Top 10 Gorgeous Soccer Players' Partners That Are Ultimate Fashion Icons

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-03-29 06:00:07

Have you ever heard about the term "WAGs," and do you know what it means? The WAGs are high-profile sportspeople's wives and mostly fashion icons that turn heads everywhere they go. Most of them aren't only trophy wives, though, and they are successful on their own. Meet the ten stunning ladies that stole soccer players' hearts!

10. Olalla Dominguez Liste

Family goals!

Let's kick off the list with a woman who dedicated her whole life to her successful, lovely marriage. Olalla Dominguez Liste is a woman whose beauty shines through, but it's even cuter when you see how much she loves her family – Fernando Torres and their three children. They're her life, quite literally!

Olalla is an example of how a soccer player's wife can be both a housewife and a stylish icon who turns heads wherever she goes. Torres is also someone whose handsomeness is taking your breath away, so it's safe to say the two fell head over heels for each other. And their children are breathtakingly beautiful, of course!

9. Erika Choperena

There's something cute about their beauty

When we think of an ideal pair in this category, Antoine Griezmann wins with his partner, Erika Choperena, as they go so well together! Erika is a natural beauty, rather cute than bombastic, but she's an icon precisely for that. Better known as "Le Petit Prince," Antoine is also a cute legend well-known for his smile!

Furthermore, if you don't believe in destiny, this couple may change your mind. All of their children were born on the same day – April the 8th! Is it a coincidence? Is it possible to plan something like this? It's a story about this couple that everyone retells, and their bond seems to be forever for real!

8. Abbey Clancy

We have a brand new model coming up!

Yes, professional soccer players love professional models – it's a formula that works (almost) every time. It also worked with Peter Crouch since he married Abbey Clancy, another ultimate fashion icon of the industry. Crouch is also one of the tallest men in soccer, so we guess Abbey likes tall guys!

Moreover, Crouch is also a writer who shared many personal stories about being a soccer player and how it impacts your whole life. On the other hand, Abbey is a TV personality you always notice when there's something about fashion. Their children will most likely make it in the industry, too!

7. Pilar Rubio

Such a power couple!

If anyone's wife or girlfriend on this list had the most intense eyes you could imagine, then it's the gorgeous woman that Sergio Ramos married. Pilar Rubio is a TV presenter, and if all of them were as beautiful as her, you'd probably watch TV more often! She's a reporter that everyone in Spain knows about!

A fun fact about Ramos is that he is a monster when he's playing but is a sweet guy in person, and he's really close to his family. Sergio Ramos might be among the best defenders, but he has to be as protective in his personal life since he got one of the most beautiful women ever!

6. Charlotte Pirroni

Charlotte is a natural beauty for real

Who's a fashion icon if not a model? Or Miss France? France is the fashion industry heart, and one of the most beautiful women there, Charlotte Pirroni, also married a soccer player. Her husband is Florian Thauvin, a professional French soccer player who rose to fame as the Young Player of the Year in 2012!

With her captivating blue eyes, beautiful long hair, and lovely style, Charlotte is indeed an example of French beauty. She's also a well-educated woman with a degree in marketing and management, and her YouTube career has been going strong. Charlotte is the girl of most guys' dreams, and soccer players usually manage to get those ladies!

5. Leigh-Anne Pinnock

She's always been captivating, especially her energy

The gorgeous and inspiring Leigh-Anne Pinnock isn't the only X Factor and Little Mix member who married a soccer player. Still, she's obviously a great example of beauty and talent in one person. It's not a wonder that she won the heart of Andre Gray, a great soccer player she has loved endlessly since 2016!

When Leigh-Anne promised to be a female Justin Bieber, she wasn't kidding. She is one of the most famous English singers, and her voice is appreciated. She often felt like the weakest point of Little Mix, but we hope she realized she was wrong about that feeling. In fact, her voice is something people would die to have!

4. Anna Lewandowska

The moment that warmed people's hearts!

Robert Lewandowski is arguably the most famous name from Poland regarding sports. However, his wife, Anna, also has thousands of followers. She's a successful karateka and a personal trainer, so her tips and tricks might help you get that perfect body. Robert is that soccer player that dreamed about an athletic wife!

Moreover, Anna won multiple medals at the Karate World Cup and other occasions, so her husband isn't the only one collecting awards at their home. Even though she's sporty, Anna is also a fashion icon, and her beauty is undeniable. Robert has been obsessed with her since 2008, and they married in 2013.

3. Perrie Edwards

She's an insanely talented vocalist!

Yes, of course, we're coming back to Little Mix because these girls obviously like soccer players! Actually, Western girl groups generally enjoy soccer players since you'll see another girl group member on the list below. We can't judge them, though – especially not Perrie, whose partner is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain!

While her soulmate is a great player, she's far from a trophy wife. Perrie is arguably the best vocalist in Little Mix, and her high notes will leave you breathless. Therefore, she might even be considered more famous than Alex. No matter what, they're one of the hottest couples in England, and both are professionals in their fields!

2. Victoria Beckham

People love Victoria, David, and their children – they're such a great example!

Arguably the most famous wife on the list, Victoria Beckham, is a name almost as massive as her husband's popularity. Furthermore, if anyone deserves the "fashion icon" title on this list, it's undoubtedly her. She's a highly acclaimed fashion designer, and her opinion matters in the industry!

Moreover, this beautiful lady rose to fame way before she married David. She was the ultimate icon of the Spice Girls, the girl group that stole people's hearts! The "Posh Spice," as they called Victoria in the past, is every man's dream for a good reason, but David Beckham won't let others get her. They have a perfect marriage!

1. Georgina Rodríguez

Cristiano's partner is an ultimate icon who went from having nothing to getting everything!

So, who's the lady that stole the worldwide famous soccer player's heart? The woman that also got her own Netflix show, "I Am Georgina," in 2022. Yes, it's Georgina Rodríguez, the lady that went from rags to riches thanks to pure love! Cristiano made Georgina a superstar influencer, and she's already made millions of dollars!

How exciting is it to be a glam housewife? Georgina knows that very well and even has her own show revolving around this topic. Yet, her Netflix presentation might need to be more appreciated among the critics. Still, it's safe to say her beauty and heartfelt life story traveled the whole world and touched people's hearts.

After all, all the WAGs are gorgeous in their own way. Beauty depends on your taste, anyway. Hence, you could put these ladies in a different order, which would also be interesting. The WAGs are high-profile women in showbiz, and everyone envies them – who wouldn't be jealous, anyway?

Which lady is your personal favorite? Do you think that every soccer player in this world cares about their partner's beauty? Let us know in the comments!

Photo: Instagram/Perrie Edwards



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