Top 10 Bright Summer Nails Ideas For Any Summer Look

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-19 08:37:40

It's time to ditch dark colors from your wardrobe and your whole appearance as soon as the summer starts. Summer is that time of our lives when we should let the light in and shine from head to toe – that's why it would be great to pull bright nails throughout the whole season. Bright colors are versatile, and all of them look amazing on nails. We made a list of ten gorgeous combinations that will inspire you!

10. Try a Cute Shape or Text

Being cute is the crucial point!

The first thing you should learn about bright summer nail designs is that they want you to let loose and forget the rules. Your bright, cute summer nails shouldn't be conventional and dull – they should contain something silly and sweet. From the colors to the actual design, you should play and consider this an excellent opportunity to have fun!

Furthermore, you can write something interesting on your nails or define an odd shape on your nails (no matter what the actual nail shape you have). You can try almond, round, coffin, or any shape you wish, and what's trendy now are also 3D nails. Look up some ideas because the boundaries basically don't exist anymore!

9. Y2K Nails

Y2K is insanely bold for this style!

If you're ready to get cute, it's high time you discovered the Y2K trend that got all the girls obsessed with bright colors. Whenever we think of cute and bright, we remember Y2K hairstylescolorful makeup, and, finally, bright nails combining various colors and shapes. Y2K lets you experiment endlessly, and that's the best part!

Unfortunately, some people still don't feel confident enough to pull Y2K style, and they might think it's too childish or bold. However, you have one life and one job – to make your summer unforgettable. Hence, get those rainbow nails and don't regret it because there's no reason to be afraid of it and no reason to hesitate! 

8. Neon Nails

This neon line is gorgeous!

Since we mentioned Y2K style nails, how could we skip neon lights? Neon has been an ongoing trend in art and especially music, but also in fashion with all those neon tops and long skirts for the summer, and the same rule goes for the nails. If you dare to experiment with neon colors on the nails, summer is the perfect excuse to try!

When choosing the proper color, keep in mind that neon is "crazy" and optimistic, and you can go for colors you usually don't wear because it seems complicated to pull. Orange is obviously the best answer, or some hot pink, or yellow, for example! As long as you're keeping it fun and vibrant, you're in the right direction, so let yourself get playful!

7. ...Especially Neon Green 

There are more ideas than just neon, of course!

Green is exceptionally underrated, and we're here to fix that – out of all the colors you can choose for your neon nails, this is the best one. Neon bright summer nails are the best when they're green, and that's how neon looks the best in general. An average neon sign you would imagine in your head right now would most likely be green, too!

Luckily, green isn't only suitable for neon-style nails. Any summer manicure will elevate your look if the nails are green – from acrylics to glittery nail polishes with a green base. Green is the color of living and vitality, and it's incredibly cool on nails, so don't avoid it. Neon green is basically our first association when we think of summer!

6. Let Your Lavender Haze Out

These even have lavender on two nails, which looks impressive!

Bright summer nail designs might disappoint you if you're a fan of purple color since summer nails usually are lighter than purple typically is. However, there is one shade of purple that is even lighter than pink. Yet, it's endlessly girly and feminine at the same time, and you always look sophisticated in it. It's lavender!

Furthermore, lavender is a shade that reminds us of spring, so you can happily wear it throughout more than half of the year and not only during the summer! Lavender is also the symbol of pure romance, just like Taylor Swift states she wants to stay in that "lavender haze" when she's in love! Lavender is one of the most gorgeous bright colors to wear, indeed.

5. Bright Summer Acrylic Nails

If you want girly and bright nails, these are the ideal example

One of the latest trends in nail salons is acrylic nails, which are getting even more significant than the gel nail polish trend. These are incredibly long and usually very light, and you're free to pick any shape you want. It looks like acrylics will give you anything you imagine. They're perfect for summer because they're primarily bright!

Of course, you should remember that acrylic nails are artificial and can damage your natural nail strength, so make sure to take special care of your natural nails during and after acrylics. Artificial nails made in this way can make your nails thin and dehydrated, so use this technique only when there's a special occasion!

4. Get Blue Like the Sea

These are very special, and it would take a lot to create them, but they're gorgeous!

Coloring your nails baby blue means only one thing. Or two. The sea? Or the bright sky? It's all about the summer vibe, anyway! Get your bright vacation nails by using light blue nail polish, or combine white and baby blue to create a light summer energy. This option is especially ideal if you're heading to the sea during July and August!

Unfortunately, blue is a bit difficult to combine with outfits, but that's why you should avoid darker hues this time. Keep your blue nails bright and vibrant since that's way easier to handle. And we already mentioned that bright colors are the nicest association for the ocean, the waves, and everything good that comes with hot temperatures!

3. Ombre Nails

Honestly, it's a challenge to make this work, but it's worth the effort

Bright summer ombre nails – what else can a girl wish for during the summer season? Ombre hair and nails don't seem to go out of style, and the trend only improves with time. It started with hair, but ombre nails are an even more beloved technique now, as they combine two colors, and the blend between them is perfect!

Ombre nails usually contain one very bright and one slightly darker hue of the same color. Still, they can also combine two bright shades. You can also play with glitter and add some on the top, and you can add three colors instead of two. Just make sure that the shades belong to the same or similar color because that's the main rule!

2. Pink Is Everything You Need

Let the color of love and romance lead you through the summer days

If you want to avoid mixing colors on your nails and you're looking for that one ultimate color that will satisfy all your hot girl summer needs, it's pink. Don't look further because pink is the color of the season, the symbol of happiness, youth, and femininity. Pink has many shades, but the bright ones are the most authentic for nails!

After all, every girl dreams of long pink nails, and they definitely prefer to pull them during the summer! Even if you wear your bright summer nails short, you'll be fine because pink makes everything look sophisticated and pretty. Mixing several pinkish hues is also allowed, so let your inner Barbie shine because it's the hottest trend right now!

1. Mix Any Colors!

There are so many colors here, and we don't complain!

Honestly, who could ever stop you and tell you that some bright colors don't go well with others? You literally can't make a mistake when creating your bright summer nail art – monochromatic nails aren't trendy the way they were before, and girls prefer to mix at least two or three colors during summer days!

Moreover, you can combine bright colors with darker shades, especially if you're so used to dark nails that you can't let go of them, even during the summer! The fact that your nails are colorful and vibrant is already a summery thing. Sometimes, it's enough that your nails don't look dull and monochromatic!

Luckily, bright colors look nice on everyone, and they don't require much effort and confidence. They can look subtle and remarkable, so don't hesitate and let this summer inspire you to pull the brightest nail polish you can find. You can play with the designs as much as you wish, as you can't make any mistakes – creativity is allowed!

Do you paint your nails by yourself? What's your favorite idea on this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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