Top 10 Fish Meals Easy to Prepare

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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What's the most expensive thing you can order in a restaurant? It probably has to do something with fish! This delicious treat is sometimes hard to prepare, and it's obviously a symbol of luxury. Hence, fish dishes are a perfect idea if you'd like to work on your cooking skills since you'll save money and eat healthily. So, here are our top ten ideas for making delicious fish dishes!

10. Mahi-Mahi (Dolphinfish)

Looking for a dinner recommendation? You'll like this one!

Some fish types are so exotic that even their name says it – mahi-mahi sounds like a sequel to "Squid Game" more than a fish! This white fish is very delicate and smooth, and you'll like the taste if you love pan-seared fish recipes. Just like any other fish, mahi-mahi is served with olive oil, lemon, and garlic.

Even though this fish is very tender, you won't need more than 30 minutes to get it ready. Luckily, mahi-mahi can be a perfect dinner dish, and you'll easily combine it with rice, pasta, potatoes, or anything similar that you like with white fish. This fish is usually named dolphinfish for its shape and habits, but it isn't actually a dolphin, of course!

9. Fish Pie

Jamie says it's easy, so don't hesitate to try!

Did you know that you can make a savory pie with fish? Well, if there's a meat pie, why wouldn't fish find its way, too? Fish is very flexible as a dish, and it can give you a combination of smooth, healthy, and tasty recipe! Pies like these are usually made not with one specific type but with a mix containing salmon, cod, and similar ones.

We recommend cheddar to make this dish even more delicious since the pie never goes without cheese! Spring onions and potatoes are a must as well. Serve your pie as a creamy and soft part of your dinner, and everyone will be impressed since there's still a myth that you can't make a pie with fish. Prove them wrong!

8. Cod

Cod in three ways? That's not even half of the ideas you can find – cod is very versatile!

They say that fish is the best when it's baked – however, cod is so versatile that you can have it for your dinner in any way you wish. If baked fish is your passion, cod will be amazing with lemon and olive oil, but also with a bit of cayenne pepper to make it exotic and juicy. This marine fish can be cut in slices and served like that since it's large!

Of course, grilled fish is also a dream come true, and the first fish that comes to our minds when we think of grilling is cod. If you're a fan of a "darker" tone of your fish, a pan-fried recipe is a better option for you. It just depends on your preferences, but cod is the safest choice for any fish lover!

7. Fish Soup

It's not necessarily easy, but it's something you'll adore!

When it comes to this delicious soup, it's usually more like a stew, and the recipes vary from country to country. Jamie Oliver recommends the Sicilian type as the best one, but you might prefer the Norwegian if you like lighter soups. If you're a fan of darker tones, the traditional Italian fish soup is old but gold!

Just like the fish pie, soup has to be made with various types mixed together – don't go with one fish only, since it won't get you the right taste. However, you can use the basic types that you already know, such as cod, red snapper, or halibut. Check out some step-by-step recipes since this one is a bit more challenging, but it's the most delicious thing we recommend!

6. Sardines

Roasted sardines are way better than those you buy in a store!

If you're used to buying sardines in a supermarket, maybe you didn't know you could make much more with them. Luckily, recipes for this fish aren't too challenging, and they can make your perfect dinner! Try roasted sardines with fresh salad, and you'll want this type of meal basically every week!

Besides delicious recipes that are extremely easy, sardines are very healthy. You'll never lack vitamins, protein, and calcium if you eat fish once per week, especially sardines. They reduce inflammation and risk for various diseases, especially heart issues. You can always get sardines in any store if you don't have time to prepare them!

5. Salmon

You can't do this one wrong!

Salmon is basically the most famous fish, even though it's pretty expensive – salmon filets make a great dinner, or even breakfast, however you like! Luckily, there are over 50 recipes all over the Internet, so you'll surely find your favorite way to prepare this fish that everyone is obsessed with these days!

Furthermore, salmon isn't only amazing when it's fried or baked – it's also a great ingredient of pasta or pie! We already mentioned fish pie, and salmon could go very well into that recipe. When it comes to pasta, there are already various salmon kinds of pasta with garlic butter and spinach that you should try!

4. Fish Curry

Try this exotic dish – it's maybe even easier to prepare than a fish soup!

Do you like your food red, spicy and hot? We found your ideal type then since fish curry fits that concept perfectly! Curry usually originates from India, so this one comes from that country as well, and it suggests how spicy this meal can get. You can follow the recipe, but making it even spicier won't be a problem, too – spice makes this dish unique!

Moreover, some recipes recommend curry with coconut milk, which gives this dish a sweet note, and a creamy moment to make it balanced. When it comes to the perfect choice of fish, sardines or black sole are recommended, even though the latter is quite pricey!

3. Tuna Dishes

Which one would be your favorite?

Canned tuna is one of the most delicious treats when it comes to fish – it makes the best breakfast ever and gets you ready for a busy day when you need lots of energy (and loads of vitamins)! Luckily, tuna will go so well with yogurt or milk products that you might consume it for breakfast, but it can also be a great dinner!

When it comes to dinner dishes, tuna can be the best pasta ingredient ever! As you already noticed, fish is better for pasta than meat, even though that sounds unexpected! From olive pasta to tuna noodles, the variety of these dishes will impress you. You can even make tiny tuna cakes!

2. Fish Cutlets

Every step is very well explained in this video!

It seems like the Indian citizens mostly play with fish recipes and do it the best way since they also invented fish cutlets! There are Indian and Sri Lankan versions, and this might be the best combination of the most delicious recipe and the one that is very simple to follow – you won't have issues preparing these!

Just like you expected, Sri Lankan cutlets are usually spicy, so if you're a fan of this taste, go for them! However, there's always a way to avoid spice, so reduce the ingredients you don't need. Cutlets don't even have to be savory since some recipes also taste sweet. Try both and find your favorite!

1. Fish and Chips

You can lean on Sam the Cooking Guy that his recommendations are clear to follow!

This one might be the tastiest recipe ever made with fish – fish and chips are the number one attraction, and you're probably obsessed with them as well! If you don't know how to prepare these, the good thing is that they're sold almost everywhere in fast food restaurants. However, making your own is even more delicious!

Actually, this recipe originates from England, but it's widely spread around the world, and it's a part of everyone's culture. Luckily, all you should do is fry fish and serve it with chips – OK, these aren't the only steps to follow, but if you check out the recipe, you'll see how simple yet insanely delicious it is!

Of course, fish isn't the most straightforward type to prepare on your own since you'll need some skills anyway. However, cooking should be entertaining, so feel free to experiment – we hope these ideas will inspire you. If you're good with preparing meat, fish is the next step to try! Hopefully, our top ten list will inspire you to do so.

Do you like preparing fish dishes, or do you prefer trying them in restaurants? Is fish your favorite meal? Let us know in the comments section!

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