Top 10 Best-Supporting Seinfeld Sitcom Characters

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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Some will say it's the best sitcom ever, and we must admit we are one of those people! We can't help it, as it's an excellent show with extraordinary characters. There is no toilet humor here, just basic life stuff about four selfish people you should hate but grow to love. Moreover, besides the main cast, the side ones are also excellent. So let's see why they made our top ten list. 

10. Jackie Chiles

Every attorney can be successful until he represents Cosmo Kramer - then it's a sure loss!

Jackie Chiles is Cosmo Kramer's lawyer, which is a tough job to begin with. Kramer hired him on a few occasions, so the character appears in six episodes. He is a successful, fast-talking, and eloquent attorney who loses his cases whenever Cosmo is his client. Well, knowing Mr. Kramer, that's no surprise at all.

Jackie Chiles, portrayed by Phil Morris, represents Cosmo when he gets into a car accident after seeing Sue Ellen Mischke walk braless on the street. Moreover, he is an attorney in a coffee burn lawsuit against Java World for being too hot. Furthermore, he appears in the trial against the tobacco company, taking responsibility for causing Kramer's disfigurement. 

9. George Steinbrenner 

You have to be quite clueless to think that George Constanza is a hard worker

New York Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner and George Constanza's boss is never seen on the screen, just his back. Larry David voices Mr. Steinbrenner, and he did a tremendous job. The character is represented as a classic majorly oblivious buffoon, clueless about his own organization.

The episode where he's obsessed with calzones, making George fetch him one every single day, is hilarious. Yet, George being George, at some point, has been banned from the restaurant and seeks Newman's and Kramer's help. Hence, we all know what happens when you seek assistance from the bright and capable ones. 

8. Art Vandelay 

"And you want to be my latex salesman?"

Art Vandelay is a character often appearing in the show as George's imaginary alias. Hence, Art is all that George isn't, a successful businessman, architect, and import/exporter. As we all know, George is quite a liar with a vivid imagination, so he built the alias over several episodes.

The most hilarious chapter is when George lies to the unemployment officer. According to him, he has a job interview in Vandelay Industries and gives Jerry's home phone number. After long and detailed instructions to Elaine and Jerry on answering the phone, Kramer picks up the phone and ruins everything. Moreover, in the last episode, when the gang ends up in court, the judge is Art Vandelay, making George optimistic regarding the sentence. Still, the jury finds them guilty on "good samaritan law."

7. Uncle Leo 

Jerry's Uncle Leo is quite a character

Jerry's Uncle Leo is the funniest loud talker with a signature friendly greeting. Moreover, he often brags about his son. Uncle Leo is a pretty sneaky character, constantly trying to trick his sister, Jerry's mother. Furthermore, he's cheap, as, in one episode, Seinfeld caught him stealing books from the bookstore and, of course, alarming the security. 

Regardless of all his faults, he had the best intentions a few times but showing concern for Jerry's well-being, his loving Uncle gets him into trouble. His problems are mainly regarding telling Jerry's parents that he has money issues. We can only say that Len Lesser portrayed Uncle Leo perfectly, so the audience loved him from the first scene.

6. Babu Bhatt 

As Babu would say for Seinfeld: "He's a very, very bad man"

The cheerful owner of a Pakistani restaurant across the street from Jerry's apartment wasn't so delighted after meeting the gang. However, after eating at Babu's place, Jerry decides to do the unselfish good deed, even though we know that's not possible. Hence, he advises Babu to switch from international cuisine to Pakistani one. 

But as no good deed goes unpunished, Babu was forced to close the business soon after listening to Seinfeld's advice. However, Seinfeld again tries to help the poor man, which backfires again, causing Babu's deportation.

5. David Puddy 

David Puddy and Elain have a complicated relationship

David Puddy is such a memorable character that it's unbelievable he appears in only ten episodes. Portrayed by Patrick Warburton, this slow-witted but masculine man is Elaine's on-and-off boyfriend. They have many different views on life, such as he's a Christian, and she's an atheist. Moreover, Puddy constantly reminds Elaine that she's going to Hell after she dies.

Puddy likes to give high fives after a good job, as this is, of course, unacceptable to Jerry and Elaine. The couple manages to break up twice during the one international flight. Moreover, the most memorable scenes are when the gang goes to the game as Puddy paints his face to support the team.

4. Jacopo "J" Peterman (Portrayed By John O'Hurley)

J. Piterman tells never-ending stories

They couldn't cast a better actor for J. Peterman's role than John O'Hurley. The owner of the company and editor of "J. Peterman Catalog" is Elaine's boss. He's a world traveler, a bit eccentric, yet perfectly capable of boring someone to death with his stories. Moreover, when he finally loses his mind, Peterman skips town to recover in Burma and leaves Elaine to run the company.

Hence, we don't need to say that it was a very wrong move. J. Peterman appeared in 20 episodes, encountering all four main characters numerous times. The most memorable moment is when he buys off Kramer's life story for $50 to write his own memoirs based on Cosmos's life.  

3. Newman 

J. Piterman tells never-ending stories

Wayne Knight portrays Jerry's upstairs neighbor and opponent, Newman. He's a mailman with no professional ethics, so his mail is often undelivered. Newman's sneaky personality often joins Kremer's entrepreneurial ideas, which always end up disastrously.

Nevertheless, he hates Jerry and is secretly in love with Elaine. However, every time he appears, he has a secret side plan on how to screw over somebody, mainly Jerry. Some of his devious plots are sausage-making in Jerry's apartment, bottle collecting, or pilling up undelivered mail in the storage room. But the main problem is caused by Cosmo when he refuses to receive correspondence; this one is brilliant!

2. Yev Kassem A.K.A. The Soup Nazi

Even the Soup Nazi couldn't stand the Seinfeld four, as he had to move to Argentina after meeting them

Yev Kassem is more widely known by Jerry's much more harsh name, The Soup Nazi. Although he appeared in just one episode, he's much loved by the audience. It all began when the famous chef opened the shop near Jerry's apartment. However, he has some strict instructions to follow when ordering. Yet, the meal is so excellent that everybody follows the rules to the letter... Well, not everybody. 

Kramer introduced the gang to these delicious dishes, but their ordering ended the Soup Guy. First, George neglects the rules, followed by Elaine… Moreover, she was so furious and seeked revenge that she threatened to make them public when she stumbled on his secret recipes. So, you guessed right, this was his end, as he moved to Argentina.

1. Frank Costanza

"Serenity now, insanity later!"

The brilliant Jerry Stiller portrayed Frank Costanza, George's father, making him the most hilarious character in the show. He is a former cook in the Korean War with post-traumatic syndrome that appears to be triggered by some occasions. Frank is eccentric, loud, and we must say he steals every episode he appears on. 

His most potent scenes are when he ends up fighting with Elaine or the episode when they celebrate the imaginary Festivus Holiday from George's childhood. Furthermore, he wore a cape on the street, even a bra or, a man's brassiere. However, when we say Frank Constanza, we can't help hearing Stiller's voice in our head yelling, "SERENITY NOW!" So, kudos to Frank Costanza and the late Jerry Stiller!

Based on our top ten picks of best side roles in the Seinfeld sitcom, you can understand why we love it so much. So if you missed this show, we highly recommend it! You won't be disappointed, just give it a few episodes a try to get inside their mindset, and you'll laugh as never before. This is one of the cult series, and it's no wonder it has so many fans

Have you watched Seinfeld? What is your favorite side character? Please write to us in the comments, as we want to hear your thoughts. 



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