matter if you work out or feel like you should lose more weight. All shapes are fine if you're healthy, and the little black dress type of clothing will make you feel exactly like that!

9. You Can Hide Anything 

Most people want to hide their tummy, and there's a hack that can help!

You don't have to feel insecure about any body shape or imperfect part of your figure. Even if you desire to lose more weight, you're already perfect as you are. However, since we don't feel that confident every time, it's OK to grab a piece of clothing that fits us so well that it covers the imperfections.

Luckily, a little black dress can solve all the problems regarding imperfections because the dark shade will get you covered, whatever the issue is. You can choose the shape and style to fit you best, but any black dress should look good on anyone. The tricky color is definitely white, so try to avoid it when you want to hide something!

8. You Can Wear It at Casual Events

Even this dress she's wearing is a classic black one!

When a dress isn't suitable for everyday style, it's probably not worth spending a lot of money, because you're wearing casual clothes way more often. It's good to have a few formal dresses that you'll use for special occasions, but keep in mind that you need way more casual dresses. You need something beautiful for a casual walk, of course!

Luckily, a little black dress can have any print or pattern, and it looks beautiful on you whenever and wherever. You could walk around the city in a black dress, but also have a coffee date. It will never be "too much" or uncomfortable because it's in neutral color and shape and seems to fit everyone!

7. ...But Also Look Extremely Professional in It

Every formal occasion will be perfect for a little black dress

Yes, you can wear a modest little black dress when going for a walk or just watching the sunset with friends. However, not every black dress is subtle – some make you look fabulous at a business meeting! Hence, learn the difference between casual and formal and choose what you need!

Moreover, the little black dress as a concept doesn't have to be revealing or sexy as it seems in the media. They can be perfectly suitable for a formal situation, and you can look sophisticated in black more than in any other color. Dark shades always give you a dose of maturity, so use them when you need that effect!

6. ...Or Go to a Party Like That

Whatever it is, a little black dress will fit!

Yes, a little black dress is casual and formal at the same time, but it's also your ideal party dress! Sometimes you're overthinking your decision about what to wear at a party, and the cute black dress in your wardrobe is usually the best answer even when you want to try something new. There's nothing that fits better! 

Moreover, we all want the same thing when going out – to feel good in our skin. Partying in a little black dress screams sexiness and class. It's simple like that! You could buy dresses in all colors and shapes, and you'd still get bored with some of them. But when it comes to little black dresses, they always come to save you when you need that!

5. It Can't Bore You

Having nothing to wear is just a myth

You're probably like, "I have nothing to wear" even when you see a wardrobe full of cute clothes, but there's a particular reason for that. You're just buying the wrong clothes and going through phases without looking for stuff that defines your unique style. However, there's one thing you'll never want to ditch – your little black dress!

The truth is, every color can bore you – even black when you want to let the light in and look happier outside. However, going "back to black" is the most natural habit, and it's hard to resist when you have a dress that fits you everywhere and every time. That's why it's impossible to get bored by a black dress – let some time pass, and you'll see!

4. It's So Easy to Combine

It's a skill you have to practice!

The best blessing about being a girl is that you can put on a dress, and you already have the whole outfit without having to overthink the top and the pants or anything else. However, a dress isn't the only thing you have on yourself. You also wear shoes and some accessories. When it comes to that, black dresses are a blessing!

It's true – a little black dress won't require anything, yet it will give you space to try it all. If you want a scarf with a floral print over the dress, go for it. If you'd like to look chic and go for a white purse with your black dress, it will look fabulous. Nothing you try to combine with this dress will say no to you. It's all simple!

3. You'll Look Effortlessly Chic

When you achieve that look, you'll never want to try hard again

No one wants to be dressed to the nines and so obsessed as if they've been preparing the whole evening. The look everyone dreams of is effortless – pretty without trying too hard and naturally sophisticated. In a little black dress, you won't look like you spend ages creating your ideal combination!

The best thing about dresses is that you look feminine and cute, but pulling them is straightforward if you're confident and feel good in your skin. The color black makes things even easier since we already mentioned that you'd effortlessly combine it with anything. No special skills are required!

2. It Won't be Complicated to Look Hot

It's possible to find a balance between these two!

Is it possible to stay modest when you want to dress a bit sexy? Can you do both without looking silly? You definitely can, and it doesn't have to be complicated. There's one thing that'll save you even when you don't know how to look hot without revealing clothes. A little black dress is there to help!

The best way to slay both sides is to find a little black dress that's not too revealing yet feminine enough. Luckily, there are plenty of them, so it's the safest option. For example, a dress can be tight and cut out on the side, but it can still cover everything it should. A black dress like that will be your favorite thing in the wardrobe!

1. It Never Goes out of Style

It's not only about the little black dress – check out some other pieces too!

Have you ever heard that little black dresses aren't acceptable anymore? Neither did we, and no one will have to experience that, ever. Some pieces will never go out of style, no matter how long they are with us. It's because they're so beloved by everyone, and they go well with everything. You learned from this top ten list that nothing can go wrong with a dress like this!

Of course, we're not talking only about little black dresses as the ultimate symbol of timeless fashion. From denim jackets to flannel shirts, many fashion pieces will never leave us, and we should be thankful for having them. The fashion rule "less is more" isn't a myth, and these timeless pieces will help you achieve that goal!

Luckily, little black dresses are everywhere, usually also affordable, and they'll never leave us, so it's never too late to become a little black dress enthusiast. If you make a collection of them, you'll never say you have "nothing to wear" anymore. You can solve all your problems with just one piece, so go for it!

Do you have little black dresses in your wardrobe? Are they too dull for you? Let us know in the comments section!

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